2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan

2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan Review: This car is a blast to drive!  It’s sporty styling not only looks the part but the 2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan’s performance delivers.

We picked one up from Rock Honda in the Los Angeles suburb of Fontana for a half-day test drive.

Hear the details – including one of the Civic Si’s features that we think should be on every car on the road – in this episode of iDriveSoCal.


Recorded in Los Angeles, CA

2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan

Tom: Welcome to iDriveSoCal the podcast all about mobility from the automotive capital of the US – Southern California.

I’m Tom Smith and in this podcast, I’m stepping out on my own for a vehicle review. I miss the Professor, Mr. Clinton Quan already! But don’t worry – he’ll be back about a week.

And actually, this is for Wednesday’s episode. But don’t miss Friday when we’ll do another vehicle review but with our newest contributor Ms. Bernadette Sanicola! To be honest, we’ve already recorded that one and it’s great – she’s great. Super knowledgeable about all things automotive.

“…the 2018 Honda Civic Si is definitely an enthusiast’s car because it only comes in a stick shift.”

Sidebar About Car-People :0)

And both Clinton and Bernadette bury my knowledge base about cars but I still love them. Like Car Crazy Barry Meguiar says, car-guy or car-gal is exactly that doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from, how much money you have – what you drive or if you drive.

If you love cars there’s an immediate bond with other people that do to.

This brings me to the hard not to love the 2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan. Even I can review this vehicle because it’s so fun, easy and accessible.

And before recording this I actually did have a talk with the Professor – to cover my butt – didn’t want to miss anything obvious that I should point out and he said the 2018 Honda Civic Si is definitely an enthusiast’s car because it only comes in a stick shift.

Now that happens to be why I wanted to drive it. I just felt like driving a sporty stick shift for a half-day so I called my friend David Latif who’s the General Manager over at Rock Honda and suggested we do a review and he said sure! I love that aspect of my job!

You Have Many Honda Civic Options

The Civic has an entire family within the Honda line-up:

  • Sedan Civic
  • Coupe Civic
  • Hatchback Civic
    • All of those have their own trim levels.
  • Then there are the sporty options:
    • Civic Si Coupe
    • Civic Si Sedan – which is what I drove.
    • And the new bad-boy Civic the Type R
      • I’d love to drive the Type R they’ve been so hot I haven’t been able to get my hands on one yet.
      • But I know David at Rock Honda is going to hook me up when he can.

For my thrill-seeker level, the Civic Si Sedan was plenty of car.

Gray 2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan Driverside rear-view

2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan Exterior

  • And for starters, it’s just a great looking car. The Si styling inside and out looks great. It looks sporty in tough kind of way.
    • By the way, the Si in Honda’s world stands for Sport Injected.
    • On the outside, you have great accents like:
      • The rear spoiler,
      • Great looking 18” alloy rims and
      • The grill makes a statement.
    • Inside you have:
      • Carbon fiber dash accents
      • Stainless steel clutch, brake and accelerator pedals
      • Red hue dash lighting
      • Red accent stitching on the steering wheel and gear shifter knob.
      • And my favorite – the seats!
        • They’re Si branded but
        • It’s the bolsters and lumbar support

“…the Si in Honda’s world stands for Sport Injected.”


When you get in the car and;

  • Settle into the sport seat.
  • Grab the sport wheel and gear shifter
  • Then put your feet on the racing-inspired pedals
    • The car just tells you – let’s go have some fun!

And it’s fun to drive, with a 205 hp turbocharged 4-cylinder engine

  • With 192-lb-ft torque
    • The Professor would be proud that I’m mentioning this.
    • It means the car can accelerate quick!
      • And it does! I actually chirped the tires going from 1st to 2nd gear getting on the highway.
    • And it’s got 6-speeds with its manual transmission.

The Sporty Honda Civic Delivers MPG

When I chirped the tires getting into second gear I was in Sport mode.

The Civic Si has regular and Sport modes and it’s just a simple push of the button to switch back and forth. The button is right by the gear shifter.

So I drove the highway at speeds that could have gotten me in trouble.

I also drove winding foothill roads where the car was clearly ready to perform at a level much higher than I was willing to push it. I am a new Dad after all.

Who Should Buy A 2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan?

It’s just a solid, fun driver’s car. And it’s universal too – I think.

  • A junior executive could easily drive it – would be a lot of fun to road trip to Vegas in this thing.
  • As the Professor points out it’s definitely an enthusiast’s car.
  • But it’s still got 4-doors and a trunk so everyday driving for groceries or even adding a roof rack to take it skiing or mountain biking.

Gray 2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan Passenger-side front-view

When I was driving gas mileage was the last thing on my mind – the fun factor far out-weighed any thought of fuel economy.

Honda rates it at 38-highway 28-city which in my book is fantastic and an additional selling point.

If you heard me tease this podcast on Monday here’s what I absolutely loved about the technology of the car and I think should be in every car on the road.

Through the vehicle’s Honda Link system I was able to use the apps on my phone through the touch screen on the dashboard.

  • I was able to use my Waze app to find my way back to Rock Honda after getting lost in the foothills.
  • And while I was driving around I was able to enjoy the book I’m listening to through my Audible app.

2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan Top-3 Favorites

And I was able to do this without touching my phone – I was interfacing entirely with the touchscreen on the dash.

And I promised Rock Honda’s Internet Sales Manager Scott Asehfi a shout out for turning me on to that functionality and showing me how to set it up. Thanks Scott!

Before wrapping up my review of the 2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan from our friends at Rock Honda I have to share my Top Three Things.

And really, for me, these are all equally awesome aspects of the car. I can’t rank one over the other.

  1. Styling – the look outside and the feel inside is great – screams “let’s go have some fun!”
  2. Performance – the looks of the car are not deceiving. It’s not false advertising. It performs every bit as sporty as it looks.
  3. The technology – I love my phone’s apps on the touchscreen dash!

And by the way – Scott tells me that that same Honda Link feature of being able to use your phones apps is available on any Honda over the EX trim level these days!

Southern California Helpful Honda Dealer – Rock Honda

That brings us to the end of my review of the 2018 Honda Civic Si Sedan. As always our thanks to the great people at Rock Honda in the Los Angeles suburb of Fontana.

2018 Honda Civic Top-3
1. Sporty Styling.
2. Performance.
3. Tech – Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

That’s where you want to go for Honda’s for sure. The place is gigantic – they have the biggest selection of Honda’s I’ve seen. Ask for General Manager David Latif – he’s a busy guy but he’s always happy to hear from iDriveSoCal listeners.

Or ask for Scott Asehfi in the Internet Department – he knows his stuff for sure.

For iDriveSoCal, I’m Tom Smith, until next time.