2018 Honda Pilot

The 2018 Honda Pilot is technically a mid-sized SUV but it’s big!  With seating for eight and plenty of storage space this Honda really delivers tremendous space and functionality.

Courtesy of our friends at Rock Honda, iDriveSoCal’s Professor Clinton Quan took the 2018 Honda Pilot for test drive recently. Not only did he become a big fan of the big mid-sized SUV but so did his passengers! They especially enjoyed the rear passenger entertainment system throughout the test drive.

Hear what makes the 2018 Honda Pilot a satisfying ride in this iDriveSoCal Podcast, while scrolling through a few of the Professor’s pics below.

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Recorded in Los Angeles, CA

2018 Honda Pilot Review

Clinton: I test drove the Honda Pilot EX-L. It’s a midsize SUV. However, this is a big midsize SUV. There’s plenty of space inside for eight people. What I really, really liked most about the Pilot, all the storage space and compartments in the SUV.

Tom: Welcome to iDriveSoCal, the podcast all about mobility from the automotive capital of these fine United States, Southern California. Tom Smith here with our pal, the Professor. Say hello, Clinton.

Clinton: Hi, Tom.

Tom: That is the Professor, Clinton Quan.

Rock Honda – Southern California’s Helpful Honda Dealer

And today’s podcast is about the 2018 Honda Pilot. The Professor picked one up from our good friends out at Rock Honda in the Los Angeles suburb of Fontana, California. Head out to Rock Honda. Say hello to all our friends out there. David Latif, General Manager, Hamid Javid, the General Sales Manager, Ruben Serna, Service Director, Veronica Orozco, another sales manager.

We have all kinds of friends out at Rock Honda. But at any rate, the 2018 Pilot, the Professor picked one up, took one out for a ride. And he actually had the Associate Professor and, I believe, one of his friends with him. And the associate professor is … How old is the associate?

Clinton: He is 7 years old.  He just turned 7 years in April.

Tom: So, we had some youngsters involved.

Clinton: Yes.

2018 Honda Pilot Trim Configurations & MSRPS

Tom: So, those of you that are looking for a vehicle that has youngsters in mind, this is a good one to consider as well. Without further ado, Professor, what do you got for us?

Clinton: I test drove the Honda Pilot EX-L, the current Pilot comes in five different trim levels-

Starting with the Base LX.  So, it’s about $31,000. Then, you move up to the EX, which goes for about $33,000. Then,the EX-L, which is the one I drove.

That starts at about $37,000.  Then, there’s a Touring trim, which starts at about $42,000.

And then you move up to the top of the line flagship, which goes for about $47,000.

Tom: What’s a flagship’s model name?

Clinton: The Elite.

Pilot Can Come Packed With Options

Tom: Okay, got it. So, you were mentioning to me a lot of bells and whistles in this Pilot, and you didn’t even drive the Elite nor the Touring. You drove the next step down, the EX-L, which kind of sounds like it’s about in the middle.

Clinton: Yes, the EX-L is the mid-level trim. It’s interesting because a few years ago, the EX-L used to be the top trim in a number of Honda models.

Tom: Yeah.

Clinton: Yeah, it was. And I remember, way back in the ’80s, you had a DX, then the LX, then the EX.

Tom: Right.

Clinton: They moved up to LX, EX, then EX-L. L designates leather. Then, they came out with Touring trim. And now, they’re going ultra-luxury with an Elite trim.

Tom: Really dancing it up with some of those features that they’re putting on the vehicles.

Clinton: But I would say most people probably get the EX or the E-XL, which is pretty well equipped.

Tom: Yeah. It’s a lot of car, a lot of features-

Entertainment, Comfort, Convenience & Safety

…for the money. But, hey, you want to spend a couple of extra bucks for all those extra bells and whistles that you get, which you get a ton in Honda, you have options.

Clinton: Yeah. And the one I drove had a rear entertainment system. So, my son and our friends were really excited about that.

Tom: They were entertained.

Clinton: Yes, they were entertained throughout the entire drive.

Tom: All right. Excellent.

Clinton: So much.

Tom: And how were they entertained? Are we talking DVD players, some games? A little bit of this, a little bit of that?

Clinton: DVD. They watched a couple of Scooby-Doo films.

Tom: All right. Excellent. And are those DVDs that you brought with you or-

Clinton: They’re DVDs we brought.

Tom: Okay, gotcha.

Clinton: Okay, excellent. So, tell me about the Pilot.

Tom: Is this a refresh? What’s the status?

Clinton No, it’s not a refresh. It’s still the current generation.

Midsize Or Full-Size?

It’s a midsize SUV. However, this is a big midsize SUV. And when you scroll through the photos, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Tom: Yeah. First thing I said when you showed me the pictures, “Man, that thing looks big.”

Clinton: Yeah, it’s a big looking SUV. It’s almost big enough. If it were several inches longer, you’d probably consider it a full-size SUV. In fact, I was talking to a friend of mine. We had a long conversation yesterday. And his brother was looking at SUVs, and they said, “Yeah, that Pilot, it’s really, really big.”

Tom: It looks good on the roads too. I’ve seen a few of them that I’m like, “Hey, man. I like the way that that is styled.”

Clinton: It’s got a really, really clean design in terms of the exterior styling. And there’s plenty of space inside for eight people.

Tom: Eight?

Clinton: Yeah.

Tom: Wow.

Stylish Seating For Up To 8

Clinton: There’s two in the front, three in the middle, and then three in the back. But probably three if you’re going to put three people in the back row, three kids.

Tom: Okay, got it.

Clinton: And what I really, really like most about the Pilot, all the storage space and compartments in the SUV.

Tom: Honda’s always been good about that.

Clinton: Right.

Tom: I remember my ’87 Prelude SI, it had a lot of fun little spaces and places to put stuff.

Clinton: Yeah. And I really appreciate when an automaker goes into designing the vehicle in mind, especially since this is a family vehicle, and provides ample enough space for all the things that you would want to put in your vehicle.

Tom: Yeah.

Clinton: Yeah.

Tom: So, clean lines outside. Anything else on the outside?

Clinton: I would say, yeah, it’s got a really modern looking design, really clean lines.

2018 Honda Pilot Technology

Tom: And then, inside, anything else to note? Tech? Obviously, the entertainment center or an entertainment system.

Clinton: Yeah. It’s called the rear entertainment system, which is positioned right between the front in passenger seats.

Tom: So, is it a screen that drops down from the ceiling?

Clinton: Yes, it drops down from the ceiling. So, it’s visible to both the second row and third row passengers.

Tom: Okay. And then, I’m assuming we can do the … listen through the car speakers, or also plug in our earbuds or headphones, if we want, right?

Clinton: Yes, that is correct.

Tom: Got it. Okay.

Clinton: No navigation in the one I drove, but it is available with the navigation.

Tom: But you can get the XL with navi?

Clinton: Yeah, you can get it with navi, navigation, and the rear entertainment system as well. I just used the navigation of my phone, and there’s plenty of space to put your phone-

Tom: Okay.

Clinton: … in the vehicle.

Tom: Got it.

2018 Honda Pilot Engine & Performance

Clinton: It’s got a pretty wide center console as well, huge storage space in the compartment between the driver and passenger side.

Tom: What else about the 2018 Honda Pilot EX-L that you drove from our good friends at Rock Honda?

Clinton: Well, the Honda Pilot features a 3.5 liter v6 engine that produces 280 horsepower and 262-pound-feet of torque.

Tom: 262?

Clinton: 262-pound-feet of torque, yes. So, it’s got plenty of power.  It was very smooth in terms of acceleration, both driving on the freeway highways and surface streets.

Tom: With that kind of horsepower and torque, I’m thinking that even pretty well loaded down, that thing’s going to get you on the highway and up to speed out without struggle at all.

Clinton: Yes, that’s correct. And we had … How many people? We had seven people in the vehicle.

Tom: You’ve got seven people in the vehicle at a test drive?

Clinton: Well, three adults and-

Tom: You picked up a few randoms?

Clinton: No, no, no. That was that was my friend, her husband, and her three kids. Yeah. So, we definitely got-

Tom: The Professor really test driving the car.

Clinton: Yeah.

Tom: Thanks, Rock Honda.

Clinton: That’s a real test drive.

Tom: No kidding.

Clinton: Yeah.

Tom: Wow. Make sure you share thanks to everybody today. I mean, I feel like I should have six other people involved in this podcast to chime in.

Clinton: Oh, yeah?

Tom: They were all pleased though you could speak for them?

Clinton: I think so.

Tom: All right.

Clinton: Hopefully.

SoCal’s Inland Empire Honda Dealer

Tom: All right. Anything else to add about the 2018 Honda Pilot from, again, our good friends at Rock Honda in the Los Angeles suburb of Fontana, California?

Clinton: Well, I think, it’s a great vehicle for those who don’t want a minivan but want the versatility of three rows. And it was pretty easy getting in and out, not as easy as, say, a minivan but Honda does offer a minivan as well. A lot of people want the look of an SUV without ruggedness or-

Tom: Also, if you’re heading up the mountains you want to be able to-

Clinton: Yes.

Tom: I mean, because it comes in-

Clinton: If you want greater ground clearance as well, then you would go with the Pilot.

Tom: Right. And your options are either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Clinton: Correct.

Tom: Correct?

Clinton: Yes.

Tom: Okay. And you drove?

Clinton: The front-wheel drive.

Tom: Front-wheel drive.

Clinton: Yes.

2018 Honda Pilot Top-3

Tom: All right. Okay. Sounds like it’s time for the top three, unless there’s anything else before that.

Clinton: I think it’s time for the top three as well.

Tom: All right, top three.

Clinton: I would say the top three, the power-

Tom: Okay.

Clinton: … of the vehicle, 3.5 liter v6. So, that’s a big v6.

Tom: Strong, yeah.

Clinton: Yes. Second would be the space.

Tom: I’m was going to say space for you considering that you had seven people on your test drive.

Clinton: Yeah. So, I thought there was definitely a good amount of space in terms of passenger space and legroom, and also in terms of storage space.

Tom: Yeah.

Clinton: Yeah. And then, the third, definitely the rear entertainment system. That was a big hit for everyone.

Tom: Nice. And not just the kids? I mean, were the adults enjoying Scooby-Doo as well?

Clinton: Well, one adult was in the front. So, the two of us, we can’t watch that. But the other, yes.

Tom: Okay.

Clinton: My friend was entertained throughout the drive.

Tom: And these are the newer versions of Scooby-Doo, right? Not the older. I was always a big fan of Scooby-Doo.

Rock Honda

Clinton: Yeah, I loved watching Scooby-Doo when I was young.

Tom: All right. I still enjoy watching it with my son.

Clinton: All right.

Tom: And we always enjoy your analysis of vehicles. And thank you for that again, and thanks to your test driving crew.

And speaking of test driving crew, thanks to our friends at Rock Honda in a Los Angeles suburb of Fontana, California, just off the 210. David Latif, the General Manager, Hamid Javid, the General Sales Manager, Veronica Orozco another sales manager, Ruben Serna, the Service Director.

Hello to you all. Step out to Rock Honda. Say hello to our friends out there and consider getting yourself a Honda because these are some great vehicles packed with tech and a ton of car for the money. Without further ado, I’m gonna wrap this one up.

For iDriveSoCal, I’m Tom Smith. Thanks as always for listening.