The 2019 Honda Odyssey minivan is a highly-awarded people-hauler that easily transforms to carry lots of other stuff too.

And there’s a lot to love about the ’19 Honda Odyssey that seats up to eight.  However, being a new Dad, the top of my favorites list is the fact that the Odyssey is an IIHS Top Safety Pick.  (That’s the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.)

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2019 Honda Odyssey Minivan

My wife and I currently have one child – he’s 22-months old.  We also have a small dog, Mr. Jake, he goes with us everywhere we are allowed to bring him.

And even with just the four of us, I’m this/close to buying an Odyssey minivan.

That’s because the Honda Odyssey minivan has it all – and then some.  But, even when you set all the best-buy, best-family and highway safety awards aside it’s hard to pass up.

Because the 2019 Honda Odyssey is packed with creature comforts and technology.  In fact, the Odyssey is so versatile and equipped that a family larger than mine could take months to thoroughly review the minivan.

Elite cockpit

2019 Honda Odyssey Cockpit

But, I did it in a day, quite thoroughly I might add.  So, carefully consider both my below report and the 2019 Honda Odyssey minivan – carry on. :0)

Trim Configurations and MSRPs for the 2019 Honda Odyssey

I grabbed a top-of-the-line 2019 Honda Odyssey minivan with Elite trim.  So that fully-loaded Odyssey minivan had all the features and technology I could imagine included.

But it’s tough to tell the difference between the base LX and fully-loaded Elite trim level options from the outside.

And here’s all the 2019 Honda Odyssey minivan trim configurations with their starting manufacturers suggested retail pricing:

2019 Honda Odyssey Minivan Trim Levels & MSRPs:

  • LX $30,190
  • EX $34,160
  • EX-L $37,710
  • Touring $44,760
  • Elite $47,070

So, with all our vehicle reviews here on iDriveSoCal, never worry about MSRP.  And that’s for two primary reasons.

First, MSRP is just what each vehicle manufacturer’s factory makes car dealers put on their window sticker for any given vehicle.  And you need to get your Honda minivan equipped with whatever will best suit your family.

’19 Odyssey Minivan Engines, Transmissions & MPG

You get the same engine across all trim levels for the 2019 Honda Odyessy minivan.  And that’s a powerful 280-horsepower V6 that delivers 262 pound-feet of torque.

“…the base-LX, the EX, and the EX-L come with a 9-speed automatic transmission… the top two trims, the Touring and Elite come with a 10-speed automatic transmission.”

But the different trim levels will give you two different transmissions.  So, the base-LX, the EX and the EX-L come with a 9-speed automatic transmission.  Whereas the top two trim levels, the Touring and Elite come with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Paddle Shifters!

What I found to be kind of funny is that all ’19 Honda Odyssey minivans come with standard paddle shifters!  :0)  Because paddle shifters originally come from racecar technology.

“…paddle shifters originally come from racecar technology… you wouldn’t expect them to be on a minivan – no matter how awesome it is.”

And they’ve been making their way from high-performance vehicles to more mid and entry-level vehicles.  But you wouldn’t expect them to be on a minivan – no matter how awesome it is.

Paddle Shifter and windshield wiper control behind steering wheel

Yeah, paddle shifters on a minivan!

Even so, hats off to Honda engineers because the paddle shifters are highly functional in the 2019 Honda Odyssey!  That’s because they allow for better control of acceleration with the wide variety of weight-loads Odyssey can haul.

“…hats off to Honda engineers because the paddle shifters are highly functional in the 2019 Honda Odyssey!”

And driving the 2019 Odyssey minivan was a breeze.  Because it definitely is far larger and more functional than it drives.  It’s quick on the road and nimble to maneuver through crowded parking lots.

Fuel Economy

Regardless of your trim level and transmission the 2019 Honda Odyssey fuel rating is the same across the board.  During city driving, your ’19 Honda minivan will deliver 19-miles-per-gallon and 28 MPG on the highway.

Built-in fuel emergency fuel funnel

Built-in emergency fuel funnel tucked away in Odyssey’s rear

But even this makes sense when you factor in additional weight added by the extra features for the higher-level trim configurations.

Outside the ’19 Honda Odyssey Minivan

Every time I spot an Odyssey the first thing I check for is the sliding track for the rear side-doors.  That’s because Honda redesigned the location of those once ugly tracks.

As of last year, designers moved the Odyssey rear side-door tracks, positioning them under the rear side-windowsill.

“…I want to say it’s a sexy look but we are still talking about a minivan.  And categorically minivans cannot be sexy… right?  Or can they be?  A little – maybe?”

This makes the tracks disappear and gives the Honda minivan a far more streamlined look.

(Okay, I want to say it’s a sexy look but we are still talking about a minivan.  And categorically minivans cannot be sexy… right?  Or can they be?  A little – maybe?  Alright, moving on!)

Automatic Sliding Rear Doors & Liftgate

And a couple of additional points about the rear side-sliding doors.  First, they’re huge making them super-easy to get people and our stuff in and out of them.  So that’s another great aspect of the ’19 Honda Odyssey minivan.

Second, Honda added some available family-minded technology right into the minivan’s side-sliding doors.

That is the ability to unlock and open the doors with your keyfob from up to 50-ft away.

Driver profile '19 Honda Odyssey white

2019 Honda Odyssey minivan driver profile

And, speaking of exterior power doors, the 2019 Honda Odyssey minivan also has an available power tailgate.

Finally, on the outside of the ’19 Honda Odyssey minivan, I appreciate the available LED headlights and taillights.

I’m a fan of these for not only how they look aesthetically.

But also their functionality of being easy for other drivers top spot.  Most importantly without blindly them!

2019 Odyssey Interior

Getting inside the 2019 Honda minivan is super-easy no matter which door you’re using.

Driver & Passenger

First, the cockpit.  It’s really well laid out for total driver control.  However, Honda also designed the 2019 Odyssey knowing that while one parent is driving another will likely be co-piloting in the front passenger seat.

2019 Honda Odyssey rear entertainment monitor deployed

Driver and front passenger have easy access to center stack controls

So, the controls are easy enough for co-pilot-parent to adjust creature comfort and entertainment controls too.

Also, both front seats are very comfortable.  Plus, the Elite trim that I drove for this review had both heated and ventilated front seats!

Front seat center console

Available wireless phone charging!

And the center console is basically a highly functional piece of furniture between the front seats.

2nd & 3rd-Row Seating Inside ’19 Honda Minivan

On the topic of center consoles, the 2019 Honda Odyssey minivan offers an insanely versatile backseat.  And to be clear we’re talking about the 2nd-row backseat here.

We’ll get to the 3rd-row back seat in a moment.

2nd row seating

2nd-Row Seating for Three

So the 2nd-row backseat of the ’19 Odyssey seats three.

2nd-row seating for two

2nd-Row Seating for Two

Or it can seat two with the middle seat’s back folded down revealing a great 3-cup-holder and storage area for road-snacks. :0)

2nd-Row Seating Center Console

2nd-Row Seating Center Console

Plus the 2nd-row of backseats in the 2019 Odyssey includes Honda’s Magic Slide functionality.

The Magic Slide seat technology allows you to remove one or all of the 2nd row of seats.  And it allows for positioning the 2nd-row in multiple positions side-to-side and even slightly forward or back.

“That way I can stick my mother-in-law in the 3rd-row backseat… where she’d be most comfortable.  And unable to ask me questions.” ;0)

For instance, this is perfect for when I want my 22-month old son in his child safety seat and centered in the 2nd-row.

3rd-Row Seating

3rd-Row Seating – aka Mother-In-Law Seating!

That way I can stick my mother-in-law in the 3rd-row backseat… where she’d be most comfortable.  And unable to ask me questions. ;0)

Hauling Stuff With Honda Odyssey

Plus, with the 3rd-row backseats folded down and the 2nd-row removed, the 2019 Honda Odyssey is big enough to lay standard 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood flat!

3rd row folded down Honda Odyssey 2019

Up to 155.7 cubic-feet of storage

Boom, that’s big.  And delivers an entirely new dimension of functionality to Odyssey.  Thumbs-up Honda engineering team!

But Wait – There’s More!

And this one really gets me.  Because, the Odyssey’s top two trim level options, the Touring and Elite both come standard with a vacuum cleaner.

Built-in vacuum hose and nozzle

Easy cleanup w/ Odysseys built-in vacuum!

Yes, the 2019 Honda Odyssey Elite (and Touring) come standard with a vacuum cleaner to clean-up whatever messy stuff you’re hauling.

Built-in Shop-Vac

Serious suction power with Shop-Vac

And it’s not just any wimpy old vacuum cleaner either.  It’s a flipping Shop-Vac!

Technology in the 2019 Honda Odyssey Minivan

The 2019 Honda Odyssey minivan is loaded with technology that will make everyone in the family happy.

Safety Tech

All ’19 Odyssey minivan trim levels, except the LX, come with Honda Sensing safety and driver-assist technology.

Honda Sensing Safety & Driver Assist Tech:

  • Collision Mitigation Braking
  • Road Departure Mitigation System
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Keeping Assist System

Plus Honda includes childproof locks and a serious suite of airbags to keep you and your family safe on the roads. That IIHS Top Safety Pick designation for the 2019 Honda Odyssey is a big deal.

Parent Tech

Also, Honda’s available Cabin Watch system is a big parent-helper.  That allows the driver to see what’s going on in the cabin right on the center console screen.  So, no need to turn around!

Rear cabin displayed on center console monitor

Honda CabinView Keeps Your Eyes On the Road & The Kiddos!

Just glance at whatever shenanigans taking place in the backseats.  And once you’ve assessed the situation you can easily correct the behavior by automatically talking over the CabinTalk in-vehicle public address system.

“…you can easily correct the behavior by automatically talking over the CabinTalk in-vehicle public address system.”

This allows you to turn-down all audio playing throughout the vehicle and address your people! :0)

’19 Odyssey Minivan Entertainment & Connectivity

The 2019 Honda Odyssey minivan has an available 8-inch center console touch screen.  Plus you have Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto.

Center stack with navigation on

Control focused center stack

The Elite I drove even has a wireless phone charger in the center console with mobile hotspot capability and a ton of ports to plug-in and stay charged.

backseat center stack

Blu-Ray Access From 2nd-Row Seats

At the top of every kid’s favorites-list on the Honda Odyssey has got to be the available 10.2-inch rear entertainment system.  That drops down from the ceiling and comes ready to play Blu-Ray DVDs.

And that’s also got to be near the top of each parent’s favorites-list too because it includes Honda’s awesome “How Much Further?” app.

How much further? App display

How have parents survived without Honda’s “How Much Further?” App

Finally, what’s a vehicle review without mentioning Amazon?  (That’s a joke – I just give them too much money already.)

Because with HondaLink activated you can even have Amazon deliver to your 2019 Honda Odyssey minivan!

rear access to Honda Odyssey

Amazon can deliver to your Odyssey

I’m not sure that I’m personally ready to have Amazon delivery people accessing my vehicle (or home) but that’s another story. :0)

2019 Honda Odyssey Minivan Top-3

So versatile and packed with functional features it’s hard to pick just three top favorites for the 2019 Honda Odyssey.  And I already called out safety at the top of this article.  here goes:

  1. Safety: Remember the very top of this article I mentioned the ’19 Odyssey being an IIHS Top Safety Pick.
  2. Interior versatility: The ample options for configuring seating or cargo is a huge win for families of all sizes.
  3. Overall technology: From being able to open the doors up to 50-ft away to highway safety, parental and entertainment tech – props to Honda.