VW’s Jetta Reviewed By A Real Inland Empire Commuter

The all-new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta 4-door compact car is now in its 7th generation.

And it’s long been a top pick among commuters across Southern California – especially in the Inland Empire.

So, Yiwen Tang who’s an Inland Empire commuter was excited to review the Jetta at Ontario Volkswagen.

Because he’s originally from China, Yiwen’s no stranger to sitting in traffic.

Click play below to listen to his Jetta review after driving around the Inland Empire right here in SoCal.

Volkswagen Jetta Review Inland Empire



Recorded  @ Ontario Volkswagen

VW Jetta Review By Inland Empire Driver

Yiwen: It’s a fun car. The car feels way more roomy. Driving the car, the experience was awesome. The car was shifting like you’re sitting on a cloud.

Tom: Welcome to iDriveSoCal, the podcast all about mobility from the automotive capital of the United States, Southern California.

2019 Volkswagen Jetta passenger profile

Smoother All-New 2019 Jetta

Tom Smith here, today we are at the Ontario Volkswagen Jetta launch party. We are celebrating 2019 all-new Jetta, and Yiwen Tang is with me, he’s originally from China, where do you live now?

Yiwen: I live in Ontario.

Tom: Right here in Ontario.

Yiwen: Right here.

Tom: And he just got done with a test drive. Yiwen, what did you think about the new Jetta?

Ontario Resident Yiwen Tang’s Jetta Review

Yiwen: It’s a fun car. It’s got a brand-new design. In general, the car feels way roomier.

It’s a lot bigger and I heard the price is not gonna be that high either.

“On regular automatic, and the car was shifting like you’re sitting on a cloud.”

Tom: It’s actually, and it depends on how you get it equipped.

Jetta Real-Driver Review

Ontario’s Yiwen Tang – Real-Driver Review

But, it’s actually right about the same pricing, from what I understand, as its predecessor.

And that’s incredible because usually there’s a bump in price when adding so many features.

Yiwen: Right, usually they step it up a little bit.

Jetta Drive Around The Inland Empire

Driving the car, in the regular drive, regular automatic drive, the experience was awesome. I literally had the pedal to the metal.

Tom: Pedal to the medal on a test drive.

“It was so smooth. And the only time you’re gonna get a kick is when you kick into sport automatic.”

Yiwen: Exactly. On regular automatic, and the car was shifting like you’re sitting on a cloud.

Tom: It is really smooth shifting, isn’t it?

Yiwen: It was so smooth. And the only time you’re gonna get a kick is when you kick into sport automatic.

2019 VW Jetta front

MQB Platformed 7th Generation VW Jetta

And when you drive it into manual, that’s when the car gets a bit more fun.

Tom: Okay. And you already talked a little bit about the styling, loved that.

VW Jetta Performance And Digital Cockpit

The handling; I thought it was smooth as silk too, right? Taking a corner is like “woo!”

Yiwen: It, yeah, handling is definitely really, really, really nice.

“The dash literally looked like the [Audi] R8…”

Tom: Okay. And what about the technology, innovation in the vehicle?

Yiwen: I mean, the dash looks like it’s coming out of an R8. The dash literally looked like the R8, the dash in the R8.

Jetta Review Inland Empire Digital Cockpit

2019 VW Jetta Digital Cockpit

Tom: That’s a big statement. Big statement.

Yiwen: It is, but that’s exactly, it’s almost exactly how the dash inside the R8 works when it first came out.

Tom: And this car’s price difference form the R8 is … about $100,000?

Yiwen: $100,000, right. It’s about a house.

Inland Empire Jetta Review – Top-3 Features

Tom: So one of the things that we do with the vehicle reviews that we do on iDriveSoCal is to identify the top three things.

I’m gonna put you on the spot, I don’t know if you can identify the top three things right now, that you liked about the Jetta, but if so, hit me.

Yiwen: The first thing I liked is, seriously, just the driving experience.

Jetta Real-Driver Review – Top-3 Features:

  1. Smooth ride.
  2. Spacious luxurious interior.
  3. Quick responsiveness.

I’m not sure if you guys put a new transmission inside, but the way the car drives and shifts, that’s the number one thing. Especially for its class.

And then there is the interior.

And then the third thing I would say is responsiveness, how quickly the… car computer responds.

Like if you stepped inside a BMW a couple of years ago, you went inside their computer, and it takes a couple of seconds for it to react.

Jetta Review Indland Empire

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Courtesy of Ontario VW

This one, it’s the base model from Volkswagen. It’s a Jetta. It responds very quickly.

It literally responds like you’re clicking… Google Chrome on the computer a couple of years ago, before internet explorer stepped their game up.

But yeah, the car is very nice, but that was the three things I liked about the car the most.

Ontario Volkswagen – Inland Empire

Tom: Anything else you want to mention about 2019 all-new Volkswagen Jetta here from our friends at Ontario Volkswagen?

Yiwen: Get one.

Tom: Get one. Nice. Alright. Thank you Yiwen for joining me here on iDriveSoCal. I’m Tom Smith at Ontario Volkswagen in Ontario, California. Until next time, thanks for listening.