2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI Review

Like facial tissue is dominated by Kleenex brand.  So too is ‘hot hatch’ dominated by VW’s Golf GTI.

And 2020 is no exception.  Because again Volkswagen delivers great performance with exceptional attention to detail for an incredible value.

Sure, that’s come to be expected by VW followers worldwide.  But here in the U.S., more and more drivers are taking note.  Perhaps, more importantly, more and more driving enthusiasts are doing so.  And you might want to as well.

2020 VW Golf GTI Top-3:

  1. Drive
  2. Value
  3. Interior

My friends at Ontario Volkswagen in Southern California’s Inland Empire hooked me up with the Golf GTI pictured throughout this review.

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2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI - gray passenger profile

2020 VW Golf GTI Compact 4-Door Hot Hatch

So the 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI is technically a compact car.  It’s got four doors, a hatchback, and a whole lotta fun behind the wheel. :0)

In fact, the GTI is just one of many versions of the Golf that Volkswagen has made, and continues to produce, for many years.

2020 VW Golf GTI - gray - passenger rear

But GTI has always been the sportier version of the Golf.  Bested only when VW also produces the Golf R, which is arguably a street-legal racecar.

Here’s a look at Volkswagen’s Golf family of models.

Volkswagen Golf Variations:

  • 4-door wagons
    • SportWagen
    • Alltrack
  • 4-door hatchbacks
    • Golf
    • GTI
    • R

*All compacts

Additionally, VW has made electric and 2-door hatchback Golf versions in recent years.

With all these Golf variations, Volkswagen has gotten the car very ‘right.’  And that especially holds true with the GTI.  Which is truly an incredible value for the performance you get.

2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI front plate

My thanks.  As always.  To the team at Ontario Volkswagen in Ontario, California.

Led by my friend Earl Reed.  Everyone I send loves the treatment and deals they get there.

And, I’m always happy to make a personal intro.  Email me: tom [at] idrivesocal.com.