The 2021 Honda Accord receives top honors from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

The Accord earned the Top Safety Pick+ (TSP+) rating for 2021, one of the highest safety ratings available, but it’s not the only safety award.   It also won ‘superior’ ratings in crucial tests for avoiding accidents.

The Honda Accord’s high safety score comes partially because of the way the car is built.  But the safety tools that come as part of the standard Accord make a difference, too.

The Top Safety Pick Honda Accord

In order to receive a TSP+ rating, vehicles must meet several requirements. This includes ‘superior’ ratings on two accident-avoidance tests, as well as passing six crash tests.

Honda Sensing

Honda takes a ‘Safety for Everyone’ approach, with a company vision for a collision-free society. Because of Honda’s heavy emphasis on safety, all Accord models come with the full Honda Sensing suite.

Honda Sensing includes several tech tools to boost safety. These tools help drivers avoid collisions, stay in their lanes, adjust cruise control, and watch out for pedestrians.  All of the tools are included in every trim model for the Honda Accord.

In fact, Honda Sensing is standard or available on all new models in Honda’s 2021 line-up.

Advanced Compatibility Engineering

The Accord’s body is based around Honda’s Advanced Compatability Engineering (ACE) body structure. The ACE design is specifically engineered for extra protection. It adds a layer of safety for frontal collisions. ACE  has an advanced supplemental restraining system, too.

Synergetic Safety

While Honda Sensing helps drivers avoid crashes, the ACE  structure helps protect passengers when they happen. This feeds into Honda’s dedication to providing safety in all its vehicles.

Beyond the Top Safety Pick Honda Accord: Five Star Models

The 2021 Honda Accord is one of seven Honda models to earn the TSP rating or better. The Accord, Odessy, and Insight all achieved a TSP+ rating.

The TSP+ ratings aren’t the only safety wins for Honda. All Honda models that have been evaluated in the 2021 NCAP testing have received an overall vehicle score of five stars.