The 2022 Volkswagen Arteon receives updates in all the right places.

In fact, the midsize flagship sedan comes this/close to its luxury sibling Audi.  And that’s in many areas.

Increased horsepower makes it more fun to drive.  Enhanced technology takes the user experience to another level.

And bold, athletic styling continues to inspire something more than VW.  Exactly the flagship’s purpose.

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2022 VW Arteon Top-3

  1. Drive
  2. Technology
  3. Interior

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2022 VW Arteon driver front upward

300 horsepower / 295 pound-feet of torque

New For 2022 Volkswagen Arteon

Leading the 2022 Arteon’s newness in 2022 is more.  Because that brings its performance on par with its already sporty good looks.

Plus that power comes from a new bigger engine.  So, accenting the power and good looks are R-Line design enhancements.  And those are now standard across all trims.

Also, VW is adding sporty new available 19 and 20-inch wheels.  Which, with the increased horsepower is a match we love.

Trims And Prices

So the 2022 Volkswagen Arteon comes in three different trim configurations.

2022 VW Arteon trims & MSRPs:

  • SE R-Line $42,045
  • SEL R-Line $46,845
  • SEL Premium R-Line $50,845

And it’s notable that each trim only comes in one drive type.  So if you want front-wheel drive then you need to opt for the SE R-Line.

Because the SEL R-Line and the SEL Premium R-Line both come with all-wheel drive.  And in Volkswagen’s terminology that’s 4MOTION.

Engine, Transmission, And MPG

The 2022 Arteon delivers the same engine and transmission.  And that’s no matter what trim configuration you decide to go with.

But that engine upgrade is immediately noticed.  Which is a little surprising because it’s not that much bigger than its predecessor.


So the new motor is a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder 16 valve.  It’s turbocharged and delivers 300 horsepower with 295 pound-feet of torque.

That’s up from the previous engine delivering 268 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque.


The same automatic transmission comes in every 2022 Arteon.  And that’s a 7-speed with optional driving modes for every surface condition.

Additionally, all trims include the back of the steering wheel paddle shifters.  But, I found the driving modes to be more than adequate during my test drive.

The final note on transmission is whether you’re going FWD or VW’s 4MOTION/AWD.

Fuel Economy

Because of the same engine and transmission combo.  Arteon is delivering a similar MPG.  Even with the FWD or 4MOTION difference.

2022 VW Arteon MPG:

  • FWD 24/28/34
  • AWD 22/25/30

*EPA estimates

Curb weight for the 2022 Arteon comes between 3,653 and 3,935.  And that difference depends on how you’re equipping the vehicle.

2022 Volkswagen Arteon driver rear

2022 Volkswagen Arteon SE R-Line

What’s The 2022 VW Arteon Look Like?

The 2022 Volkswagen Arteon can, without much trouble, be mistaken for an Audi.

It’s European, stylish, athletic, and bold.  But it also has a classy elegance.  And yet it’s a Volkswagen.

Adding to Arteon’s wide and low stance is the downward sloping roofline.  Which adds to the sedan’s ‘coupe’ look.

And call Arteon what you will, a fastback, Sportback, or hatchback.  It’s one sporty-looking midsize four-door.

Exterior Dimensions:

  • Length 191.5
  • Wheelbase 111.9
  • Width 73.7
  • Track:
    • Front 62.5
    • Rear 62.1
  • Height 56.8
  • Ground clearance 5.1

*All inches

2022 VW Arteon cockpit

Standard Digital Cockpit

Interior Of 2022 Volkswagen Arteon

Like the exterior, Arteon’s interior can be mistaken for its luxury sibling Audi.

From the touch and feel to the design and layout Arteon punches above its non-luxury badge.  Exactly what the flagship ought to be doing.

On display throughout the inside is the German automaker’s legendary fit and finish. It’s comfortable for passengers throughout.

But the aesthetic advantage of the sloping roofline has a trade-off.  And that’s less backseat headroom and ease of access to it.

Yet, the hatchback design provides ample cargo space.  And that’s amplified with folding rear seat backs.

Interior Dimensions:

  • Headroom 37.7/37.0
  • Shoulder room 56.5/54.7
  • Hip room 54.3/46.5
  • Legroom 41.2/40.2

*All inches

2022 VW Arteon cargo area

Up to 56.2 cubic-feet cargo space

Infotainment Technology, Safety, And Driver Assistance

The VW sedan makes driving better and it does so with technology.

A key standard feature is Volkswagen’s digital cockpit.  And that’s across all trim configurations.  Plus VW’s Climatronic Touch controls alter the user interface we’re used to as drivers.

Additionally, Arteon includes touch steering wheel touch controls with haptic feedback.  And that’s familiar from first coming on VW’s  ID.4 electric vehicle.  Further elevating drivers’ interaction with new technology.

Finally, there are high-end features we love seeing as options on Volkswagens.  And those include optional massaging driver’s seat.  Plus ventilated front seats, as well as heated rear seats.

2022 Volkswagen Arteon Top-3

  1. Drive – The increased horsepower makes your right foot happy.  Delivering confidence in line with Areton’s sporty good looks.
  2. Technology – Digital cockpit and advanced technology options continue setting new standards.
  3. Interior – Arteon is comfortable, spacious, and versatile with a refined fit and finish.


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