The 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is a stylish midsize SUV that seats five.

Smaller than its big brother Atlas yet bigger than its little brother’s Tiguan and ID.4.  Atlas Cross Sport is delivering Audi-Esque European styling.  But at a price point lower than its sibling luxury brand.

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2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport – Top-3:

  1. Value
  2. Styling
  3. Technology
2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport driver profile white SE

Wheelbase 117.3″ – Length 195.5″

New For 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

Volkswagen is axing the S trim for the 2022 Atlas Cross Sport.

SE trims now receive an 8.0-inch digital cockpit standard.  And SEL models are getting 4MOTION and 20-inch wheels.  Plus an R-Line Black package makes an entry with black twenties and R-Line accents.

If you’re wanting even bigger wheels – no problem.  Because VW is offering SEL Premium R-Lines with 21-inch wheels!

Trims And Prices

Here are the trims and MSRPs for the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport.  There are six of them for 2022.

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport trims and starting MSRPs:

  • SE $33,635
    • w/ Tech $37,805
  • SEL $43,405
    • SEL R-Line $44,805
    • R-Line Black $45,355
    • Premium R-Line $50,805

*All starting MSRPs. Plus $1,295 destination fee.

Engines, Transmissions, And MPG

VW is continuing to offer Atlas Cross Sport with two engines.

Whichever engine you go with the transmission will be the same.  But you do have the deciding factor of different drivetrains.

So there’s a turbocharged 4-cylinder as well as a 6-cylinder that you’ll be choosing from.

Driving both of them, they’re pretty similar in performance.  While the turbo 4-cylinder feels a bit quicker to speed up from slow speeds.  The 6-cylinder feels the same at highway speeds.  But they feel quite similar.

Atlas Cross Sport Engines

  • 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder – 235 horsepower w/ 258 pound-feet of torque
  • 3.6-liter 6-cylinder – 276 hp / 266 lb-ft of torque

Towing Capacity

This might be your deciding factor.  Because if you plan on towing anything with your 2022 Atlas Cross Sport.  There is a big difference.

With the 4-cylinder you top out at 2,000 lbs of towing capability.  Whereas with the 6-cylinder you can drag up to 5,000 lbs.


Engine aside, the 2022 Atlas Cross Sport comes with smooth and efficient transmission.   And that’s an 8-speed automatic.

Leaving you with the options of 2-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.  And in the VW world 4Motion refers to AWD.  While its 2-wheel option is front-wheel drive.

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport driver front downward angle

195.5″ width – 67.8″ height

Fuel Economy:

  • 2.0L-Turbo 4-cylinder
    • FWD 21/23/25
    • AWD 20/22/24
  • 3.6L 6-cylinder
    • FWD 18/20/24
    • AWD 18/20/24


Looking At The 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

The styling continues to be a highlight for the 2022 Atlas Cross Sport.

Because it’s European roots.  Also due to its Audi family ties.  As well thanks to its rear downward-sloping roofline.

The 2022 crossover midsize 5-seater is a Volkswagen for sure.  Good looking, classy, and athletic from every angle.

Exterior Dimensions:

  • Wheelbase 117.3
  • Length 195.5
  • Width 78.3
  • Track:
    • front 67.0
    • rear 67.6
  • Ground clearance 7.1

*All inches

And the 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport has a curb weight that varies.  Depending on your trim and drivetrain.  The sport-ute weighs between 4,123 and 4,464 lbs.

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport driver rear upward angle

Up to 25 MPG

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport Interior

Volkswagen’s legendary fit and finish are on display throughout the inside.

It’s plain to the eye.  When examining the intersections where all the panels and parts come together.

But also how everything works.  For example, the flat-folding backseats that lock into place for easy hauling.

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport cargo area w. backseat partial down

Up to 77.8 cu ft. of cargo space

Additionally, on Volkswagen’s interior materials in Atlas Cross Sport.  They’re quality feeling to the touch.  No, they’re not Audi quality.  But neither is the price tag!

Interior Dimensions:

  • Headroom 39.4/37.8
  • Legroom 41.7/40.4
  • Shoulder room 61.5/60.6
  • Hip room 58.2/58.0

*All inches front/back seating

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport cockpit

Turbocharged 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder engines available

Infotainment And Driver Assistance Technology

Volkswagen’s digital cockpit continues leading our appreciation in the tech category.

And some version of it is coming standard across all trim configurations.  Because Volkswagen offers a standard and pro version of Digital Cockpit.

Now with 2022, the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport SE trims are receiving an 8.0-inch version.

Plus, more infotainment standard options include VW’s Car-Net, app-connect, and Bluetooth.  Plus available options include wireless app-connect, wireless charging, and voice-control.

Finally, all the common driver and safety tech is available.  While much of it is standard.  It depends on your trim configuration.

2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Top-3

  1. Value – The look, fit, and finish.  Plus the standard and available equipment.  Cross Sport delivers bang for your buck.
  2. Styling – Since arriving on the scene Atlas Cross Sport has been appealing.  Recent updates and options add to that.
  3. Technology – Digital Cockpit is ahead of the curve.  Many VW competitors continue plugging analog tech into dashes.