2022 Volkswagen Passat makes its final lap in the United States.

Or, at least that’s what VW is saying at the moment.  Because the Passat has been coming out of VW’s Chattanooga, Tennesee assembly plant.

And the People’s Carmaker is turning its focus to electric vehicles – across the board, including at that plant.

However, to get your hands on a final-year Passat could be a very good thing.  We’ll unpack the reasons here.

⇒ Southern California Volkswagen Headquarters = Ontario VW

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2022 VW Passat driver profile and sky

’22 VW Passat SE

2022 Volkswagen Passat Midsize Sedan

My Passat test driver, pictured throughout this review, was an SE trim.  And that’s the base trim.

But new for 2022 is the Limited Edition trim.  And it’s handsome.  Classy, if you will.  Clearly European with more than a hint of Audi about it.

Trims And Pricing

So the ’22 Passat comes in a total of three different trim options.  Here’s each along with their respective starting manufacturers’ suggested retail pricing.

2022 VW Passat Trims & Starting MSRPs:

  • SE $27,295
  • R-Line $29,295
  • Limited Edition $30,295

Engines, Transmission And Fuel Economy

As often is the case with Volkswagen vehicles, Passat comes with the same engine across all trims.

And for 2022 it’s a highly spirited 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder.  That engine generates 174 horsepower with 206 pound-feet of torque.

In line with the single-engine configuration, Volkswagen features the same transmission in Passat.  For 2022 it’s a well-matched 6-speed automatic transmission.

What I find surprising about this powertrain is the fuel economy.  Because Passat delivers EPA-estimated 24 MPG in the city and 36 MPG on the highway.

And my surprise with those figures holds especially true when considering the engine’s performance.  It’s fun to drive yet still delivers great economy from the pump!

2022 VW Passat driver profile rear

MPG 24/36 – city/highway

What Does The 2022 VW Passat Look Like?

Perhaps as a parting shot of thanks from Volkswagen.  Or maybe because it’s getting tough to get.  I’m appreciating the Passat more than ever before!

It’s a great-looking sedan.  And that goes for any of the three trims.  So, the SE is the base model yet it doesn’t look like a base model at all.

For instance, compare a base VW Passat to a base Toyota Camary.  On looks alone, everyone would pick the Passat.

But what’s cool about this year’s Passat line-up is that you have the great-looking base SE.  Then there’s the more sporty R-Line.

And it tops off with the luxury appointed Limited Edition.

2022 VW Passat - Chattanooga seat tag

2022 Volkswagen Passat Interior

Sliding inside the Passat we find equally designated interiors.

All of them are spacious, well laid out, and offer exemplary fit and finish details.  But the cool thing about the segmentation of the trims is this.

The SE is a handsome base model.  Then the R-Line is the more sporty midrange.  With accent stitching and R-Line badging inside.

And when you bump up to the Limited Edition you get near-luxury appointments.  Plus the European carmaker even delivers an outgoing nod to its Tennesse home with ‘Chattanooga’ labeled seat tags.

Moreover, the Passat has awesome legroom.  So much so that four adults, considered to be tall, can easily road trip for a few hours at a time, in comfort.

2022 VW Passat cockpit

Legroom 42.4″/39.1″ – front/back

Technology And Safety

For 2022 Passat includes standard remote start and blindspot monitoring plus, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay.

Infotainment touchscreen with available navigation and lots of driver assistance features are available at your fingertips.

And that includes the available Volkswagen Car-Net so that you can stay connected to your car.  Even when you’re not in it.

Outgoing 2022 VW Passat

So, here’s my overall take on the 2022 Volkswagen Passat.  It’s simple – really.  Because Volkswagen has been making the Passat for a long time.

And the car has always been solid.  While VW has surely planned to discontinue Passat for longer than we’ve known.

They’ve been making certain that was it is, is the best that they can make it.  It’s been around for a while and they (VW) got it right.

So, like any outgoing model from a solid carmaker.  A 2022 Passat in your driveway is likely to mean a headache-free ownership experience.