Audi just released a roadster that hints at the brand’s design future and it’s breathtaking.

And the Audi Skysphere Concept is a fresh new take on the future of sports cars and grand tourers that looks like it could be the next Batmobile.

Externally, this electric luxury roadster features some of the design language seen.  But in the new Audi e-Tron RS, and the RS3 but also harkens back to the companies history.

Designed right here in California, the team used the Horch 853 Speedster as a muse.  And, the influence is so strong that the cars share near-identical dimensions in terms of length and width.

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In fact, they also share rear-hinged doors and a long hood that extends from a smaller passenger compartment.  Plus, the road figuratively forks after that though as the Skysphere is all about the future from nose to tail.

Audi Skysphere Concept driver front facing in residential driveway

2021 Monterey Car Week Debut

600+ HP Audi Skysphere Concept Is Powerful

So, the Skysphere concept uses an electric motor on the rear axle that produces 632 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque.  And the batteries rest just behind the passengers to provide optimal weight balance and exceptional handling.

The rest of the electrical equipment sits stowed away between the front axle and the windshield.   Audi says that the roadster can reach 62mph in just four seconds.  It also features gobs of future technology.

For example, the rear wheels can steer which allows them to reduce the overall turning circle of the Skysphere concept.  The wheelbase of the Audi Skysphere Concept can stretch up to 250 millimeters (just under ten inches) to provide more a more supple grand touring experience.

Additionally, with steer-by-wire technology, the driver can select different steering ratios to suit their situation.  This luxury roadster is meant to be far more than just another fun fast EV.

Audi Skysphere Concept passenger rear in residential driveway

632 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque

Audi’s Take On The Future Of Mobility

Audi specifically states that this concept and two more coming in the same style aren’t just about driving anymore.  They want to provide a “Sphere” for occupants to experience the car in a new way.  To that end, each of the three concepts is built with Level 4 autonomy in mind.

And, in appropriate situations, drivers could delegate control to the Audi Skysphere itself without the need to intervene. (Cue The Jetsons.)  The steering wheel and all other driver controls are on a swivel.

That way, when the Skysphere is driving itself, drivers can enjoy an open and expansive cabin.   So, we’re looking forward to the future releases of the Audi Urbansphere and the Audi Grandsphere soon.