What’s the best Chevy SUV?

Because you have many options, that question comes up all the time with Chevy SUV buyers.  And it goes the same whether you’re leasing or purchasing a Chevrolet sport utility vehicle.

So, you’re not alone in wondering what Chevrolet SUV is best.  But to be fair, the ‘best’ Chevy SUV for one person may not be the best for another.  It really comes down to your purpose and preference.

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However, I’m not going to leave you wondering what the best Chevy SUV is in my opinion.  Because I most certainly have a strong feeling on the matter.  Having driven them all, through many model years and vehicle generations.  And there is one that I love most.

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First, here’s your guide to this article to find your best Chevy SUV.

Factors In Picking Your Best Chevy SUV

So you want to determine the best Chevy SUV for your situation.

Kudos to you for doing your homework!  Because it’s super-easy to roll onto the lot of a Chevy dealership and get caught up in the moment.  Buying an SUV can be thrilling.  But you can also wind up at home gazing at your driveway and questioning your decision.

Considering your particular wants and needs first is prudent.  Then carefully picking your best Chevy SUV becomes simple.  And you can go buy confidently.

Questions To Ask In Picking Your Best Chevy SUV

Everyone’s wants and needs are a bit different.  Making the best Chevy SUV for you an entirely unique equation.

Yet, there are plenty of high-level questions to ask.  Factors pertaining to most all Chevrolet SUV buyers.  Or lessee – if you’re leasing.

For example; are you a family, couple, or solo?  Who’s driving and how?  Will you be primarily city or country driving?  Are you commuting?  Do you have kids?  Are going on dates or hauling clients around town?  What’s your parking situation?

Considering those questions in more detail below will help determine the best Chevy SUV for you.

Family, Couple, Single?

Perhaps the broadest factor regarding the best Chevy SUV for you is considering your life stage.  And not only your current life stage but also where you plan to be throughout the term of your ownership.

So, if you’re a couple getting married and about to start a family, then think accordingly.  Because a car seat for your baby is going to be an important part of your life!  Think space.

Then again, you might already have kids.  And they love bringing their friends everywhere on your family adventures.  Similarly, you might be the proverbial soccer mom or little league dad.  So when considering the best Chevy SUV, think of lots of space!

Or maybe you’re solo.  And you’re working in sales.  You’re not yet schmoozing clients at lunches and dinners but one more promotion and you will be.  Think of passenger comfort and style.

Another situation may have your kids heading to college and you to retirement.  You’re no longer hauling clients or kids.  Now it’s just your wants and needs!  Woohoo!

Who’s Driving And How?

Another critical factor in deciding your best Chevy SUV is who’s doing the bulk of driving.

Obviously, if you’re not married then this one isn’t a factor.  Unless you plan on not being within the term of your ownership.  In that case, you should consider the following.

Since my wife almost certainly will not be reading this article.  I’m using my own household as an example.  (Don’t tell her.)

I love my wife.  She’s a beautiful person and a wonderful mother.  And she’s a safe driver who’s never been in an accident.

Yet somehow strange dings, scratches, and dents magically appear on our vehicles.  And the bigger the ride, the more dents, dings, and scratches.

It’s truly a mystery.  But when deciding the best Chevy SUV that my wife will be primarily driving, of course, I’m factoring that in!

City Or Highway Driving?  Best Chevy SUV

Deciding the best Chevrolet SUV for you includes thinking in terms of highway or city driving.

Which dovetails into fuel economy too.  But let’s set gas mileage aside for a moment.  Because we’ll get to MPG later.

Keeping the focus on the driver’s comfort is important.  And whether your mostly city or highway driving is nearly secondary to time spent behind the wheel.

Being stuck in traffic regularly should be the lead factor.  And city driving equals loads of sitting.  At times desperately trying not to lose your mind.  So think comfort!  First, the driver’s comfort and then the passengers.

After that, you will care a bit less about the cost of fuel or electricity.  Because all Chevy SUVs are delivering the best fuel economy in history anyway.

Factor Parking While Picking Your Best Chevy SUV

Even if you’re working at home this is an important consideration.

Because part of picking the best Chevrolet SUV for you means making sure you have a good place to keep it!  Asking yourself questions like if your garage is big enough is a good start.

But you need to go deeper than that.  Think dimensions!  All cars are bigger these days.  Including Chevrolet sport-utes.

So making sure you’re parking space at home is long enough, wide enough, and tall enough is critical.

Also, there’s the electric vehicle factor.  If you’re renting your home, then how are you dealing with that Level 2 charger?  Because you definitely want to juice up Bolt EV or EUV overnight!  Or maybe you’re riding in the new Blazer EV, Silverado EV or Equinox EV.

In all the above cases, these are deciding factors.  And that’s just for home consideration.

If you’re commuting to work and parking there regularly.  Give that a thought too.  But home is the real issue when it comes to parking and deciding the best Chevy SUV for you.

Best Chevy SUV – The Lineup

  • Trax – Subcompact, more crossover than SUV.  Front-wheel drive with optional all-wheel drive. Comes only in a 4-cylinder engine.
  • Trailblazer – Subcompact crossover – sportier than Trax. FWD with optional AWD.  Available in two different 3-cylinder engines.
  • Bolt EV – Subcompact electric crossover.  FWD only.  One electric motor powers the vehicle.
  • Equinox – Compact crossover.  FWD with available AWD.  Comes with a 4-cylinder engine.
  • Bolt EUV – Compact electric crossover.  FWD only.  One electric motor powers the front wheels.
  • Blazer – Midsize 2-row crossover.  FWD and available AWD.  Standard 4-cylinder and available 6-cylinder engines.
  • Traverse – Midsize 3-row crossover.  FWD with available AWD.  Available in a 6-cylinder engine.
  • Tahoe – Full-size 3-row SUV. Rear-wheel drive with available four-wheel drive.  Comes in two different 8-cylinders and a turbo-diesel engine.
  • Suburban – Over-sized 3-row SUV. RWD standard with available 4wd.  Available in two different 8-cylinders and a turbo-diesel engine.

Best Chevrolet SUV – In My Opinion

Okay, I hope you’re considering all of the above before just going with what I think.

And, I’m happy to share what I think is the best Chevrolet SUV.  But I strongly suggest considering all the above before deciding the best Chevy SUV for you.

Chevrolet Tahoe

Not factoring in any of the above, I love the Tahoe.  It’s the best Chevy SUV in my opinion.

I love that truck and I always have.  Especially this latest fifth generation – starting in 2021.

Because Chevy made that third row of seating far more useable.  Small adults fit back there, as well as kids without issue.

Plus the styling and technology of Tahoe are fantastic.  And finally, without making this a vehicle review, Tahoe is a true SUV.

It’s always been a truck turned into a passenger vehicle.  Rather than a car made into a truck.

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