Awesome Auto Shows in June here in Southern California?  Oh yeah, summer is huge for car shows!  Arguably June is the best month of the year for auto shows.  But, September is not too far behind.

Here’s our second annual report covering The Professor’s Awesome Auto Show June!  And, if you simply cannot contain yourself the below list links to each of the shows on our events calendar:

But, you really should continue reading or click play below and check out all the preview pictures.  And be sure to hit these shows – you will not be disappointed!

silver Hispano Suiza banner

Southern California’s Best Summer Car Shows

Tom: Welcome to iDriveSoCal the podcast, all about mobility from the automotive capital of the United States, Southern California, Tom Smith here with the good profess, Mr. Clinton Quan. Say hello, Clinton.

Professor: Hey, Tom.

Tom: Hello my friend. This podcast, what are we covering right now? Oh, the Professor’s awesome auto show June. Dun, dun, dun, dun!

Gullwing @ San Marino Motor Classic

San Marino Motor Classic | Awesome June!

For those of you that are new to the iDriveSoCal podcast, or new to the Professor and the auto shows, quick overview.

iDriveSoCal, obviously we cover all things automotive, transportation, and from the home base here in Southern California, the automotive capital of not only the United States but the automotive capital of the world.

The Professor’s Awesome Auto Show June!

Now, the good Professor is a car… I would say an uber automotive enthusiast. And so, he kind of curates that majority, probably like 95% of our I Drive SoCal events calendar.

So, Mr. Quan, the Professor, is dialed into all of the very best automotive events year-round here in Southern California.

Silver Rodeo Concours Lamborghini 350 GT

Rodeo Concours Lamborghini 350 GT

And when we first started this over a year ago, Clinton was saying, “Oh my god, June’s going to be so awesome, there’s this show, there’s that show, there’s this show, there’s that… ”

So, we hatched the plan, hey, let’s… make it something, we’ll call it the Professor’s Awesome Auto Show June, and dun, dun, dun, dun! My little… whatever. Yeah.

Tom: So now that you’re all completely on the edge of your seats, June is huge for auto shows.

And the Professor has his favorite picks that we’re going to share. I think there’s a little bit of a difference between this year and last year based on some scheduling.

Professor: Yes.

Tom: So, without further ado, Professor, why don’t you take it away.

Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show

Professor: Well let’s start off with the first weekend in June, because there are two major events that take place.

yellow Porsche w/ #48 @ Steve McQueen Car Show


The first one is going to be Saturday, June 1st, and that’s going to be the Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show. And I believe this is the 12th annual event, started in 2008. And this takes place out in Chino Hills at the Boys Republic. Now, this is a school where Steven McQueen attended, and that’s a major reason why the car show is held there.

Tom: And it’s for troubled youth kind of thing, or-

Professor: Troubled teens.

Tom: Or at risk, at risk-

Professor: Yes.

Tom: Okay.

Professor & his Associate | Best Summer Car Shows

Professor Quan & Associate Professor

Professor: Correct, yes.

Tom: Kids that might be going down the wrong path, they go to this school. So Steve McQueen went to this school because he was at risk for going down the wrong path. Yeah?

Professor: Must’ve been.

Tom: Must’ve been, right? So I guess the school did pretty well by the standards of Steve McQueen, right?

Professor: Oh, absolutely. But yeah-

Tom: Movie star, whatnot.

Professor: Yeah.

Boys Republic Benefit

Tom: So very cool. So it’s for a good cause.

Professor: It’s for a great cause, yes.

Awesome Auto Show June Associate Professor - Awesome Auto Show June

Associated Professor Enjoying June Auto Shows

Tom: It benefits the school, and so this isn’t a free show to get in, there’s a cost, right?

Professor: Yes, I believe it’s $10.00.

Tom: All right, and the details will be on the events page on

But then also let’s talk about what kind of vehicles, what kind of auto show this is, what are we going to see when we go to this show for a good cause?

Porsches,  Bullit Mustangs & Motorcycles

Professor: You’re going to see a lot of Porches there. Steve McQueen-

Tom: Porches.

Professor: Yeah.

Blue #48 Porsche | Best Summer Car Shows

Blue #48 @ Friends of Steve McQueen

Tom: Okay.

Professor: Steve McQueen was really into Porches, and you’re going to see a lot of Mustangs. Obviously his most famous movie, Bullit-

Tom: Of course.

Professor: So, you’re going to see a lot of Bullit Mustangs there.

Tom: Okay.

Professor: You’re going to see a number of other vehicles there as well, a lot of cars from movies that he starred in. But those are definitely the two big ones.

Oh, you’re also going to see quite a few motorcycles, there’s quite a-

Tom: Right, he was big into-

Professor: Really nice collection of motorcycles at this show, as well.

Tom: Okay. And is this competitive at all? Is it judged, is it more of a-

Professor: It is a judged show.

Tom: It is? Okay.

Professor: And they have some really unique trophies there, and this is turning out to be probably one of the biggest car shows in Southern California.

Tom: Really?

Professor: Yeah. It really, really is.

Tom: So about how many vehicles, cars, motorcycles, whatnot, do you think are going to be on display?

Professor: That’s a great question.

One of SoCal’s Biggest Car Shows

Tom: Hundred? Couple hundred?

Professor: I would say easily a couple hundred.

Tom: Okay.

Professor: There’s two big fields.

Tom: All right. And then attendance wise what are we thinking?

Awesome Auto Show June - Best Car Shows of Summer - part of Awesome Auto Show June

#48 in Gray!

Professor: That’s a great question-

Tom: Hard to say.

Professor: Yeah.

Tom: But again, the date it-

Professor: I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s thousands of people there. Yeah, it’s a one day show and it’s going to place Saturday June 1st.

Tom: Saturday, June 1st.

Professor: Yeah.

Tom: Okay.

Professor: So, it’s always the first Saturday in June. It starts early, I believe 8:00 a.m. is when it starts-

Tom: Sure.

Professor: And it runs all the way ‘til 3:00. There’s a huge silent auction at the event, that they also lots of raffle prizes.

Tom: A lot of raffle prizes.

Professor: A lot of activities taking place. There’s food. Usually, the gym is open so you can bring your lunch inside because it does get really, really hot in Chino Hills.

Tom: Sure.

Professor: That first weekend in June.

Tom: Sure. So get there early, have fun, good time, and good cause, Friends of Steve McQueen. What is the next one on that first weekend in June?

Huntington Beach Concours d’Elegance

Professor: The next one is going to be the Huntington Beach Concours d’Elegance, and that’s actually a two-day car show. But on Saturday, I believe, it’s hot rods.

Tom: Okay.

Professor: And then on Sunday is the big show, the Concours d’Elegance, and that’s the show I usually go to.

Best Summer Car Shows - Awesome Auto Show June

Antique beauty @ HB Concours

Tom: Okay. Now that one’s new, I don’t think we had that on our-

Professor: Well, we didn’t have this on the calendar last year because last year we had Rev Auto

Tom: Oh, that’s right.

Professor: At the beautiful Sherwood Country Club, a private estate-

Tom: And Rev’s been moved to the fall?

Professor: It’s been moved to the fall. But the Huntington Beach Concours d’Elegance is one of the oldest car shows in Southern California.

34th Annual HB Concours – Casual

This is going to be the 34th Annual Huntington Beach Concours d’Elegance. So it’s been going on for a long time.

Tom: Okay, and for those of that don’t know, the Concours d’Elegance… Concours d’Elegance is a French term, right? Competition of excellence.

Awesome Auto Show June - Huntington Beach Concours - part of Awesome Auto Show June

Huntington Beach Concours | Awesome Auto Show June!

Professor: No-

Tom: Elegance.

Professor: Elegance, right, right.

Tom: That’s why it’s d’Elegance. The Professor goes to these, I just talk about them with him. But so those are typically a relatively pricey ticket, right?

Professor: Not this one-

Tom: Or is this one free?

Professor: This one’s $10.00.

Tom: Oh, okay.

Professor: Yeah, it’s very reasonable.

Red Ferarri @ HB Concours

Awesome Auto Show June

Tom: And… but high-end vehicles if you want to go and get all dressed up, that’s what this kind of all about. That-

Professor: This one is a bit more casual than the others-

Tom: Of course, right.

Professor: Yes.

Tom: Huntington Beach?

Professor: Yeah.

Tom: So flip flops and board shorts are fine?

Professor: Everything’s fine. But this one takes place at the Huntington Beach Central Park by the library, so it’s more inland, it’s not along the coast.

Tom: Got it. Okay. All right. So that’s the first weekend in June. Now, what’s going on the second weekend in June?

San Marino Motor Classic

Professor: The second weekend is probably the biggest car show of the month, or my personal favorite, it’s the San Marino Motor Classic.

And this year it’s going to be a really, really special event, because they’re going to do it in conjunction with Concours Ferrari, which is usually a separate show.

Gullwing opened - part of Awesome Auto Show June

San Marina Motor Classic

That takes place in Pasadena.  In Old Pasadena on Colorado Boulevard, and they’ll shut down the street and have about 140 cars. But this year they’re doing-

Tom: 140 Ferraris?

Professor: 140 Ferraris, correct.

San Marino Motor Classic

Ferrari Additive for 2019

Tom: Whew!

Professor: So that show will be running in conjunction with the San Marino Motor Classic this year, so this is going to be an even bigger show.

Awesome Auto Show June - part of Awesome Auto Show June

San Marina Motor Classic

Tom: Wow.

Professor: Yeah.

Tom: Sounds like some very, very high-end vehicles will be there between the …

Professor: Oh, absolutely. And this is one of the biggest car shows in Southern California.

San Marino’s Lacy Park

This will take place in San Marino at Lacy Park, which is huge, so there’s going to be… there’s going to be plenty of space for all the vehicles.

Tom: So that one is going on one day or two days?

Professor: Oh, it’s always a one-day event.

Tom: Okay-

Professor: Yeah.

Tom: Always a one-day event. So, but that’s Saturday?

Lavender Benz

San Marino Motor Classic

Professor: No, it’s a Sunday.

Tom: Okay, so the second Sunday.

Professor: It’s going to be Sunday, June 9th.

Tom: Sunday, June 9th.

Professor: Yeah.

Classic Mustang - part of Awesome Auto Show June

Classic Muscle!

Tom: Okay. So, does that… oh, the cost of that? Did you mention?

Professor: I did not mention that. That’s a good question. I think it’s around $40.00 to $50.00 for this one.

Tom: Okay. All right. And then so that’s the second weekend in June.

Professor: Yes.

Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance

Tom: Now, that brings us to the third weekend in June, which correct me if I’m wrong, that’s Father’s Day-

Professor: Yes.

Silver Fiat 8V Supersonic @ Rodeo Concours

Fiat 8V Supersonic @ Rodeo Concours

Tom: And that’s the big Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills Concours d’Elegance, right?

Professor: Yes, a Father’s Day tradition, the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance, and this year is the 26th anniversary of the event.

And they’ll shut down Rodeo Drive from Little Santa Monica Boulevard to Wilshire Boulevard.

Silver Hispano Suiza - part of Awesome Auto Show June

Hispano Suiza

Tom: And now that’s a free one, right?

Professor: That’s a free event, so there’s always a lot of people there, and don’t be surprised if you run into some celebs there as well.

Tom: Yeah, so between that one being free, being in Beverly Hills, and being on Father’s Day, it’s just like… huge.

26th Annual Father’s Day Event

Professor: Yes. And I recommend getting there as early as possible if you want to beat the crowds, and you want to take really, really good photos, that’s the way to do it.

Get there before the show officially starts, because cars are already lining up-

Silver Rodeo Concours Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale

Rodeo Concours Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale

Tom: If you want to take photos. If you want to go see and be seen then get there when the crowds get there.

Professor: And if you want to get there and take some good photos-

Tom: Not everybody’s like you, Clinton.

Not everybody’s like, “If you want to get there and get the best pictures ever, you want to put print your own calendar out of the pictures that you take… ”

Silver Rodeo Concours Aston Martin DB4 - part of Awesome Auto Show June

Rodeo Concours Aston Martin DB4

We should do that, actually, we should create a calendar. That’d be a good idea.

Okay, so-

Professor: So that one will be Sunday, June 16th.

Tom: Sunday, June 16th. All right.

So, there’s two the first week, then there’s one the second weekend, there’s just the one, the Beverly Hills Concours d’Elegance the third weekend-

San Clemente Car Show

Professor: We’ll give an honorable mention to another car show-

Tom: Oh, okay.

Professor: Yeah, that I’ve never been to before, but I’m planning on going this year. And it’s the San Clemente Car Show.

Tom: San-

Professor: In downtown San Clemente.

Tom: And it’s just San Clemente Car Show?

Professor: Yeah, in south Orange County.

Tom: All right. So that’s… that’s also Father’s Day weekend?

Saturday BEFORE Father’s Day

Professor: Yes, but it’s on Saturday.

Tom: Oh, gotcha, all right. Well we should have gave the honorable mention… before. Because you’ve got Saturday and Sunday-

Professor: Yeah.

Tom: So, we just reverse those. Okay. Whatever. And I’m not going to fix that in editing either. Because that would be ridiculous, we don’t do that.

So, the third weekend, you have Saturday, the honorable mention, Professor hasn’t been there yet, San Clemente Car Show. And what are we going to see there?

Professor: Probably a lot of classic cars and hot rods.

Tom: Okay, that’ll be fun. And free?

Professor: It’s a free car show.

Tom: Okay.

Professor: Yes.

Tom: Then that third weekend, if you’re hitting all these car shows, the third weekend’s going to be completely free because you have-

Professor: Yes.

Tom: San Clemente on Saturday and then Sunday you do Beverly Hills Concours d’Elegance, and that’ll be free as well.

So, that brings us to the fourth, is the fourth weekend the final weekend in June or is there five?

Professor: No, there’s a fifth weekend.

Tom: Okay. That’s the fourth weekend in June what are we looking at?

Highway Earth Car Show

Professor: The fourth weekend is the Highway Earth Car Show

Tom: Oh, right.

Professor: That’s also in Beverly Hills, but it’s up at Franklin Canyon Park. Which is a really cool venue. Yeah.

Highway Earth Car Show Nash Metropolitan

Highway Earth Car Show Nash Metropolitan

Tom: Right on the lake there.

Professor: Right, yeah, it’s a great place to just take a morning walk around that lake and that is also a free car show as well.

Tom: Free car show, a beautiful spot.

Professor: Beautiful spot.

Tom: Very scenic.

Professor: Yeah.

Tom: Casual setting, but cool spot in Beverly Hills, and I have personally never been to and I’d really like to get to that one.

Professor: Yeah.

In the Hills of Beverly

Tom: I know I say that about a lot of these shows… And I think I’ve been to a couple of them…

But as we always say, right, you get to have all the fun, I do all the work in this little endeavor.

Professor @ Highway Earth Car Show - part of Awesome Auto Show June

Professor @ Highway Earth Car Show

Professor: Yes.

Tom: Perfect. Works out good for you.

So that’s the fourth weekend of the month, we have in June, is the Highway Earth, and did you say that was Saturday or Sunday?

Professor: That is Sunday.

Tom: That is Sunday.

Professor: Yeah.

Tom: Okay.

Professor: As you can tell, most major car shows take place on Sundays.

Tom: As you can tell.

Acura NSX Highway Earth Car Show

Acura NSX Highway Earth Car Show

Professor: Yeah.

Tom: As I can tell.

Professor: As we’re going through the calendar.

Tom: All right, so that brings us to… you said there was five weekends in June, right?

Professor: Correct, yes.

Tom: All right, do we have anything in that fifth weekend in June?

Professor: We can add something as well that I’ve never been to before, I’m thinking about going this year.

Tom: All right.

Rods and Roses Car Show

Professor: And it’s a hot rod show, it’s going to be in Carpinteria in Santa Barbara County, and it’s Rods and Roses.

Tom: Now, what a minute, they have Rods and…

Don’t they have Rods and Roses… don’t they have Rods and Roses in… related to the Rose Parade?

Professor: I don’t know… I’m not aware of that show. They could have some other-

Tom: Isn’t there another Rods and Roses? Haven’t I heard of Rods and Roses before?

In Santa Barbara County’s Carpenteria

Professor: I don’t know of another Rods and Roses, but I’m sure there’s… there’s a lot of hot rod shows.

Tom: Huh, okay. No, I thought that we covered something along those… we didn’t cover something close to the name of Rods and Roses that was in like Pasadena or something like that?

Professor: I don’t think so.

Tom: Okay. It must be my other podcast that doesn’t exist.

Professor: Yeah, I don’t think so.

Tom: Right.

Professor: But this… I’m trying to remember exactly how many years, but it’s been going on for quite a few years now as well.

Tom: Okay.

Professor: Yeah.

Tom: All right, so there you have it, The Professor’s Awesome Auto Show June in a nutshell!

Awesome Auto Show June | Best Car Shows of the Summer

In 13 minutes, 45 seconds here on the iDriveSoCal podcast, and to recap that real quick, we have the first weekend in June, which is… what’s the date on Saturday?

Professor: Saturday, June 1st.

Tom: Saturday, June 1st, Friends of Steve McQueen. Sunday, June 2nd, Huntington Beach Concours d’Elegance. San Marino Motor Classic is actually the second weekend, correct?

Professor: Yes.

Tom: What’s the date on that?

Associate Professor @ San Marino Motor Classic - part of Awesome Auto Show June

Associate Professor @ San Marino Motor Classic

Professor: It is Sunday, June 9th.

Tom: And then we have the San Clemente Car Show, which is the third weekend in June, that’s on Saturday.

Professor: Yes.

Tom: And then that’s followed up by Father’s Day, you have Beverly Hills Concours d’Elegance.

Professor: It’s called the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance.

Tom: Okay.

Professor: Yeah.

Tom: Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance.

Professor and Packard @ Rodeo Drive Concours

Professor and Packard @ Rodeo Drive Concours

Professor: Yeah.

Tom: In Beverly Hills.

Professor: Yes.

Tom: All right.

Professor: Because there use to be two Concours d’Elegances in Beverly Hills.

Tom: Oh, really? There you go.

Professor: Yeah, the Graystone Mansion Concours d’Elegance.

Tom: Of course. Tom, how could not know this? So then the fourth weekend we have the Highway Earth show which actually-

Professor: Is also in Beverly Hills.

Tom: Of course, yeah, Beverly Hills, it’s a hot spot in June, right? And then the fifth weekend you have the Hot Rods and Roses?

Professor: It’s just called Rods and Roses.

Tom: Rods and Roses.

5-Weeks of Automotive Awesomeness!

Professor: Yeah.

Tom: I swear I’ve heard of that before, why is that jogging my memory so much? Rods and Roses, okay.

So, there you have it, the Professor’s Awesome Auto Show June. Dun, dun, dun, dun!

Right here, as you heard it first for the second year in a row on iDriveSoCal. Professor, unless you have anything else, you good?

Highway Earth Car Show Ferrari 488 part of Awesome Auto Show June

Highway Earth Car Show Ferrari 488

Professor: I think that’s it, so there’s something for almost everyone from south Orange County up to Santa Barbara.

Tom: Yeah. If you’re not from Southern California, come out to Southern California in June, hit all these car shows, it’s a great time for you.

Professor: Yeah, spend the whole month here.

Tom: The whole month. All right. Professor, thank you as always. For iDriveSoCal, I am Tom Smith, thank you as always for tuning in.