When it comes to the best Volkswagen SUV the competition is tight!

And whether you are leasing or buying the European car maker is offering some compelling sport-ute options.

Pondering which one is the best of them all is logical.  But it’s also subjective.  Because mine is one of the countless opinions.

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To clarify, driving all Volkswagen SUVs many times gives me some authority.  However, first I want to share how you can easily pick the best Volkswagen SUV for your needs.

Then I’ll drive you to my conclusion as to which Volkswagen SUV is best – in my opinion.

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Deciding The Best Volkswagen SUV For You

Factors In Picking Your Best Volkswagen SUV

So you want to determine the best Volkswagen SUV for your life stage and situation.

Researching various factors that are personal to you is the essential first step in making the right decision.  Because only you can determine what that is.  Buying an SUV can be a blast.  But before getting into the thrill of your purchase process, you want to have your homework complete.

Considering your particular wants and needs first is prudent.  Then carefully picking your best Volkswagen SUV is simple.  Enabling you to go buy (or lease) knowing exactly what you’re after.

Questions To Ask In Picking Your Best Volkswagen SUV

We all have slightly different desires and requirements when SUV shopping.  And that makes the best Volkswagen SUV for you a unique proposition.

However, there are lots of questions to ask that cross all considerations.  And these questions pertain to Volkswagen SUV lessees as well as buyers.

For instance; are you a family, couple, or solo?  Who’s driving and how?  Will you be primarily city or country driving?  Are you commuting?  Do you have kids?  Are going on dates or hauling clients around town?  Will your SUV be getting dirty off-road on the weekends?  What’s your parking situation?

Considering those questions in more detail below will help determine the best Volkswagen SUV for you.

Life Stage – Your Best Volkswagen SUV

Perhaps your life stage is the broadest factor regarding the best Volkswagen SUV for you.

But not only where you are at the moment in life.  Because when we buy or lease a car we’re usually dealing with a minimum of a 3-year relationship.  So you also want to consider where you’re likely to be during the term of your ownership.  As well as toward the end of it.

Families & Couples

So, if you’re a couple getting married that’s a big factor in deciding the best Volkswagen SUV for you.  Because you’re likely to need someone else’s seal of approval on your purchase.

Planning to start a family?  That’s an even bigger consideration.  Because now you’re in the universe of dealing with car seats for your baby!  Think space.

Then again, you might already have kids.  And they love bringing their friends everywhere on your family adventures.  Similarly, you might be the proverbial soccer mom or little league dad.  So when considering the best VW SUV, think of lots of space!


Or maybe you’re free and easy – running solo with no significant other or kids.  But you’re working in some type of customer relations or sales.  Think of passenger comfort and style.  Because that might be a consideration of your clients and prospects!

Another situation may have your kids heading to college and you to retirement.  You’re no longer hauling clients or kids.  Now it’s just your wants and needs!  And that makes it easier to determine your best Volkswagen SUV.  Woohoo!

Weekend Warrior

Plus, you could take any of the above scenarios and factor in being a weekend warrior.  Because heading off-road for camping or joyriding adds another part to your equation.

Overall, the life stage is a big factor when deciding your best Volkswagen SUV.  It’s obvious upfront but think of the longer term.  That’s what most people forget.

Who’s Driving And How?

Another critical factor in deciding your best VW SUV is who’s doing the bulk of driving.

Obviously, if you’re not married then this one isn’t a factor.  Unless you plan on not being within the term of your ownership.  In that case, you should consider the following.

Since my wife almost certainly will not be reading this article.  I’m using my own household as an example.  (Don’t tell her.)

I love my wife.  She’s a beautiful person and a wonderful mother.  And she’s a safe driver who’s never been in an accident.

Yet somehow strange dings, scratches, and dents magically appear on our vehicles.  And the bigger the ride, the more dents, dings, and scratches.

It’s truly a mystery.  But when deciding the best Volkswagen SUV that my wife will be primarily driving, of course, I’m factoring that in!

Highway or City Driving?  Best Volkswagen SUV

Deciding the best Volkswagen SUV for you includes thinking in terms of highway or city driving.

Which dovetails into fuel economy too.  But let’s set gas mileage aside for a moment.  Because we’ll get to MPG later.

Keeping the focus on the driver’s comfort is important.  And whether your mostly city or highway driving is nearly secondary to time spent behind the wheel.

Being stuck in traffic regularly should be the lead factor.  And city driving equals loads of sitting.  At times desperately trying not to lose your mind.  So think comfort!  First, the driver’s comfort and then the passengers.

After that, you will care a bit less about the cost of fuel or electricity.  Because all Volkswagen SUVs are delivering awesome fuel economy.

So focus on driver comfort first and the rest falls into place.

Parking Is Easily Missed When Picking Your Best Volkswagen SUV

Even if you’re working at home this is an important consideration.

Because part of picking the best Volkswagen SUV for you means making sure you have a good place to keep it!  Asking yourself questions like if your garage is big enough is a good start.  But you need to go deeper than that.  Think dimensions!

Is my garage long enough?  My parking space within it, is it wide enough?  Does my garage door open giving enough height for my VW SUV?

All cars are bigger these days.  And that includes Volkswagen SUVs.  So making sure you’re parking space at home is long enough, wide enough, and tall enough is critical.

Going Electric SUV?

Also, there’s the electric vehicle factor.  If you’re renting your home, then how are you dealing with that Level 2 charger?

Because you definitely want to juice up your ID.4 overnight!  Or maybe you’re waiting for an ID.7 sedan or the ID.Buzz microbus – nice!  Whatever Volkswagen EV you’re rolling, you don’t want to plug it into the same outlet as your shop vac!  That will take days to charge.

In all the above cases, these are deciding factors.  And that’s just for home consideration.

If you’re commuting to work and parking there regularly.  Give that a thought too.  But home is the real issue when it comes to parking and deciding the best Volkswagen SUV for you.

Best Volkswagen SUV – The Lineup

  • Taos – Subcompact, front-wheel drive or all-wheel-drive/4Motion, 4-cylinder.
  • Tiguan – Compact, optional 3-row seating, FWD standard or AWD/4Motion, 4-cylinders.
  • ID.4 – All-electric compact, RWD with one electric motor, or AWD w/ two electric motors.
  • Atlas Cross Sport – Midsize, FWD, or AWD, 4 or 6 cylinders.
  • Atlas – Midsize, 3-row, FWD or AWD, 4 or 6 cylinders.

Best Volkswagen SUV – In My Opinion

Finally, here’s my pick for the best Volkswagen SUV.  But before you go buy one I strongly suggest you follow the above guidance!

But having driven many variations of every Volkswagen SUV.  Here’s the one that I think is best.

2023 VW Atlas Cross Sport R front artsy - Best VW SUV

VW Atlas Cross Sport

Volkswagen Atlas

The Volkswagen Atlas is my all-around pick for the best Volkswagen SUV.

It’s huge inside but doesn’t drive like a huge sport utility vehicle.  The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) puts Atlas in the midsize class.  And that’s correct considering the SUV’s dimensions.

But Volkswagen manages to engineer the Atlas in such a way that the third-row seating is functional.  At 5’10” I can get back there.  And while I wouldn’t want to ride back there for a multi-hour road trip, it’s useable.  And that’s huge.

I do think that the Atlas’s little brother, the Atlas Cross Sport is a bit better looking.  And the Tiguan and ID.4 are a bit more fun to drive.

But my overall pick for the best Volkswagen SUV is the Atlas.

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