Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance 2018

For many Southern California car-lovers, Father’s Day and Beverly Hills have gone together for more than two decades. That’s thanks to the annual Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance. And this year was special because it was the 25th Anniversary, also known as the Silver Anniversary, of the event. And in honor of the 25th Anniversary they had a special showing, a block long, of all silver colored classic automotive-works-of-art on display. This event was part of the Professor’s Awesome Auto Show June and you can hear all the details in this iDriveSoCal Podcast. (Hit play to listen, scroll through the images while doing so and enjoy!)


Recording date – June 19, 2018 at in Los Angeles, CA

Clinton Quan: It’s the 25th anniversary of the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance. This event is the largest event in Beverly Hills, and it’s always held on Father’s Day. It’s the silver anniversary. In celebration of this event, they had an entire block of silver vehicles,

Tom Smith: Welcome to iDriveSoCal, the podcast all about mobility from the automotive capital of the United States, Southern California. Tom Smith here with our good buddy, pal, chum, amigo, compadre, the Professor. Mr. Clinton Quan. Say hello, Clinton.

Clinton Quan: Hi, Tom.

Tom Smith: Hey, hey, hey. And today’s topic, the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance, 25th anniversary, right down there in Beverly Hills. And the Professor and his associate attended the event. And I just scrolled through the pictures, beautiful cars. We’ll talk about my favorite for sure, which we’re going to highlight. But what’s the big picture of the event?

Clinton Quan: Well, this year was a very special year. It’s the 25th anniversary of the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance. So, it’s the silver anniversary. And in celebration of this event, they had an entire block of silver vehicles, approximately 40 silver vehicles on display.

Tom Smith: And now, this being a concours, it’s the whole judged thing, right?

Clinton Quan: Yeah.

Tom Smith: So, they have different categories.

Clinton Quan: Yes. There were a number of vehicles that won awards.

Tom Smith: Okay. And now, the way concours work is they can they can choose the categories that they want to have, right. Whoever’s holding the Concours d’Elegance-

Clinton Quan: Yes.

Tom Smith: … can choose the categories.

Clinton Quan: There’s a number of different classes of vehicles. And then, there’s always specialty awards following all the vehicles that have won in their respective categories.

Tom Smith: Okay. So, the pictures that you just showed me looked like mostly older model vehicles. Was that the case, or was that just what you decided to take a lot of pictures? Was there anything that was on the newer side of-

Clinton Quan: Well, for the vehicles, which are allowed eligible for awards.

Tom Smith: Okay.

Clinton Quan: It’s-

Tom Smith: For the awards for that concours?

Clinton Quan: Yes, but there are newer vehicles on display. There are a number of either dealerships or the manufacturers, which they bring out.

Tom Smith: Okay. And would-

Clinton Quan: And you’re going to view the vehicles as well.

Tom Smith: Was there a category for those in this show?

Clinton Quan: No. Generally, for any show, there wouldn’t be a category for new vehicles.

Tom Smith: Okay. So, I mean, I’m still learning the Concours thing. So, basically, the Concours d’Elegance, it happens on a Sunday. It’s judged.

Clinton Quan: Yeah.

Tom Smith: And there’s different categories-

Clinton Quan: Yes.

Tom Smith: … per each Concours. They’ll decide what categories. But then, other cars of certain level can also participate in the show.

Clinton Quan: Correct.

Tom Smith: Okay.

Clinton Quan: They can participate as a display vehicle, but not necessarily-

Tom Smith: Be judged-

Clinton Quan: Be judged.

Tom Smith: … and win an award, or what.

Clinton Quan: Correct.

Tom Smith: Got it. Okay. And I teased you when we talked about this last time that it was the 25th anniversary. So, they call it the silver anniversary. And I joked, “Oh, there can’t be any gray cars. They have to be silver.” But the situation was that they had an area of silver/gray cars in honor of the 25th anniversary.

Clinton Quan: Correct. That had an entire block of silver vehicles, about 40 vehicles on display.

Tom Smith: Okay. And this is a big this is a big turnout because it’s these high level shows. It’s in Beverly Hills. But then, also, it’s free, right? There’s no there’s no charge.

Clinton Quan: Yes, this is a free event. And I learned quite some time ago that if a car show is held on a public street, the organizers of the event cannot charge any money for the event.

Tom Smith: Okay.

Clinton Quan: So, there can only be a charge if it’s held on private property.

Tom Smith: Okay. Well, there you go. I would imagine that’s a municipality by municipality thing, but we won’t get into that right now.

Clinton Quan: Yes. And this event is the largest event in Beverly Hills, and it’s always held on Father’s Day.

Tom Smith: All right. And a 25th anniversary, so it’s been going on for quite some time. How many of these have you hit?

Clinton Quan: I believe I’ve attended every event since probably 1999.

Tom Smith: Okay, you’ve been a couple. And I saw some pictures. You ran into one of the one of the automotive reporters for a local television station.

Clinton Quan: Yes, I ran into ABC 7 automotive specialist, Dave Kunz, who I see at many automotive events throughout Southern California.

Tom Smith: And you texted me a picture of you and Dave.

Clinton Quan: Yes.

Tom Smith: And sorry, Dave, I didn’t know who you were. I’m sheltered in my media consumption, but, boy, is Dave a tall guy.

Clinton Quan: He’s very tall, yes.

Tom Smith: I mean, holy cow. Standing next to you, he was a very tall guy. So, let’s talk a little bit about the cars. Your favorite one there was what again?

Clinton Quan: My favorite car … Well, I’ve got quite a few favorite cars but one of them was definitely the 1965 Lamborghini 350 GT, which won a special award, Rodeo Drive Award, for most fashionable.

Tom Smith: Okay.

Clinton Quan: And it is just a gorgeous Lamborghini. When you think of Lamborghini, you think of a sports car, but this looks more like, I would say, an Aston Martin-

Tom Smith: Which is still a sports car, but when you think when you think of a Lamborghini, you think of[.

Clinton Quan: Something very aggressive and muscular.

Tom Smith: Yeah, the slope-ey kind of real angular. And this isn’t that.

Clinton Quan: Yeah.

Tom Smith: And it, actually, has wire wheels, and it has more of that classic kind of English sports car rather than Italian, right?

Clinton Quan: Yes, you could say that. It looks more like a Grand Touring luxury coupe.

Tom Smith: Right. And we’ll have that-

Clinton Quan: Very elegant and very sophisticated.

Tom Smith: We’ll have that along with some other pictures posted on Check out the pictures at If in fact you’re not on, as you’re listening to this and scrolling through the pictures, which is what you should be doing because, actually, we’ve set up this kind of new experience for you to enjoy listening to the podcast. But then, also, being able to scroll through the images when we go to these automotive events. And there’s lots of eye candy to look at. You can listen to the podcast while scrolling through and checking out the pictures of the cars. So, hope you enjoy that. We’d love to hear from you if you have any thoughts or comments on that. On that note-

Clinton Quan: And my other-

Tom Smith: I was going to jump in.

Clinton Quan: My other favorite car, and there were actually two of them, and it’s one of my favorite classic cars of all time, and my favorite classic Ferrari is the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso. And there were two of those. And one of them had this beautiful red interior, another gorgeous-looking Ferrari.

Tom Smith: Is that the one that Clinton or that the … Let me try one time. Is that the one that the Associate Professor was sitting in?

Clinton Quan: No.

Tom Smith: Okay.

Clinton Quan: He got to sit in a brand new car. It was a Mercedes-AMG GT.

Tom Smith: Oh wow. Okay. I really spun through those those pictures quick. I thought it was something old, not new.

Clinton Quan: No, that was a brand new car.

Tom Smith: So, back to what I was saying about and checking out the pictures there, I’m going to make an executive decision here and put the picture of the car that I like most in front and center on the website on on this particular post. And what is that car again? It looks really, really cool. It looks like, you know, the first … What do they call that? The First Avenger, the Captain America movie, where the … I think, it was the red skeleton, whatever, guy drove. He had this old ’30s, ’40s-looking souped up thing. But anyway, that’s what it reminded me of.

Clinton Quan: I’m trying to remember exactly what that vehicle looked like.

Tom Smith: Okay.

Clinton Quan: It doesn’t ring a bell right now.

Tom Smith: Anyway, what is that car?

Clinton Quan: That is a 1938 Hispano-Suiza.

Tom Smith: 1938 Hispano-Suiza.

Clinton Quan: Yeah. And that was one of the cars that was prominently displayed at the major intersection where they had the judging.

Tom Smith: Okay, rights. The Rodeo Drive, like, cobblestone area, I’m assuming.

Clinton Quan: No, no, no. You’re thinking of two rodeo. I’m talking about where they set up stage for the award ceremony.

Tom Smith: Okay, different spot.

Clinton Quan: Yes.

Tom Smith: I assumed that’s where it was going to be. But at any rate, so that car, I love it because it looks old, it looks new, it looks space age. The crazy thing is, not only it being a 1938, so that car is … I mean, hey, we’re 20 years away. That car is 80 years old.

Clinton Quan: Yeah.

Tom Smith: Right? We’re 20 years away from that car being a hundred years old.

Clinton Quan: Yeah.

Tom Smith: You look at that, you think a hundred years ago, you think, “Wow, how far ahead of its time.” But also, that was a production car. That was coming off assembly lines. Now, I doubt they made a ton of them.

Clinton Quan: Oh, I’m sure it was very, very limited.

Tom Smith: Nevertheless, that is an impressive feat for that long ago.

Clinton Quan: Yeah.

Tom Smith: And that manufacturer is no longer, right?

Clinton Quan: Yeah, no longer.

Tom Smith: Not anymore.

Clinton Quan: I don’t know when they went out, but-

Tom Smith: Okay.

Clinton Quan: It was a-

Tom Smith: Is that a Spanish vehicle?

Clinton Quan: A high end luxury vehicle. I believe, it was.

Tom Smith: Okay.

Clinton Quan: Yes.

Tom Smith: And Spain not known for their exports of automotive.

Clinton Quan: Yeah. This is a company that very, very few people know about it, unless you’re really into cars.

Tom Smith: All right.

Clinton Quan: Yeah.

Tom Smith: Well, what else about the 25th anniversary Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance?

Clinton Quan: Well, there were also a number of new vehicles on display for the public to enjoy from manufacturers, including Lexus, which have the all new 2019 Lexus ES 350, their mid-sized sedan. They also have the all new Lexus LS, their full-size flagship sedan.

Tom Smith: Okay.

Clinton Quan: There was the all new Lamborghini. Hopefully, I’m pronouncing it correctly, the Urus, which is their sport utility vehicle.

Tom Smith: I almost want to say it’s pronounced Urus just because I think I saw a documentary on it, but I could be wrong. I’m not sure. But that gearshift that you have a picture, we’re going to put that on too.

Clinton Quan: Yes.

Tom Smith: That gearshift is crazy-looking.

Clinton Quan: Yes.

Tom Smith: I mean, that thing looks like … I mean, speaking of space age, that thing looks like it’s coming out of a … Geez. I don’t know. I saw the solo Star Wars movie. It looks like something that is not in a vehicle with wheels but in a vehicle that flies of some sort.

Clinton Quan: Yes.

Tom Smith: I mean, that is just a crazy multifunctional-looking.

Clinton Quan: I think, that’s a good description.

Tom Smith: Eruption.

Clinton Quan: I’ve never seen a gearshift like that in an automobile, yeah.

Tom Smith: And I saw the picture of the gearshift. I think I saw the inside, the interior picture. Were you sitting in that one?

Clinton Quan: Yes.

Tom Smith: Okay.

Clinton Quan: There was only one, and I got to sit.

Tom Smith: But did you get a picture of the outside of that?

Clinton Quan: It was really hard because-.

Tom Smith: So many people around it?

Clinton Quan: Surrounded by people.

Tom Smith: Gotcha. All right.

Clinton Quan: Yeah.

Tom Smith: All right. So, you’ll get to see the picture of the gearshift, and the Professor sitting in the vehicle, but we don’t have any pictures of the outside. That’s perfect. Anything else as I wrap up this one?

Clinton Quan: Just the weather, I thought it was great.

Tom Smith: The weather was perfect, huge turnout.

Clinton Quan: Yeah, huge turnout.

Tom Smith: And speaking of 25th anniversary, didn’t you say there’s just about 25,000-ish people that come to this one or is there considerably more?

Clinton Quan: Maybe even more. I think, maybe 30,000. 30,000 to 40,000. And it probably gets bigger.

Tom Smith: Well, I didn’t go. I know that our website was blowing up with people pursuing that event, details on that event. They were come to our website for that. So, I know it was big for sure.

Clinton Quan: Yes.

Tom Smith: All right. Professor, thank you as always. Much appreciate that analysis of the 25th anniversary Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance. We’ll look forward to your analysis of the 26th next year.

Clinton Quan: Looking forward to it as well as always.

Tom Smith: What? I’m sorry.

Clinton Quan: As always.

Tom Smith: As always. For iDriveSoCal, I am Tom Smith. Thank you for listening.