Cars and Coffee events are a lot of fun and have become popular around the world.  Did you know, they started right here in Southern California?  And if you like cool cars then you have to check them out.  Plus, you don’t have to own a car!  Here’s your ultimate guide to cars and coffee events.   

What Are Cars And Coffee Events?

Cars and Coffee events are informal car meet-ups.  They’re always free.  And like the name says you’ll find cars and coffee there.  But you’ll also find people and conversations.  And those conversations will cover anything from powertrains to politics.

When Are Cars And Coffee Events?

They take place on the weekends in the mornings.  Both Saturdays and Sundays.  Depending on the event some will be earlier than others.  Like Donut Derelicts, that might have been the original meet-up.  That one is hardcore.  Because it starts at 5 AM every Saturday!  But the super-early start times are more the exception rather than the norm.  Because they usually get going around 7:30 or 8 AM and run for two to three hours.

Many events are recurring too.  C&Cs are often weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or planned on specific dates throughout the year.

What Cars Are On Display?

You will find every type of car on display at C&Cs.  Hot rods, muscle cars, antiques, supercars, and more.  Because it depends on the organizers and the core group of attendees.  Some cars and coffees focus on a genre, like hot rods.  But even when there’s a stated focus all cars are welcome.

And, if you want to bring your own car, here are a few important notes.  First, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  For many C&Cs bringing a project-car that’s partially finished is totally acceptable.  Often guys like to see your progress on the project.  And who knows, you might have a challenge with some aspect or finding a part that the group might be able to help with.

Who Goes To C&C Events?

Cars and Coffee events are open to everyone.  The regulars attending C&Cs are usually big auto enthusiasts.  But plenty of people go that don’t have a display-worthy car.  Like me, I arrive in my daily driver and enjoy everyone else’s cool cars.  And this is a great way to get ideas for what kind of fun-car you might like to aspire to.  Because everyone loves to talk about their cars.

How Do Cars And Coffee Events Work?

Semi-structured but informal is the best way to describe these car meets.  You show up, find a parking spot, grab your coffee, and stroll around.  Some section off areas for entry, exit, or even genres of cars.  But that’s about as organized as they get.  Aside from selling t-shirts and hats.

Do’s And Donuts At C&C Events

When attending cars and coffee events there are important do’s and don’ts.

Overall Advice For Attending

  • Don’t touch or lean on anyone’s car.  And don’t get too close to open windows and doors.  It can make owners nervous.
  • Do bring your own coffee and snacks.  While there’s often a donut shop as part of the location it’s a good idea to be prepared.
  • Do feel free to go nuts taking pictures.  Because many car-guys and car-gals take great pride in their cars.  And when you’re snapping lots of pics they often take your interest as a warm-fuzzy compliment.

Attending Without A Car To Show

As an attendee without a display-worthy car – don’t park in the main line-up!  That means don’t park where cars worthy of the display will be parking.  Use common sense and be respectful.

Attending With A Car To Show

Congrats!  You’ve got a special ride, worthy of showing it off.  Now, do not be a hot dog.  No revving your engine.  Definitely no burnouts or doing donuts!  And if you have a kickin’ sound system – sweet!  Nobody wants to hear it.  Use common sense and be respectful.

Dumb behavior from guys with hot rides is the number one cause of events moving and being shut down.  Because the events get kicked out of their locations!

So, everybody needs to be cool.  But do have lots of fun and enjoy all the great cars and conversations!

Where To Find Cars And Coffee Events

Cars and Coffee events take place across the US and around the world.  So, you are likely to find at least a few near any city.  For instance, we have many weekly Cars & Coffee events here in Southern California.  And they’re in cities throughout the region.  Also, you can sign-up for my newsletter and I’ll keep you posted weekly!

You can do a quick search online to find C&Cs near you.  But because they move around a lot that can be challenging.  There are lots of websites started that aren’t updated after the first few events.  Another good way to find them is through Facebook groups.

And, if all else fails, find specialty car dealers or shops in your area.  They’re likely to have some good insight too.

Cars & Coffee Events Are Fun: Go This Weekend!

C&Cs are fun for the whole family.  Dogs are often welcome too.  But, be careful.  Because if your pooch is like mine he doesn’t like the sound of rumbling motors.  Or the evitable rev from some rookie who doesn’t know any better.  So don’t forget, be cool!  But have fun too!

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