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Buying a car represents the second largest purchase of your life!  So, I don't know about you, but I'm definitely going to look at it before I buy it - in person.

I'm going to touch it, drive it and talk with Tom Smith & Lewis Cookthe person I'm buying from.  All, before I buy it!

iDriveSoCal is delivering all the information you need to buy what's right for you.  And we're doing it in human form!  What a concept! :)

"Buying a car represents the second largest purchase of your life!"

We're interviewing real car dealers who are transparent about their business.

And we're reviewing cars we test drive - but not in a critical form.  Because all new cars driving the roads these days are pretty great.

Tom Smith & Randy HalcombWe're sharing our expertise to tell you what we like about the vehicles your considering.  Also, the best uses for the vehicle and who it's suited for.

"With iDSC, you're guaranteed a straightforward transaction and a great deal."

Best of all,  the car dealers within iDSC are our partners.  And no, iDriveSoCal is not a broker.  We are not receiving commissions on the cars our partners sell.  We're a community of car lovers looking out for each other.

So read, listen or watch all the insider info you like.  With iDSC,you're guaranteed a straightforward transaction and a great deal.  Contact our dealer partners directly or reach out to me and I'll introduce you.  Tom [at] iDriveSoCal [dot] com.  Drive on!


iDriveSoCal's Tom Smith & Mr. Jake

Me & Mr. Jake


Tom Smith here, owner of iDriveSoCal.

I love cars but hate the old school buying process.

So, I created iDriveSoCal to help out fellow wary car buyers. :0)

You and I learn insider information on how the car business really works from transparent car dealers willing to share.

And, mention me and iDriveSoCal to any of our dealer partners and enjoy serious VIP treatment and buying benefits! ;0)

Beyond car buying, I also share easy to understand vehicle reviews without too much technical jargon.

Plus, I cover automotive events and museums while tracking what’s real and hype in the future of transportation.

Email questions and thoughts – I love connecting.

Drive on!


tom [at] idrivesocal [dot] com

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