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Birthplace of Cars & Coffee

f you’re like most ‘car people,’ you already know about  Cars & Coffee events. The phenomenon has steadily gained traction over the years.So what exactly is Cars & Coffee? Well, it’s what sounds like:  Car lovers and automotive enthusiasts check out cars together while enjoying coffee in the morning.

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Southern California is the Car Capital of the World - sorry Detroit.

iDriveSoCal's Tom Smith & Clinton Quan podcasting

The World's Car Capital - SoCal!

We understand that's a big statement.  So, we've justified the reference with a number of stories detailing the reasons SoCal owns this title.

For instance, Southern California is the Birthplace of Cars and Coffee events.  It's also home to one of the highest concentrations Automotive Design Studios.

Some of the most World Famous Scene Drives are located right here in SoCal.  The Import Tuner Scene, made famous by the Fast and Furious movie franchise, started right here in Southern California.

SoCal also plays host to World Class Racetracks and World Class Automotive Museums.

We've gotten some pushback from various audience members and are always up for a spirited debate on the topic.  We'd love to hear what you think!


iDriveSoCal's Tom Smith & Mr. Jake

Me & Mr. Jake


Tom Smith here, owner of iDriveSoCal.

I love cars but hate the old school buying process.

So, I created iDriveSoCal to help out fellow wary car buyers. :0)

You and I learn insider information on how the car business really works from transparent car dealers willing to share.

And, mention me and iDriveSoCal to any of our dealer partners and enjoy serious VIP treatment and buying benefits! ;0)

Beyond car buying, I also share easy to understand vehicle reviews without too much technical jargon.

Plus, I cover automotive events and museums while tracking what’s real and hype in the future of transportation.

Email questions and thoughts – I love connecting.

Drive on!


tom [at] idrivesocal [dot] com

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