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Top Automotive Museums, these are yet another reason Southern California is the Automotive Capital of the World.

And the museums, just like SoCal Auto Shows & Events can be found all over the region.

For instance, in the Santa Barbara area, you have two museums.  It's a great idea to hit both the Murphy and the Mullin on the same day.

Then Los Angeles houses the world renown Petersen and high-end but lesser-known Nethercutt.

El Segundo plays host to a super-cool Automobile Driving Museum where you can get a ride in their show cars!

And if exotics and racing is your thing then you have to hit the Marconi in Tustin is a must see.

And while you're down in Orange County you should also check out the collection at Lyon Air.  This is special because it's dedicated to honoring the Greatest Generation.  It houses all sorts of WWII aircraft and vehicles as well.


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