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We cover automotive and transportation news from the Car Capital of the World.

Southern California consistently ranks among the worst places in the world for traffic congestion.

So over the years, that very problem has made SoCal ground zero for car companies.  They develop and test new products all around our region.

But we also cover stories about the Future of Transportation - aka mobility.

Because the hope is that all the world's recent technological breakthroughs help eliminate traffic congestion in the future.

This makes our news coverage include vehicle reviews and car buying tips.  But also, autonomous driving, electric vehicles (cars, bikes & planes) and even the future of public transportation.


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Tom Smith


Tom here, owner of iDriveSoCal.

I’m a lifelong car-lover.  But, I’ve never cared for the car buying process.

It’s easier when you have an idea of who you’re buying from.

So, we partner with truly exceptional car dealers.

And through these partnerships, we create content that helps you learn:

+How to buy or lease a vehicle.

+What vehicle to buy or lease.

+Who to buy or lease from.

Email me with questions – my address is below.  I still respond to everyone and love to help!

Drive on!


tom [at] idrivesocal [dot] com

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