He’s not sure how many miles were on his Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport when he bought it.

But that really doesn’t matter.  Because for this West Covina car-lover, it’s all about the memories he makes with his teenage grandson.

Here’s iDSC reader, Thomas Carter’s Car Story about his 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport.

How Did You Come About Owning Your Car?

Thomas Carter: It was a steal when I bought it back in 1976 for $1,000!

My younger brother Chris worked with a gal that had it for sale.  And when I went to look at it I fell in love – with the car.

Chevy Chevelle Super Sport steering wheel and dash

1966 Chevy Chevelle Super Sport

What Did You Have To Give Up In Order To Obtain Your Car?

TC: I had to sell my troublesome 1964 Ford Ranchero.

Describe The Type Of Driving You Do With Your Car.

TC: Attending car cruises, going to car shows, and other types of automotive-related happenings.

Chevy Chevelle Super Sport motor - so clean you could eat off of it

Thomas Carter’s Modified Chevelle Motor

How Have You Modified Your Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport?

TC: Full roller 408 cubic-inch big block (6.0 over 396) with aluminum heads.  Plus H-beam rods, forged pistons, stud girdle, and a Milidon 6-quart oil pan.

QA1 tubular control arms with coil-over shocks in the front and tubular rear control arms.  Four-wheel disc brakes with drilled and slotted rotors.

Also, a cowl induction hood that was vinyl wrapped by a personal friend.  Plus, LED headlights and taillights.  And a Turbo 400 transmission with a shift kit and 3500 stall converter.

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What Are Your Top-3 Favorite Things About Your Chevy Chevelle Super Sport?

TC: My Top-3 favorite things about my Chevy Chevelle Super Sport include the following:

  1. 18-inch Boss wheels.
  2. The engine!
  3. And the paint.
Chevy Chevelle parked in driveway with youngeter in passenger seat smiling and window down

Cars connecting generations

Describe Your Most Memorable Moment With Your Car.

TC: Having my 15-year-old grandson working on the car with me.  Also, going to car shows together.

Anything Else To Explain About Your Car’s Story?

TC: I purchased this car in 1976 and had to take a loan out to buy it.

At that time all that was done to it was headers and Cragar wheels.  Since then I’ve rebuilt the same 396 that came with the car twice!

The latest engine in it was built by me and my friends and it runs really well!


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