For parents, child car seat safety best practices are a top priority.

Because when it comes to car seats and keeping our kids safe, there’s zero room for error.

Questions like; when can a child face forward in a car seat?  What car seat should my child be in?  How long does a child need to be in a car seat? When can a child stop using a car seat? Plus many more questions like these are common among all parents.

So the leading Volkswagen dealer in Southern California, Ontario VW likes to help.  And they do this by hosting California Highway Patrol experts in car seat safety best practices.

Child Car Safety Seat Best Practices Video

We caught up with CHP during a recent inspection and educational event the VW dealer hosted.

In our video news report below you hear directly from top authorities on keeping your kids safe on the road.

CHP In-Person Child Car Safety Seat Help

Officers say that parents who want to get more help with their child’s car safety seat can contact any CHP office.

Because the CHP has offices throughout the state.  And you can schedule a day and time to have your seat inspected.  Plus you can even get help installing your seat from the CHP.

Child Car Safety Seat Day At Ontario VW

Me w/ CHP rockin’ iDSC hats @ Ontario VW!

Do It Yourself CHP Resources

Additionally, you can reference more brochures and videos from the California Highway Patrol.

And these include guidelines for each stage of your child’s development and car seat status.

Additional Child Car Safety Seat Help

Finally, we have two more resources that help parents keep their kids safe on the road.