Never before has over-landing and off-roading been as popular as it is today and GMC knows that.

With that in mind, they’re introducing us to the GMC Canyon AT4 Concept.  This mid-size pickup truck is one of the most capable.

And that’s true before we dive into the excellent upgrades this concept has.  Plus, it has a full complement of equipment and performance customizations.

Moreover, these add-ons aren’t from wherever GM could get parts, no they’re mostly factory upgrades.  And what’s always intriguing is this GMC Canyon AT4 concept might also indicate the future for GMC products.  One thing is certain, it can go nearly anywhere.

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GMC Canyon AT4 Concept splashes through desert water

Revealed at Overland Expo Mountain West 2021

The GMC Canyon AT4 Concept Is Tough

At its heart, the Canyon is a capable truck but this takes things a step further.  The Canyon AT4 Concept features a 27.7-degree approach angle and 10 inches of ground clearance.

In its corners are 17-inch AEV Crestone wheels with BF Goodrich KM3 mud-terrain tires.  It gets a wider off-road chassis with extra underbody protection.  Plus it sits on a factory lift kit and gets cast-iron control arms, multi-matic DSSV dampers, locking differentials.

While you can’t see those upgrades from the outside, the ones you can see are equally impressive.  They include wheel flares with integrated task lamps, a heavy-duty front bumper with an integrated winch, and a spare tire swivel mount.

Guidelines are mounted from the front of the hood to the roof to help clear foliage and debris when the trail gets tight.  This truck is so tough that it can ford water that’s up to 32.1-inches deep. That’s a great luxury but the GMC Canyon AT4 concept has a lot more where that’s coming from.

Luxury Off-Road Equipment

Added off-road benefits of the Canyon AT4 Concept begin with a stainless steel truck bed cap.

Inside the bed is a truck bed storage system with drawers.  Atop that is a roof-mounted tent. Beside the tent is a 270-degree awning to provide shade and shelter.

If the road gets especially tough the Canyon is ready.  It comes with an off-road jack, traction boards, and an AEV off-road rear bumper. Once camp is set up this Canyon can even help with dinner.  Not only is it equipped with a cooler but it also has an onboard kitchenette!

Likelihood Of Production

While it’s clear that GMC won’t be selling carbon copies of this heavily customized Canyon AT4.  But,  but that’s not the point.

Duncan Aldred is the GMC Global Vice President says that “consumer reaction to this concept’s design will help us further serve the growing market of buyers leading authentic outdoor lifestyles”.

That means that if it’s well-received, we could see more of these features on factory trim level Canyons in the future.  So let’s get the buzz going around the water-cooler because there’s a lot about this concept to love.


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