Nobody spends money like the US government.  And that means future Suburbans should benefit from a big order of heavy-duty Chevrolet Suburbans.

So, the order is from the Department of State.  And GM Defense LLC won a contract.  It is ‘developing and validating’ next-generation Suburbans.

GM Defense is a subsidiary of General Motors.  Therefore, we can hope that some of the tech innovations will make their way to consumer vehicles.

You know, the Suburbans you and I might buy! :0)

The Deal For New Heavy-Duty Chevy Suburbans

So, here’s the deal.  The $36.4M contract is for 10-vehicles over 2-years.

But, Nick Fury-style center console machine guns are unlikely.  Because  GM Defense is making these vehicles the Department’s Diplomatic Security Service.

That means any high-tech military-type stuff in the Heavy-Duty Chevrolet Suburbans is likely to be defensive in nature.

Specs For The New HD Suburbans

GM Defense says it will be ‘leveraging the commercial vehicle design for full-size pickup trucks and large SUVs.’

Also, the HD Suburbans will use many ‘commercial-off-the-shelf parts.’  And that includes body, exterior, propulsion, interior, and brakes.

Additionally, the company says vehicles will feature a new and unique body-on-frame chassis and suspension.

Plus its design specifically supports ‘government vehicle performance requirements.’  Including higher payload capacity and greater ground vehicle weight.

Making Heavy-Duty Chevy Suburbans

Because of the low volume production, GM Defense says it will use advanced manufacturing tools and techniques.  And this includes fixtureless assembly and flexible fabrication.

GM Defense president, Steve duMont, says “Suburban has been an iconic name in commercial transportation since 1935.”  And the contract win speaks to its “long-standing legacy of exceeding transportation capabilities.”

HD Suburban Rollout

Further, GM Defense will deliver the vehicles in two phases.  The first delivery will be next spring.

Finally, a production contract to build a fleet of 200 HD Suburbans annually for nine years is expected.  And the estimated date fro that is around spring 2023.