Playing with Hot Wheels Race Tracks is pretty much a rite of passage for any young boy.

That goes for kids throughout the United States and most of the developed world.  Because ever since they were introduced boys have marveled at the toys.

And it’s been a minute since the toys ‘hit the scene’ – so to speak.  Originally, the scale model cars were introduced back in 1968 – May 18th to be exact.

Moreover, it’s really not just ‘young’ boys attracted to Hot Wheels.  For example, I light up when my young son says ‘Daddy let’s play Hot Wheels!’

When that happens, we excitedly get out both the car collection and track collection and get to work.  And usually for a few hours.  BTW – Hot Wheels are just a bit older than I am.

Therefore, when I came across a Dad and his sons at Carcadia Cars And Coffee with this awesome custom set up and track.  I had to get the details and share them here with you.

Hot Wheels lined-up at starting gate on orange track

Life at 1/64 scale

What Is Southern California’s Hot Wheels Race Track?

There are lots of Hot Wheels Race Tracks.  And lots of crazy-cool set-ups that are professionally created.

But what makes this one, put together by a father and his sons, so special?  For starters, exactly that.

Frank De Jesus and his sons Dorian and Sebastian have spent countless hours collaborating on their setup.  Plus they’re continually improving upon it.

They’ve fabricated the whole thing entirely on their own.  And entirely from scratch.  Additionally, the whole thing is easily mobile.  They even do parties!

So, it’s a few folding tables.  But they’re custom painted using stenciling.  And those make up the roads and parking lots for the cars.

Then there’s the track that the cars run on.  The guys have different tracks and the ability to configure them.  It’s elevated on one end with a gate that assures all the cars get a fair start.

And they’ve modified the Hot Wheels electronic finish line for their track.  That way there’s no questioning who won the race.  :0)

Hot Wheels Race Track De Jesus family lean on Celica and display Hot Wheels

De Jesus Family – Car Guys!

All About The Cars

But we most certainly cannot forget about the cars themselves!  Because that’s where this story really gets started.

So Frank, the dad, has been a car guy for years.  And he would take his sons in his vintage Toyota Celica to various automotive events throughout Southern California.

But Dorian and Sebastian would get bored waiting for their dad to wrap up his car talk with various other car guys at the events.

Then the boredom turned to creativity.  And the boys asked dad if they could display their cars along with his.  Or… specifically ‘on’ his.

As you can see above, dad went along with the boys’ request.  Looking back, that was the spark that started the flame that became the De Jesus Family’s Hot Wheels Race Track.

Father and Sons Toy-Car Business And Fun

Attracting interest and barely set-up

How Did Hot Wheels Race Track Get Started?

And, of all things, COVID helped it grow.  Specifically, Dad-Frank’s creative influence to keep his sons’ screentime to a minimum.

When COVID hit and shut down everything, especially here in Southern California, it changed everyone’s schedules.  But all too often Frank would come home and find Sebastian and Dorian gaming, watching TV or a tablet.

So Frank decided to take the boys’ interest in Hot Wheels and their trips to Southern California car meets to the next level.

They found just the right folding tables – the color of blacktop and all.  Then Frank taught the boys how to measure, layout, and stencil their mini-parking lot and roads.  Plus they configured the track you see pictured and others too.

And when Frank was a young boy his curiosity led him to disassemble his Hot Wheels.  As a result, Dorian and Sebastian have developed a talent for totally customizing Hot Wheels and other small toy cars.  Including body, wheels, and paint!

Hot Wheels car in parts - red BMW body

Who knew you could customize Hot Wheels?!

What They Do And Offer

While the passion for cars in both Father and Sons has turned into a bit of a business, the trio still has lots of fun with the growing enterprise.

Similar to renting costumed characters to come by and entertain a kid’s party, the Hot Wheels Race Track Team is available for events.

They’re booked most weekends.  But when they are free they make a point of hitting various cars and coffee meets to show what they offer and spread the word.

When you see them at a car show you can grab a car and race your buddies.  Or race whoever is hanging around the crowd-gathering attraction.

And the team is experts in Hot Wheels and Match Box toy cars.  Like a professional automobile appraiser, they can rattle off the values of cars based on their history, condition, and rarity.  They sell cars when they set up their booth at local car shows.

But they include free Hot Wheels to all the attendees of the parties they’re hired to entertain!

How To Hire The Hot Wheels Team

So, this whole article could arguably be an advertisement for the Father and Sons Hot Wheels Race Track family business.  But it’s not.  I met them once and simply love what they’re doing.

And not only for young and old car lovers.  But for the father and sons aspect – family values.  Figuring out ways to spend quality time together.  Sharing each other’s passions, building on them, and yes, even turning them into a business.

Especially now, the world could use a few more dads like Frank De Jesus.  Nice job Dad.  And keep up the good work Sebastian and Dorian.

Frank said the best way to reach him is through direct message on Instagram @HWRacetrack.

HWracetrack sign with cars and parking lot

Contact them on Instagram @HWracetrack