Honda racing enthusiasts are gearing up for the release of the Honda Performance Development (HPD) crate engine.

Previously, the HPD crate engine was only available to Honda Racing Line members and their teams. But now, the turbocharged engine is fair game for everyone.

Honda Performance Development Announces Limited Edition Crate En

HPD Crate Engine – 1st Time Available

What’s Included in the HPD Crate Engine

The crate engine will come with everything that racing enthusiasts need for top performance. The basic pieces include the engine long block, alternator, turbocharger, and starter motor. In the corresponding Controls Package, Honda is including an HPD-made ECU along with an engine swap harness and accelerator pedal.

This engine comes standard in the Honda Civic Type R and has been available since 2017. However, it didn’t have the Controls Package with its pre-tuned, ready-to-install ECU. Now, many types of racing and off-highway vehicles can tap into the full power of the HPD crate engine.

The engine harness comes equipped with cool features, too. It has flying leads for power, ground, and ignition, along with radiator fans and a fuel pump to support engine function. Finally, the accelerator pedal has a sleek and simple design for easy installation.

Who Can Use the Engine & Where to Get It

This turbocharged engine was built by Honda fans for Honda fans. It’s worth noting that there are usage restrictions: it’s only permitted on off-highway roads. But even amateur racers can get their hands on it to boost the performance of their vehicles, and that’s HPD’s hope for this release. HPD Motorsports Manager John Whiteman mentioned how the HPD crate engine with the Controls Package opens up exciting possibilities for Honda fans and racing enthusiasts everywhere.

Initially, United Speed Racing, Science of Speed, Mountune USA, and 4Piston Racing will carry the full package. Further, these Honda Performance Development dealers are offering technical and custom installation support so that buyers can quickly get up and running.

If you’re ready to escape the highway with a turbocharged engine built for serious performance, keep an eye out for the upcoming crate engine release from Honda Motorsports.