The newly announced 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV, includes a number of impressive ‘tactical’ technology features. Hummer Tactical Tech embraces equipment to maximize the SUV’s go-anywhere mission.

So, the new innovative aids are designed to help drivers stay journey-focused.   A couple sure to be favorites is an onboard power generator and app-based trail mapping.

Hummer Tactical Tech desert landscape passenger front exterior


“GMC’s Hummer EV SUV offers an exceptional balance of on-road performance and off-road capability,” remarks Al Oppenheiser, Hummer EV chief engineer. He adds, “New features debuting on the SUV reinforce its role as a tactical tool in almost any situation.”

Hummer Tactical Tech And Customization

GM’s first all-electric SUV with AWD capability brings unique technology and customization features to the EV marketplace.

  • Available three-motor Ultium Drive system provides up to 830 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque. This will deliver a standstill to 60 mph time of 3.5 seconds with the optional Watts to Freedom (WTF) setup. WTF indeed.
  • A reworked myGMC app enables satellite-aided trail mapping for accurate off-road adventures. Also, the system monitors real-time energy consumption.
  • Optional Power Station generator can charge other EVs (240v/25A/6kW) while offering 19.2kW AC charging and 3kW generator functionality.
  • Standard camera system, HD Surround Vision, will provide up to 14 different underbody views. Adding the Extreme Off-Road Package expands undercarriage monitoring to 17 view options.

In addition to over 200 accessories, Hummer EV owners can further customize their ride through feature choices controlled through the center stack infotainment panel.

Rugged Capability For The Hummer EV SUV

The Hummer EV SUV has a wheelbase that’s almost 9-inches shorter than the Hummer EV Pickup.  And GMC is promising best-in-class off-road proportions for the EV SUV.

It includes greater departure and break-over angles.  And a turning radius of only 35.4 feet.  So these features make for easy maneuvering in even the most extreme situations.

Plus, standard 4 Wheel Steer enables a tighter turning circle than found with the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Also, Hummer Tactical Tech includes the available CrabWalk system even adds diagonal driving capability.

Hummer Tactical Tech looking down into EV SUV from passenger roof

Infinity Roof

Freed from a conventional engine and drive setup, the Ultium system can transfer power to individual wheels. This approach means the Hummer EV SUV can tackle difficult driving situations thanks to 13 inches of suspension travel. The vehicle can handle 60 percent grades (forward and reverse), scale 18-inch verticals, and ford water more than two feet deep. In addition, the standard Inifinity Roof with removable Sky Panels can make any driving adventure an open-air experience.

Hummer EV SUV Production Begins In 2023

Like with its EV PIckup counterpart, GMC launched a limited-run Edition 1 SUV loaded with Hummer Tactical Tech. According to the GMC reservation website, this $106,000 first-out-the-door model quickly sold out and will enter production in early 2023. Priced at around $100,000, the loaded EV3X model will follow shortly after the release of the Edition 1.

A mid-tier model priced near $90,000, the EV2X SUV will release around the same time and feature a two-motor configuration offering 625 horsepower. A base model, the EV2, will enter production in 2024 and start around $80,000.

Except for the base model’s 250-mile range, all Hummer EV SUVs will feature a 300-mile capability.