ID.Buzz highlights LA Auto Show in 2022.

It’s Volkswagen’s much anticipated electrified version of its iconic microbus.  And it’s on full display.

No stanchions.  It’s not behind small glass walls.  Or being beyond reach.  It’s available to touch and feel.  Even to crawl inside!

⇒ iDSC is driven by Ontario VW

Here’s all we know about the Volkswagen ID.Buzz microbus EV.  As it takes center stage at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

ID.Buzz Highlights LA Auto Show blue passenger profile w. people all over it

Crowds buzzing around VW EV minivan

Buzzing The 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show

The only downside to all access to VW’s ID.Buzz is trying to get a picture.

Because with people everywhere doing so is impossible.  So even though we were there during the show’s special preview for the media.  ID.Buzz attracts crowds.

And that makes sense.  Because we didn’t mind waiting our turn to get over the new electric vehicle ourselves.

ID.Buzz Highlights LA Auto Show

During the press event.  Volkswagen had two ID.Buzz EVs on display.

And people were swarming both of them.  Inside and out.  Poking, pulling, prodding, and asking lots of questions.  Us too.

What everyone is being told is this.  The ID.Buzz electric vehicles at this year’s LA Auto Show are production models.

But there’s a bit of a difference.  Because of the ID.Buzz production models on display are not for the United States market.

ID.Buzz cockpit @ 2022 LA Auto Show

Removable center console

US Market Volkswagen ID.Buzz Electric Minivan

So the ID.Buzz EVs on display are European production models.

And the United States ID.Buzz electric vehicles will have a notable difference.  Or, a few of them.

For the US market, the EV minivan will have 10.6 more inches in length.  And while that might not sound like much it’s huge.

With those extra inches.  Volkswagen will add another row of seating.  Making the ID.Buzz for the US a three-row minivan.

A big difference in what is on display at the show and pictured throughout this article.

ID.Buzz Questions Remain

But we found the extra length interesting.

Because the VW representative we were speaking with indicated the wheelbase wouldn’t change.  At least, he stated, that’s what they’re stating at the moment.

So, not extending the wheelbase might make sense.  Building on the MEB platform technology.  Then again, tacking nearly 11″ onto the back of the existing vehicle seems hard to imagine.

And the rep we were speaking with is an actual Volkswagen employee.  Not a third-party hired ‘booth babe.’

ID.Buzz Interior backseat fold-down tray-table

Fold-down tray table and random dude model

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Interior

Finally getting to crawl inside an ID.Buzz is super-cool.

It’s weird too.  Because inside the ID.Buzz feels like the iconic microbus of decades ago.  Yet it exudes high-tech electric vehicle status too.

Offering a removable center console.  Plus airplane-style tray tables for backseat passengers.

Along with a push-button electric rear hatch opening and closing.  And a sporty flat-bottom steering wheel.

With a huge infotainment touchscreen centering the dash.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz cargo area - European model at LA Auto Show 2022

ID.Buzz European version at 2022 LA Auto Show

When Does ID.Buzz Go On Sale In US?

The US version of Volkswagen’s ID.Buzz is set to debut sometime in 2023.

Plans are for it to go on sale in 2024.  In the meantime, we’ll keep gobbling up every morsel of news Volkswagen throws at us!  And, of course, we’ll keep sharing that with you.