Chevrolet Keep It New Program

When you buy a new Chevy you want to keep it new as long as possible.  But that can be tough.  Especially in heavily populated areas like Southern California.

However, Martin Chevrolet is making it easier with its Keep It New Program.  And what’s even better is that there’s absolutely zero cost to new Chevy buyers.

So, here’s the deal.  It covers your basic maintenance, tires, wheels, windshield plus, paintless dents and dings.  And, it covers all of that for your first 3-years of ownership.

And no, it’s not padded into the price of your new car.  Because you can even request the Keep It New Program after you negotiate your new Chevy purchase.

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Martin Chevrolet's Andy Milian - Explaining Keep It New Chevrolet

Andy Milian of Martin Chevrolet explains the Keep It New Program

Keep It New – Chevrolet Program w/ Serious Value

Okay, I’ve got your attention.  Cool.  Because it’s a serious value.  Specifically, it’s a minimum $1,300 value at zero cost to new Chevy buyers.

And, if you wind up having to use the program often the value can be considerably more.  For instance, if you are super-unlucky in parking lots and get lots of dings that need paintless repair.

Or, if you’re like me and have a habit of getting chips on your windshield that needs repairing.  Additionally, if you slam into Los Angeles potholes (that are everywhere) and ruin a wheel or a tire… no worries.

Because your new Chevrolet is covered with the Keep It New Program.

Keep It New Chevrolet – 3-Years Of:

  • Basic maintenance
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Windshield protection
  • Tire and wheel protection

So when you add up all the aforementioned items plus the value of basic maintenance for 3-years… the Keep It New Program from Martin Chevrolet is a serious value.

Not Padded Into The Price

Being a skeptical consumer I always try to find the angle.  Right?  Because there’s always an angle.  Especially when it comes to car buying.

So my thinking would be this program is simply padded into the price of the vehicle I’m buying.  And therefore I’m paying for it anyway.  So, big deal, it’s a marketing gimmick.

But that’s not the case here at all.  Unlike similar programs at other car dealerships, Martin Chevrolet’s Keep It New Program is not padded into the price of your new Chevrolet.

And there’s no deductible.  Zero labor fees.  There are no taxes, no hidden – nothing.  No games or non-sense. So, you’re totally fine requesting the Keep It New Program after you negotiate your new Chevy purchase.

How To Get Keep It New On Your Next Chevrolet

It’s super-simple to get your Keep It New Program with the purchase of a new Chevrolet from Martin Chevrolet in Torrance, CA.

So, there are two ways to get Martin Chevrolet’s Keep It New Program.

The first is to sign-up for the iDriveSoCal newsletter.  You can do that below.  Within moments of signing up, you’ll receive an auto-response email.  And just take that to Martin Chevrolet and you’re good.

Already and iDSC Newsletter subscriber?  Then email: Tom [at] iDriveSoCal [dot] com.

Please be sure to type “Keep It New Program – Martin Chevrolet” into the subject line.

And I’ll get you access to the program.  Free!

Ask For Chevy Keep It New At The VERY End Of Buying

And, again, if you want to know for certain that it’s not padded into the price – just ask at the end!

Go to Martin Chevrolet and negotiate your best deal.  Then, after your price and trade-in are all set; that’s when you ask for the Keep It New Program.

And when you do they’ll gladly give it to you free.  Just be certain to ask for it before you leave because there is paperwork that needs to be done to receive the Keep It New Program.


Martin  Chevrolet is on Hawthorne Boulevard in Torrance, California and at  Chevrolet, Find New Roads!