VW is unveiling a totally new digital interior for the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R.

Drivers can customize the built-from-scratch system from top to bottom for a unique driving experience. Here’s how it works.

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New Digital Interior cockpit Mk8 Golf GTI red highlights

Mk8 Golf GTI Digital Cockpit

VW New Digital Interior: Capabilities

New Digital Interior Cockpit Pro System

VW’s Digital Cockpit Pro system includes the dashboard instruments and infotainment screen. Both the Mk 8 Golf GTI and Golf R have a 10.25-inch screen, and the information display options are practically endless. Consequently, drivers can keep tabs on their car’s condition, driver’s assistance features, phone information, and more.

Models with navigation features can show a full-screen, interactive map on both the instrument panel and the digital display screen.

User Experience Updates

As part of the new digital interior changes, UX designers created new designs specifically for these vehicles. Further, they incorporated a 3D look known as R-View. R-View can show multiple types of useful info for certain driving situations. For instance, if you’re using the Volkswagen Golf GTI or VW Golf R in Special or Drift modes, the display can give you recommendations for when to shift gears.

Next, the display can show highly detailed data. It’ll tell you about the car’s boost temperature, gearbox temp, torque, the distribution of torque, and power. There’s also a lap timer for track driving. Thanks to digital features, drivers can choose any of these individual elements (or a mix of the ones they want to see) for display.

Upgraded Controls

Next, the new digital interior continues with a futuristic heads-up display feature. The car can project the display onto the windshield for added visibility. Next to the steering wheel, there’s a digital panel for accessing the car’s light and defrost settings. VW even added a digital slider for controlling the sunroof.

Further, the steering wheel has a new set of controls for audio adjustments and Travel Assist features. There’s also a selector on the steering wheel for changing the car’s Driving Mode.

Finally, both the Volkswagen Golf GTI and VW Golf R come with ambient interior lighting. The color palette includes 30 choices. You can pick a single color or a mix to brighten up the dashboard and doors, storage compartments, and floor wells.

New Digital Interior in-dash monitor Mk8 Golf GTI red highlights

Customizable instrument cluster

VW New Digital Interior: Benefits

Since the upgraded digital interior is customizable, drivers can alter settings to display whatever they’d like. This is especially useful in performance vehicles like the Mk 8 and Golf. If you like track driving or want to experiment with the different driving modes, you can build an instrument panel that shows info for relevant components.

The interior also connects to the car’s smart capabilities, like Driver Assist. Taking advantage of these features is easier with the custom display option. Finally, some of these options can also provide you with feedback and tips about the car’s condition and performance — which allows you to get the most out of your Mk 8 or Golf R.

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