Ontario Volkswagen reviews are easy to find.  And you probably found this article through a quick search.

So that probably means you’re shopping for a Volkswagen near Los Angeles.  But you might also be looking for a trusted Volkswagen service department in Southern California’s Inland Empire.  Either way, you can’t do better than Ontario Volkswagen.  And I’m happy to explain why!

✅  Southern California’s Volkswagen HQ –> Ontario Volkswagen

Exterior of Ontario VW w/ American flag - Ontario Volkswagen Reviews

Ontario Volkswagen – SoCal’s Best VW Dealer

Furthermore, you don’t have to just take my word for it.  Because you can check out the video below with Ontario Volkswagen reviews from real buyers.  To be clear, these are from actual customers – right here in Southern California.

Real Buyers Sharing Ontario Volkswagen Reviews

So you know SoCal’s best Volkswagen store is a nice place to visit, shop, have your car serviced, and buy.  But there’s much more to the story.

Because the dealership that started as a hot rod shop called Sticks Unlimited back in the sixties checks all the boxes:

  • Friendly knowledgeable salespeople.
  • The best prices and deals.
  • Huge selection.

Additionally, Earl Reed, Ontario VW’s general manager, gets it.  He’s worked in car dealerships his entire career.  And he’s made a point of creating a relaxed and honest environment at his dealership.

Family-Owned And Operated

Because Ontario Volkswagen is a family-owned and operated business.  And in the car business, that’s an easy statement to make.  But it’s not an easy concept to deliver.

To be clear, not every team member at the dealership is a relative of the family.  However, the culture couldn’t be more clear.

Hence, when you walk into the dealership it’s like you’re arriving at Earl’s personal home… or the family’s hot rod shop. :0)

And that’s why the great Ontario Volkswagen reviews keep coming.