The Petersen Automotive Museum adds VW’s ID.Buzz EV to a running exhibit.

Bridging the gap between automotive history and the future.  Two automotive icons converge.  And it’s on display for all ticket holders to enjoy.

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The name of the exhibit is ‘Building An Electric Future.’  It’s at the world-famous Petersen Museum.

And I swung by the Petersen to check out the latest edition.  The Volkswagen ID.Buzz.

ID.Buzz at Petersen Automotive Museum passenger rear

ID.Buzz at Petersen

‘Building An Electric Future’- VW’s Petersen Exhibit

So, the Volkswagen exhibit gives us an inside view of the shift.  From internal combustion engines to electric vehicles.

It’s been running since 2019.  And Petersen has been steadily adding to the exhibit.  With the VW ID.4 EV SUV most recently.

And tracking the progress of Volkswagen’s commitment to electric vehicles.  Adding to the electric vehicle transformation.  Through the lens of the European carmaker.

The multi-media exhibit includes special videos.  Plus content illustrating the history of VW.  Here in Southern California and around the glove.

VW ID.BUZZ At Petersen Automotive Museum orange microbus w. white top

Adding VW ID.Buzz EV To The Petersen

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz is gathering loads of press.

So the name of the vehicle makes a lot of sense.  From two points of view.  First, because it’s an electric vehicle.  Second, is the notoriety it’s enjoying.  And long before it’s available for sale.

But it has the advantage of its heritage.  Because it’s the electric version of Volkswagen’s popular microbus.  The iconic minivan of decades past.

Petersen Adds ID.Buzz - VW electric vehicle

Sneaking a peek inside

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Availability

The version of the ID.Buzz making the rounds of car shows is a spec model.  Plus it’s for Europe.

And that’s the same for the version on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

ID.Buzz is going on sale in Europe later this year.  And a longer-wheelbase model is on tap for the US market.

That plan is targeting next year for the vehicle’s debut.  And then for it to go on sale in 2024.

The Petersen Auto Museum ID.Buzz display shows the iconic microbus’s reinvention!


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