You have plenty of Southern California Audi Dealers to work with when it’s time to buy, lease or have your car serviced.

That includes a total of 28 of them in all.  To be clear that covers the entire region of SoCal.  But when you’re talking about a purchase of Audi-magnitude, it makes sense to cover ALL your options.

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About Audi – The Brand

Audi is Volkswagen’s luxury brand.   So the overall Audi vehicle line-up offers many creature comforts, performance, technology, and safety features.

Arguably you can also consider Volkswagen Audi’s non-luxury brand.  Either way, that sibling relationship has its benefits both ways.

For example, Volkswagen benefits from Audi’s luxury focus.  And its development and implementation of the latest technology.  But Audi benefits from Volkswagen’s production volume and larger scale.

Then there’s the Porsche factor.  Because it’s a sibling of both Audi and VW.  And Porsche’s performance focus rubs off on both Audi and Volkswagen.

Additionally, the common thread that weaves between Audi and its two siblings is German engineering.  Call it attention to detail.  But you can also refer to it as fit and finish.

Sometimes Audi and its brethren are accused of being over-engineered.  But, when you get behind the wheel of one.  That precept is easy to appreciate – seriously.

Because as a brand, Audi vehicles are both a thrill and a pleasure to drive.

Audi Brand Image And Resale Value

Audi’s curb appeal is tops among mass-produced luxury vehicles.  BMW and Mercedes-Benz are equivalents.

So, fellow imports from Asia are not quite to Audi’s stature.  That includes Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, and Genesis.  And American luxury (Cadillac and Lincoln) doesn’t quite reach the level of Audi either.

Resale  Value

Because huge amounts of technology and creature comforts are content packed into Audis.  They can get quite pricey to maintain and fix – especially when they’re out of warranty.

But that’s the case for pretty much all vehicles in the brand’s class – BMW and Mercedes-Benz for sure.

New Car Buying Strategy From SoCal Audi Dealers

When it comes to buying a vehicle, again you have lots of Southern California Audi Dealers to work with.  So be sure to find the best situation for you.

Consider factors like location to your home or work.  Plus, the vibe you get when communicating with the dealer representatives.  And of course, the deal you are offered.

Personally, I see Audi’s a vehicle to lease rather than buy.  Because of all the tech and functionality packed into the cars – a lot can go wrong.  Therefore, I prefer to only have the vehicle for a short amount of time.  Especially when it’s all covered under a factory warranty.

Audi Extended Warranty And Service Contracts

All carmakers offer extended warranties.  And whether you’re buying or leasing, and plan to blast through the miles, get the extended warranty.  Just because Audi’s are costly to repair and maintain.

This brings me to my final point.  SoCal Audi Dealers, on behalf of the factory, offer maintenance contracts too.  And this is another add-on to seriously consider during your purchase.

SoCal Audi Dealer Disclaimer

PLEASE NOTE: iDriveSoCal does not endorse any of these dealerships.  Rather, we provide the names and links to dealerships for the ease of contacting different Southern California Audi Dealers.  This way you can find your best deal.

Additionally, next to each name we include the dealers’ ownership information.  Because many dealerships are owned by the same groups.  And the management of these groups often communicates with one another – regularly.

So it’s good to know if you’re negotiating with two SoCal Audi Dealers that share the same ownership. :0)

Los Angeles County – Southern California Audi Dealers

Audi Beverly Hills – Fletcher Jones Group.

Calabasas Audi – Lithia Motors, publicly traded.

Audi Of Downtown LA – Lithia Motors, publicly traded.

Pacific Audi Torrance – LA Car Guy, privately held.

Circle Audi Long Beach – Circle Imports, privately held.

Keyes Audi Van Nuys – Lithia Motors, publicly traded.

Mckenna Audi Norwalk – McKenna Motor Co. Inc, privately held.

Audi West Covina – Envision Auto LLC, privately held.

Pasadena Audi – Rusnak Auto Inc, privately held.

Santa Monica Audi – EG Wreford, privately held.

Audi Valencia – AKDOK, Inc, privately held.

Rusnak Westlake Audi – Rusnak Auto Inc, privately held.

Orange County – SoCal Audi Dealers

Audi Fletcher Jones Costa Mesa – ATP Investment Company, LLC.

Mission Viejo Audi – Unstoppable Automotive LLC

Audi South Coast Santa Ana – Penske Automotive Group, publicly traded.

Audi North OC Placentia – Penske Automotive Group, publicly traded.

Riverside County – Inland Empire Audi Dealers

Audi Temecula – Hoehn Inc, privately held.

Walters Audi Riverside – Walters Auto Sales, privately held.

San Bernardino County – Inland Empire Audi Dealer

Audi Ontario – Kienle Motor Sports LLC, privately held.

San Diego County – SoCal Audi Dealers

San Diego Lexus – Relentless Pursuit Enterprises, privately held.

Lexus of Escondido – Halo, Motor Co, privately held.

Lexus of Carlsbad – Halo Motor Co, privately held.

Fresno, Kern, Santa Barbara, Ventura County Audi Dealers

Audi Fresno – CJ Wilson Automotive Group, privately held

Bakersfield Audi – Cardinale Motors, privately held.

DCH Audio Oxnard – Lithia, publicly traded.

Audi Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara Auto Group, privately held.

Nevada – Clark County Audi Dealers

Las Vegas Audi – Findlay Auto Group, privately held.

Audi Henderson – Findlay Auto Group, privately held.

When it comes to the line-up of Audi vehicles – there are plenty.

And while they’re entirely focused on on-road driving, the brand offers many crossover SUVs.

But with that said, it’s unlikely an Audi SUV buyer will be heading for any hardcore off-road adventures.

Instead, the crossover SUVs that Audi offers are for creature comfort, including the ease of getting in and out of the vehicle.  Plus versatility to haul or tow stuff and the more upright driving position.

Audi Vehicle Line-Up

Audi produces luxury performance sedans, SUVs, and coupes.

And in addition to many trim configurations, the German carmaker offers internal combustion engines, electric vehicles, and hybrids.

In fact, the line-up of Audi’s electric vehicles is experiencing the most growth in the past few years.

Overall, Audi’s vehicle line-up tends to be a bit complex.  So pay close attention, and expect deviations.


  • Q3 – Subcompact, more crossover than SUV.  Offered in 4-cylinder and Audi’s all-wheel drive, Quattro.
  • Q4 e-tron – Compact EV, still more crossover than SUV.   Comes in either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.  Offered in Sportback version.
  • Q5 – Compact, more crossover than SUV.   Hybrid and 4-cylinder versions are available.  Audi’s all-wheel-drive, Quattro, standard.  Available in Sportback, S (Sport), and S Sportback versions.
  • Q7 – Midsize, more crossover than SUV.  Three rows of seating.  Comes in 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, and hybrid and all-wheel drive, Quattro. Available in S version.
  • Q8 – Bigger midsize, more crossover than SUV, but only two rows of seating.  Offered in 6-cylinder with all-wheel drive, Quattro.  Optional S, and RS (Renn Sport) versions.
  • e-tron – Compact, arguably a midsize, electric vehicle.  Bigger and more expensive than the Q4 e-tron.  Offered in all-wheel drive only.  Comes in Sportback, S Sportback, GT, S and RS GT versions.


  • A3 – Subcompact and is also offered in S (Sport) and RS (Renn Sport) versions.  Optional 4 and 5-cylinder engines with front or all-wheel drive.
  • A4 – Compact and is also offered in S or Audi’s Allroad wagon.  A 4-cylinder hybrid engine is standard as is Quattro all-wheel drive.
  • A5 – Compact offered in coupe, Sportback sedan, cabriolet (convertible) as well as S or RS versions. Engines include a 4-cylinder hybrid up to the RS’s 6-cylinder.
  • A6 – Midsize and is offered in two wagon configurations.  The rare A6 Allroad Quattro and the even more rare RS 6 Avant. 4-cylinder hybrid, 6-cylinder hybrid, and twin-turbo 8-cylinders are available.
  • A7 – Bigger midsize available in S and RS versions.  6-cylinder hybrid to twin-turbo 8-cylinder hybrid available.
  • A8 – Full-size and is available in an S version.  Turbo 6-cylinder hybrid is the only powerplant.


  • TT – Subcompact available in S and RS versions.  4-cylinder to 5-cylinder
  • A5 – Compact offered in S, S Cabriolet, and RS.  (Also sedans – see above.)  Engines include a 4-cylinder hybrid up to the RS’s 6-cylinder.
  • R8 – Compact is also available in Sypder (convertible).  Two optional 10-cylinders are available.  Performance supercar.


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