Southern California Chevy Dealers are easy to find.

Because throughout the SoCal Region there are 86 Chevrolet new car dealer locations.

So while there are so many of them.  The tough decision becomes which one to buy from.

And within this article, you’ll find the names and locations.  Plus links to every Chevy Dealership in Southern California.

This way it’s easy for you to identify which dealers you want to think about buying from.  So, it’s simple to track down who will give you the best deal on a Chevrolet truck, SUV, car, van, or electric vehicle!

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Southern California Chevy Dealers Territory

First, let’s define Southern California.  Because the region is a bit different for everyone.  And we include a large area.  This way you can find the best SoCal Chevy Dealership to buy from.

Of course, there’s Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernadino, and Orange Counties.  Plus San Diego, Ventura, and Kern Counties.  Additionally, Santa Barbara, Fresno, Kings, Madera, and Tulare Counties too.

Then, for good measure, we’re including Clark and Nye counties in Nevada.  Plus Mohave County, Arizona.

We group all these dealerships into dealers for a simple reason.  Our cars are the second most expensive thing we are likely to ever buy.  That is for most of us.  So it’s best to do your homework!

And you don’t have to shop all 86 Southern California Chevy Dealerships.  But depending on where you are in SoCal, you’re sure to find a handful to buy or lease a Chevrolet from.

About Chevrolet The Brand

The brand of Chevrolet vehicles has been around for about as long as cars themselves.

Chevrolet’s founding took place in 1911 in Detroit, Michigan.  And it was marketer Billy Durant who started Chevy.

Durant was running General Motors but got pushed out.  And he wasn’t happy about it.  Plus he wanted to compete with Henry Ford.

So he got a group together and started Chevrolet.  The group included investors.  And the carmaker’s namesake.  A mechanic and racecar driver named Louis Chevrolet.

Since then Chevy has been a pillar of American automobile manufacturing.

Chevrolet, with GM, remains one of the three legacy carmakers in the United States.

Once referred to as The Big 3 or the Detroit 3.  Those are Ford, GM, and Chrysler.

Chevy Image And Resale Value

The image of Chevrolet vehicles is non-luxury.  Affordable and dependable vehicles.  For everyday driving.

But that’s not to say that Chevy trucks, SUVs, and cars are lacking excitement.  And refinement too.  Because the bow-tie brand offers plenty of both.

For example, there’s the Corvette.  America’s sports car.  Delivering crazy performance all around.  And at a price-point, we average guys can handle.

Also, there’s an entire lineup of SUVs that offer luxury features.  But at prices affordable for most US households.

Plus the Chevy Silverado pick-up truck is a huge seller.  Bested only by the brand’s 2-row crossover SUV the Equinox.

Yet, high-volume sales sometimes mean lower resale values.  And that can be the case with Chevy vehicles.

Chevy Vehicle Overview

Like many other carmakers, Chevrolet has cut down on the number of cars it produces.  Instead, crossover SUVs are the focus.  Then trucks.  With cars following.

Also, Chevy is electrifying its line-up.  And that includes all categories.

The most robust offerings from Chevy are crossover SUVs.  In fact, Chevrolet has the biggest variety of crossover SUVs of any car maker.

Chevrolet Vehicles In Production

Below are the crossover SUVs, trucks, cars, and vans SoCal Chevy Dealers are selling.

Chevrolet offers lots of trim options with each vehicle.  Another offering Chevy often provides is special package options.  And those are optional to add to specific trims.

SUVs & Crossovers

  • Trax – Subcompact, more crossover than SUV.  Front-wheel drive with optional all-wheel drive. Comes only in a 4-cylinder engine.
  • Trailblazer – Subcompact crossover – sportier than Trax. FWD with optional AWD.  Available in two different 3-cylinder engines.
  • Bolt EV – Subcompact electric crossover.  FWD only.  A single electric motor powers the vehicle.
  • Equinox – Compact crossover.  FWD with available AWD.  Comes in a single 4-cylinder engine.
  • Bolt EUV – Compact electric crossover.  FWD only.  A single electric motor powers the front wheels.
  • Blazer – Midsize 2-row crossover.  FWD and available AWD.  Standard 4-cylinder and available 6-cylinder engines.
  • Traverse – Midsize 3-row crossover.  FWD with available AWD.  Available in a single 6-cylinder engine.
  • Tahoe – Full-size 3-row SUV. Rear-wheel drive with available four-wheel drive.  Comes in two different 8-cylinders and a turbo-diesel engine.
  • Suburban – Over-size 3-row SUV. RWD standard with available 4wd.  Available in two different 8-cylinders and a turbo-diesel engine.


  • Colorado – Midsize pick-up truck.  RWD or 4WD options.  Available in 4 and 6-cylinder engines plus a diesel.
  • Silverado – Full-size pick-up.  RWD or 4WD availability.  Comes in a turbo 4-cylinder, two 8-cylinder engines, and a turbo-diesel.


  • Spark – Subcompact hatchback.  Front-wheel drive only.  And available in a single 4-cylinder engine.
  • Malibu – Midsize sedan.  Comes in FWD.  Two different 4-cylinder engines are available.
  • Camaro – 2-door American muscle car!  Rear-wheel drive.  Available in 4, 6, and 8-cylinder engines.
  • Corvette – 2-door American supercar!  Rear-wheel drive. Available in 8-cylinder mid-engine.


  • Express – Full-size vans available in cargo or passenger versions.  Only comes in RWD.  Available in 6 and 8-cylinder engines as well as turbo-diesel.

New Car Buying Strategy From Southern California Chevy Dealers

So you have your options when Chevy buying in Southern California.  Because SoCal Chevy Dealers total almost 100 in all!

In fact, there are exactly 86 SoCal Chevrolet Dealers in the region.  Making the space super-competitive.

Your very best deal is out there for sure.  You only need to find it.  And that includes doing your homework.

As part of doing your homework.  Your first step should be to contact our friends at Martin Chevrolet as you begin your shopping.

Do Your Homework

To get your best deal from Southern California Chevy Dealers here are your steps:

  1. Figure out what you want.  Model, trim, options, color.
  2. Identify a handful of the nearest 86 SoCal Chevy Dealers near you.
  3. Email them what you’re looking for and ask for their best deal.

Are the above 3-steps guaranteed to secure your best deal?  No.  But it’s a great starting point.  And one that is both somewhat obvious but also overlooked.

We’ll provide a more detailed buying tutorial soon.  And if you can’t wait then email me tom [at] iDriveSoCal [dot] com.

SoCal Chevrolet Dealers By County

Below you will find all 81 of the Southern California Chevy Dealers listed by county.  Also, each listing links directly to that dealership’s website.

But along with that important information is another element of equal importance.  In fact, this extra bit of info might be of greater importance, depending on your perspective.  And that is who owns each Southern California Chevy Dealership!

Because when you’re contacting multiple dealers in order to get the best deal.  It’s important to know that the dealerships you’re contacting don’t have the same ownership as another Chevy dealer you’re contacting.

Sure, there’s a chance that two SoCal Chevrolet Dealers that share the same owner will compete with one another for your business.

But then again, there’s a chance that they’ll communicate with one another.  And that communication might easily work against you getting the best possible deal.

Los Angeles County – Southern California Chevy Dealers

Martin Chevrolet Torrance (South Bay) – privately held.

George Chevrolet Bellflower – private.

Win Chevrolet Carson – private.

Culver City Chevrolet – CCC Auto LLC.

Felix Chevrolet Los Angeles – private, Darryl Holter.

Allen Gwynn Chevrolet Glendale – private, Allen Gwynn Chevrolet Inc.

Camino Real Chevrolet Monterey Park – private.

Community Chevrolet Burbank – private.

Chevrolet of Montebello – private, Christian Teague.

Keyes Chevrolet Van Nuys – publicly traded, Lithia Motors, Inc.

Sierra Chevrolet Monrovia – Sierra Monrovia Chevrolet, LLC.

Penske Chevrolet Cerritos – public, Penske Automotive Group.

Harbor Chevrolet Long Beach – Moxie HCH Motors LLC.

Puente Hills Chevrolet City of Industry – public (Europe), Pendragon.

Covina Hills Chevrolet – private.

Rydell Chevrolet Northridge – private, Rydell Automotive Group.

Glendora Chevrolet – private, Martin Automotive Inc.

Autonation Chevrolet Valencia – public, Autonation.

Antelope Valley Chevrolet Lancaster – private, Antelope Valley Chevy Inc.

Orange County – Southern California Chevy Dealers

Premier Chevrolet Buena Park – Premier Automotive of Buena Park LLC.

Simpson Chevrolet Garden Grove – private, Simpson Garden Grove Inc.

Delillo Chevrolet Huntington Beach – private.

Selman Chevrolet Orange – private, Selman Chevrolet Co.

Guaranty Chevrolet Santa Ana – private, Guaranty Chevrolet Motors Inc.

Connell Chevrolet Costa Mesa – private, Connell Chevrolet Inc.

Simpson Chevrolet Irvine – private, Simpson Irvine Inc.

Riverside County – Inland Empire – Southern California Chevy Dealers

Paradise Chevrolet Temecula – private, Paradise Chevrolet Inc.

Anderson Chevrolet Lake Elsinore – Anderson Auto Group, private.

Gosch Chevrolet Hemet – Inland Chevrolet Inc, private.

Moss Bros. Chevrolet Moreno Valley – private, Moss Bros Automotive.

Riverside Chevrolet – Oremor Auto Group, private.

Diamond Chevrolet Banning – Dalia Auto Group Inc, private.

La Quinta Chevrolet – Izzy Motors Inc, private.

Finn Chevrolet Blythe – Finn Chevrolet Blythe LLC, private.

San Bernardino County – Inland Empire – SoCal Chevy Dealers

Mark Christopher Chevrolet Ontario – Mark Christopher Chevrolet Inc, private.

M.K. Smith Chevrolet Chino – private, family-owned.

Tom Bell Chevrolet Redlands – Dick Dewese Chevrolet Inc, private.

Mountain View Chevrolet Upland – Mountain View Chevrolet Inc, private.

Rotolo Chevrolet Fontana – Rotolo Chevrolet Inc, private.

Diamond Chevrolet San Bernardino – Dalia Car Company Inc, private.

Victorville Chevrolet – Soares Automotive Inc, private.

San Diego County – Southern California Chevy Dealers

Courtesy Chevrolet Center San Diego – private, Courtesy Chevrolet Center.

Mission Bay Chevrolet San Diego – City Chevrolet San Diego, private.

Cumming Chevrolet National City – Cumming Chevrolet, private.

Kearny Mesa Chevrolet San Diego – Sunroad KM Chevrolet Inc, private.

Bob Stall Chevrolet La Mesa – Bob Stall Chevrolet, private.

Quality Chevrolet Escondido – Hidden Valley Investments Inc, private.

Premier Chevrolet Carlsbad – Premier Automotive, private.

Jessup Auto Plaza Cathedral City – Plaza Motors Inc, private.

Ventura County – Southern California Chevy Dealers

Paradise Chevrolet Ventura – private.

Bunnin Chevrolet Santa Paula – BMB Automotive Inc, private.

Bunnin Chevrolet Fillmore – BMB Automotive Inc, private.

Silver Star Chevrolet Thousand Oaks – Anderson Autos, private.

Simi Valley Chevrolet – Martin Automotive of Simi, private.

Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo Counties – SoCal Chevrolet Dealers

Arroyo Grande Chevrolet – Arroyo Grande Chevrolet, private.

CB Chevrolet San Luis Obispo – private.

Bunnin Chevrolet Santa Barbara – BMB Automotive Inc, private.

Rio Vista Chevrolet Buellton – Rio Vista Chevrolet Inc, private.

Sunset Auto Center Lompoc –  Sunset Auto Center Inc, private.

Home Motors Santa Maria – Hal McBride Car Sales Inc, private.

Fresno & Kings County – Southern California Chevy Dealers

Blackstone Chevrolet Fresno – FRGM LLC, private.

Hedrick’s Chevrolet Clovis – family, private.

Sanger Chevrolet – Prieto Automotive Group, private.

H & J Chevrolet Kerman – private.

Liberty Chevrolet Selma – Liberty Motors Inc, private.

Tranquility Chevrolet – private.

Keller Motors Hanford – Keller Motors Inc, private.

Richard’s Chevrolet Corcoran – private.

Imperial, Kern & Madera Counties – SoCal Chevy Dealers

Imperial Valley Chevrolet El Centro – Desert Auto Group LLC, private.

Three-Way Chevrolet Bakersfield – private.

Richland Chevrolet Shafter – Richland Chevrolet Co, private.

Delano Chevrolet – Arredondo Automotive Group Inc, private.

Madera Chevrolet – Valley Auto Sales/Leasing LLC, private.

Nevada – Clark & Nye County – Chevrolet Dealers

Fairway Chevrolet Las Vegas – Greg Heinrich, private.

Team Chevrolet Las Vegas – Team Automotive Group, private.

Findlay Chevrolet Las Vegas – Findlay Automotive Group Inc, private.

Henderson Chevrolet – Ron Faupel, private.

Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza – Greg Heinrich, private.

Arizona – La Paz & Mohave County – Chevrolet Dealers

Bradley Chevrolet Parker – Paul Roesti, private.

Findlay Motor Company Bullhead City – Findlay Automotive Group Inc, private.

Kingman Chevrolet – KGM Operating LLC, private.

Bradley Chevrolet Lake Havasu – private.


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