When it comes to Southern California Ford Dealers there are many to buy from.

Because throughout the SoCal Region there are 81-different Ford new car dealer locations.  That’s right nearly 100 of them.

And within this article, you’ll find the names and locations along with links to every Ford Dealership in Southern California.

This way it’s easy for you to identify which ones you want to shop for.  Moreover, you can easily track down who will give you the best deal on a Ford truck, SUV, car, van, or electric vehicle!

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Southern California Ford Dealer Territory

First, let’s define Southern California.  Because the region is a bit different for everyone.  And for our purpose, it’s to help you find the best SoCal Ford Dealership to buy from.

To that end, we include a wide radius.  Of course, there’s Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernadino, and Orange Counties.  But also San Diego, Santa Barbara, Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Tulare, and Ventura Counties too.

And, for good measure, we’re including Clark County, Nevada, and Mohave County, Arizona.

We’re grouping all of these dealerships into Southern California Ford Dealers for a simple reason.  When we buy our cars, they represent the second most expensive purchase we’ll ever make.  That is for most of us.  So it’s best to do your homework!

And you certainly don’t have to shop all 81 Ford Dealerships in the Southern California Region.  But depending on where you are in SoCal, you’re sure to find a handful to buy or lease a Ford from.

About Ford The Brand

The brand of Ford vehicles has been around for about as long as cars themselves.

In fact, the Ford Motor Company sold its first vehicle in 1903.  Since then Ford has been a pillar of American automobile manufacturing.

Also, Ford remains one of the three legacy carmakers in the United States.  Formerly known as the Big 3 or the Detroit 3.  Those are Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler.

Ford Image And Resale Value

The image of Ford vehicles is non-luxury.

Because Henry Ford himself intended the brand to be accessible and affordable to everyone.  But also it can be exciting and sporty, depending on the vehicle in question.

Therefore the Ford brand has focused on affordable quality.  By targeting working-class drivers Ford sells a high volume of all its vehicles.

For example, the F-Series Ford pick-up trucks are consistently the top-selling vehicle in America.

However, high-volume sales sometimes mean lower resale values.  And that has been the case with Ford vehicles.

But that’s been shifting a bit.  With three classes of Ford trucks recently making the Kelley Blue Book Top-10 List for Vehicle Resale Values.

Ford Vehicle Overview

What vehicles is Ford manufacturing these days?

Somewhat surprisingly Ford is making far fewer cars than it once did.  On the other hand, it’s also making a lot more SUVs than it ever has.

Not long ago if you wanted a new Ford pick-up truck you had only the full-size F-Series to pick from.  But now there’s a compact and a midsize back in the line-up.

Then there’s the adrenaline-pumping Mustang in the Ford vehicle lineup.  However, that’s the only car Ford is currently making.

Finally like nearly all manufacturers, Ford is charging up both its hybrid and electric vehicle line-ups.

Ford Vehicles In Production

So here are the crossover SUVs, trucks, vans and the single car is currently making.

And in addition to many trim options, you have to choose from.  In more than a few cases, you can buy or lease a Ford hybrid vehicle or a fully electric Ford.

SUVs & Crossovers

  • Ecosport – Subcompact and more crossover than SUV.  Standard all-wheel drive.  Comes only in a 4-cylinder engine.
  • Escape – Compact, more crossover than SUV.  Front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.  Offered in 3 or 4-cylinder engines and hybrid.
  • Bronco Sport – Compact and more SUV than a crossover.  Standard all-wheel drive.  Available in 3 or 4-cylinder engines.
  • Bronco – Midsize SUV.  All-wheel drive is standard.  And it’s available in 4 or 6-cylinder engines.
  • Explorer – Midsize three-row, more SUV than a crossover.  Rear-wheel drive or AWD.  Comes in 4 or 6-cylinders and hybrid.
  • Edge – Midsize two-row more crossover than SUV.  AWD is standard.  And it’s offered in a 4 or 6-cylinder engine.
  • Mustang Mach-E – Midsize electric more crossover than SUV. Rear-wheel or AWD.  Rear or both axle-mounted motors.
  • Expedition – Full-size three-row SUV.  Rear-wheel or AWD.  6-cylinder engines available.


  • Maverick – Subcompact pick-up.  Front-wheel or AWD.  Available 3 or 4-cylinder engine and hybrid.
  • Ranger – Midsize pick-up.  Rear-wheel or AWD.  Only 4-cylinder engines are available as of 2022.
  • F-150 – Full-size pick-up. Rear-wheel or AWD.  Available 6 or 8-cylinder engines available and diesel.
  • F-150 Lightning – Full-size electric pick-up.  Standard AWD. Two-electric motors standard.
  • Super Duty – Full-size work pick-up.  Rear-wheel or four-wheel drive.  Available 8-cylinder engines and diesel.


  • Transit Connect – Small passenger or cargo van.  Front-wheel drive.  Available 4-cylinder engines.
  • Transit – Full-size passenger or cargo van. Rear-wheel or AWD. Available 6-cylinder engines.
  • E-Transit – Full-size electric passenger or cargo van.  Rear-wheel drive only. Single electric motor.


  • Mustang – Compact, two-door sports car.  Rear-wheel drive only. Available in 4 or 8-cylinder engines.

New Car Buying Strategy From Southern California Ford Dealers

When it comes to buying from Southern California Ford Dealers you clearly have your options.

Because with 81 SoCal Ford Dealers in the region the space is competitive.  So your very best deal is out there for sure.  You just need to find it.  And that includes doing your homework.

Do Your Homework

So in order to get your best deal from Southern California Ford Dealers here are your first steps:

  1. Figure out what you want.  Model, trim, options, color.
  2. Identify a handful of the nearest 81 SoCal Ford Dealers near you.
  3. Email them what you’re looking for and ask for their best deal.

Are the above 3-steps guaranteed to secure your best deal?  No.  But it’s a great starting point.  And one that is both somewhat obvious but also easily overlooked.

We’ll provide a more detailed buying tutorial soon.  And if you can’t wait then email me tom [at] iDriveSoCal [dot] com.

SoCal Ford Dealers By County

Below you will find all 81 of the Southern California Ford Dealers listed by county.  Also, each listing links directly to that dealership’s website.

But along with that important information is another element of equal importance.  In fact, this extra bit of info might be of greater importance, depending on your perspective.  And that is who owns each SoCal Ford Dealership!

Because when you’re contacting multiple dealers in order to get the best deal.  It’s important to know that the dealerships you’re contacting don’t have the same ownership as another Ford dealer you’re contacting.

Sure, there’s a chance that two SoCal Ford Dealers that share the same owner will compete with one another for your business.

But then again, there’s a chance that they’ll communicate with one another.  And that communication might easily work against you getting the best possible deal.

Los Angeles County – Southern California Ford Dealers

Colley Ford Glendora – Colley Auto Cars Inc, privately held.

Advantage Ford Duarte – Advantage Ford Inc, privately held.

Airport Marina Ford Los Angeles – Fox Hills Auto Inc, privately held.

Autonation Ford Torrance – Autonation Inc, publicly traded.

Autonation Ford Valencia – Autonation Inc, publicly traded.

Bob Wondries Ford Alhambra – Bob Wondries Motors, privately held.

Caruso Ford Long Beach – Long Beach Lincoln Mercury Inc, privately held.

Central Ford South Gate – Central Ford Inc, privately held.

DCH Ford Thousand Oaks – DCH Auto Group, privately held.

Diamond Ford Lancaster – Dalia Motor Group, privately held.

Ed Butts Ford La Puente – Ed Butts Ford Inc, privately held.

Ford Montebello – Ford of Montebello Inc, privately held.

Galpin Ford Los Angeles – Galpin Motors Inc, privately held.

Norm Reeves Ford Cerritos – Conant Auto Retail Group, privately held.

Puente Hills Ford City of Industry – Bluesky Diversified Inc, privately held.

Santa Monica Ford – CN Motor Company LLC, privately held.

South Bay Ford Hawthorne – South Bay Ford Inc, privately held.

Star Ford Glendale – Los Feliz Ford Inc, privately held.

Sunrise Ford North Hollywood – Knight Automotive Group, privately held.

Vista Ford Woodland Hills – Vista Ford Inc, privately held.

Ford of West Covina – WC Performance Ford Inc, privately held.

Worthington Ford Long Beach – Worthington Ford Inv, privately held.

Orange County – SoCal Ford Dealers

Autonation Ford Tustin – Autonation Inc, publicly traded.

Tuttle Click San Juan Capistrano Ford – Tuttle-Click Group, privately held.

Fairway Ford Placentia – Fairway Ford Sales Inc, privately held.

Fullerton Ford – Semper Fi Automotive Group Inc, privately held.

Huntington Beach Ford – Bakhtiari Auto Group, privately held.

Ken Grody Ford Buena Park – Tod Jones Ford Inc, privately held.

Theodore Robins Ford Costa Mesa – Theodore Robins Inc, privately held.

Rancho Santa Margarita Ford – Santa Margarita Ford, privately held.

Tuttle-Click Ford Lincoln Irvine – Tuttle-Click Group, privately held.

David Wilson’s Villa Ford of Orange – Wilson Automotive, privately held.

Riverside County – Inland Empire Ford Dealers

Fiesta Ford Indio – Fiesta Ford Inc, privately held.

Fritts Ford Riverside – Ford Warren-Anderson, privately held.

Gosch Ford Hemet – Jack Gosch Ford Inc, privately held.

Gosch Ford Temecula – Rancho Ford Inc, privately held.

Hemborg Ford Norco – Hemborg Ford Inc, privately held.

Lake Elsinore Ford – Karhay LLC, privately held.

Palm Springs Ford – Palm Springs Motors, privately held.

Raceway Ford Riverside – Raceway Ford Inc, privately held.

San Bernardino County – Inland Empire Ford Dealers

Chino Hills Ford – Walters-Bayer Automotive Group, privately held.

Citrus Ford Ontario – Citrus Motors Ontario Inc, privately held.

Fairview Ford San Bernardino – Fairview Ford Sales Inc, privately held.

Ken Grody Ford Redlands – Ken Grody Redlands LLC, privately held.

Mojave Ford Barstow – Mojave Auto Group South Inc, privately held.

Sunland Ford Victorville – Sunland Ford Inc, privately held.

Sunrise Ford Fontana – Knight Automotive Group, privately held.

Ford of Upland – Ford of Upland LLC, privately held.

San Diego County – Southern California Ford Dealers

Carlsbad Ford – Krumland Automotive Group, privately held.

El Cajon Ford – El Cajon Motors, privately held.

Encinitas Ford – Wayne Gossett Ford Inc, privately held.

Gosch Ford Escondido – Escondido Motors LLC, privately held.

Kearny Mesa Ford San Diego – Sunroad Auto LLC, privately held.

Mossy Ford San Diego – Mossy Ford Inc, privately held.

North County Ford Vista – North County Ford Inc, privately held.

Penske Ford La Mesa – PF Automotive LLC, privately held

Aaron Ford Poway – Aaronm 2022 Inc, privately held.

Perry Ford National City – Perry Ford of National City, privately held.

Ford Chula Vista – Socal Penske Automotive Group, privately held.

Santa Barbara & Tulare Counties – SoCal Ford Dealers

Jim Vreeland Ford Buellton – Jim Vreeland Motors Inc, privately held.

Perry Ford Santa Barbara – Falk & Blacksberg Inc, privately held.

Monarch Ford Exeter -Exeter Motors Inc, privately held.

Porterville Ford – Bluesky Auto Group Inc, privately held.

Visalia Ford – Six G’s Automotive Inc, privately held.

Will Tiesiera Ford Tulare – Will Tiesiera Ford Inc, privately held.

Ventura County – Southern California Ford Dealers

Ford of Ventura – Ford of Ventura Inc, privately held.

Price Ford Simi Valley – Price Ford of Simi Valley Inc, privately held.

Vista Ford Lincoln Oxnard – Vista Ford Oxnard LLC, privately held.

Fresno County – Southern California Ford Dealers

Fahrney Ford Selma – Swanson Fahrney Ford Sales Inc, privately held.

Future Ford Clovis – Dekcer Ford Inc, privately held.

Lithia Ford Fresno – Lithia Motors, publicly traded.

Kern, Kings & Madera Counties – SoCal Ford Dealers

Jim Burke Ford Bakersfield – Haberfelde Ford, privately held.

Keller Ford Hanford – JVAC Inc, privately held.

Madera Ford – Silva Auto Group Inc, privately held.

Nevada – Clark County Ford Dealers

Ford Country Henderson – West Herr Auto Group, privately held.

Friendly Ford Las Vegas – Friendly Ford, privately held.

Gaudin Ford Las Vegas – Gaudin Motor Company, privately held.

Team Ford Las Vegas – Team Ford, privately held.

Arizona – Mohave County Ford Dealers

Anderson Ford of Bullhead City – Anderson Automotive Group, privately held.

Anderson Ford Kingman – Anderson Automotive Group, privately held.

Bradley Ford of Lake Havasu City – Bradley Ford, privately held.


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