Southern California Honda Dealers are everywhere.

So when it comes to buying from one of the many SoCal Honda Dealers, you’ve got plenty of options.  In fact in the region, there are 75 Southern California Honda Dealers!

Because of that, the best possible deal on the Honda you want is within reach.

And with the insight you’ll find in this article, you’re empowered to do that!

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Southern California Honda Dealers – Territory

First, let’s define what we’re calling Southern California.  Because it’s a great big region.  With lots of Honda dealers.

And everyone’s perspective of the region is a bit different.  All that matters is where you are in SoCal.

But don’t worry.  Our list includes many Southern California Honda Dealers near you.

So, we include a wide radius.  Of course, there are Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County SoCal Honda Dealers.

Also Inland Empire SoCal Honda Dealers.  Those are in Riverside and San Bernadino Counties.

But we must include Ventura County Honda Dealers.  And Santa Barbara County too.

Adding Kern and Kings County Honda Dealers makes sense.  Plus Fresno, Madera, and Tulare coutnies.

Call us crazy.  We’re including Clark County Nevada Honda Dealers.  And even Mohave County Arizona.  Why?  You might choose to do some Honda shopping during road trips.  Like heading to Las Vegas or Lake Havasu.

About Honda The Brand

A quick overview of the Honda brand.

If you’re like me then you might feel more confident knowing this info while working on your best deal.  Plus this might help you decide if buying a Honda is right for you in the first place.

So, Honda is a Japanese carmaker that’s been selling cars in the United States since 1969.  And Honda has been building cars in the US since the 1980’s.

Southern California Honda Dealers represent a non-luxury brand.  Acura is Honda’s upscale, luxury sibling.

That’s not to say that you cannot buy or lease a Honda loaded with lots of great features.  Because Honda crossover SUVs, cars, minivans, and trucks can come with lots of content.

But Honda isn’t a luxury brand itself.  It focuses on high-volume sales of quality affordable vehicles.  And Honda vehicles are fuel efficient.

Honda Image And Resale Value

The image of Honda vehicles is respectable.  But the valet parking guys at Mastro’s are unlikely to fight each other for your keys.

Being a non-luxury brand, it doesn’t have the curb appeal of its luxury sibling Acura.  Honda’s image is even further from other luxury brands.  Especially European imports.  Like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.

But comparing Honda crossover SUVs, cars, vans, and trucks to others is fair.  Non-luxury brands.  Like Toyota and Nissan.

Also, rival Japanese brands.  Hyundai and Kia competitors from Korea.  And Ford and Chevrolet.  American automakers.

Popular Honda Vehicles

Civic: Southern California Honda Dealers sell a lot of Honda Civics.  An affordable and reliable compact four-door.

And Civics come in many versions.  There’s the Civic sedan.  Also a Civic hatchback.  The sportier Civic Si.  And the racetrack-ready Civic Type R TC.

Odyssey: The popular Honda minivan is a must-consider for all families.  And SoCal Honda Dealers can have a hard time keeping these in stock.

For smart practical SoCal drivers.  It’s easy to fall in love with any Honda vehicle.  Because of their value and reliability.

Interesting Honda trivia.  Amazon founder Jeff Bezos drove Honda Accord long after becoming a billionaire.  Take that snooty Mastro’s valet parking guy!

Honda Vehicle Resale Valuations

Southern California Honda Dealers sell a lot of used and certified pre-owned Hondas.

Because their brand’s minivans, crossover SUVs, cars, and trucks are reliable.  So they stay in demand.  Which keeps their resale values strong.

And that speaks to the quality of the brand itself.  Because even though there’s a high supply.  Demand remains strong.

Honda Vehicles In Production

Any Honda Dealer in Southern California has access to all the same vehicles.

Whether that’s a crossover SUV or car.  Honda minivan or truck.  Plus SoCal Honda Dealers can also offer you a few different hybrids.

What they don’t have much of is electric vehicles.  Because the first Honda EV isn’t arriving until 2024.  That’s when the Hond Prologue is due.

SUVs & Crossovers

  • HR-V – Subcompact, more crossover than SUV, comes in 4-cylinder.  Front and all-wheel-drive.
  • CR-V – Compact, more crossover than SUV, comes in 4-cylinder and hybrid. Front and all-wheel-drive.
  • Passport – Midsize SUV leaning crossover, offered in 6-cylinder.  Front and all-wheel-drive.
  • Pilot – Midsize three-row crossover, offered in 6-cylinder.  Front and all-wheel drive.


  • Civic – Compact sedan or hatchback. Offered in 4-cylinders with front-wheel drive. Type R for enthusiasts.
  • Insight – Compact sedan.  Comes in a 4-cylinder and hybrid with front-wheel drive.
  • Accord – Midsize sedan.  Offered in 4-cylinder and hybrid with front-wheel drive.


  • Odyssey – Minivan that comes with a 6-cylinder engine, front-wheel drive, and seats eight.


  •  Ridgeline – Midsize pickup truck. Comes with a 6-cylinder engine and standard all-wheel drive.

Electric Vehicle

  • Prologue – EV crossover SUV, arriving in 2024.

How To Buy A New Car From Southern California Honda Dealers

Car buying from Southern California Honda Dealers should be easy.

Because Honda dealers in SoCal are everywhere.  There are 75 of them!  So you have your options.

But our cars are the second largest item we buy in life.  So it’s important to do your homework.

Here’s how to make sure you’re getting your best deal from a SoCal Hond Dealer.

Do Your Homework

Before contacting any SoCal Honda Dealers.  Give yourself an education.

  1. Figure out what you want.  Model, trim, options, color.
  2. Identify a handful of the nearest 75 Southern California Honda Dealers near you.
  3. Email them what you’re looking for and ask for their best deal.

The 3-steps above are the starting point.  They are somewhat obvious but also overlooked.

We’ll provide a more detailed buying tutorial soon.  And if you can’t wait then email me tom [at] iDriveSoCal [dot] com.

Regional Southern California Honda Dealers – By County

Below you’ll find all 75 SoCal Honda Dealers grouped by county.

We’re including Honda dealers that are outside of California.  But those Honda dealerships are still within the region of Southern California.

And since we’re trying to help you get your best deal.  We’re including those to make it as easy as possible for you!

SoCal Honda Dealer Ownership

So our list of Honda dealerships in Southern California is detailed below.

But we’re adding a little extra assistance.  Because next to each listing, you find the owner of that SoCal Honda Dealership.

Why?  When negotiating your best deal.  You want to know if you’re working with dealerships that share the same owner.

For instance, two Honda stores with the same owner might share information.  And that might work against you.

Or, if they share the same owner.  And have a sibling rivalry.  That could work.

Either way, it’s better to know who owns what.  And then you can do what you like with the information.


PLEASE NOTE: iDriveSoCal does not endorse any of these dealerships.  Rather we provide this information as a tool for your ease of shopping.  But you can shop from Southern California new car dealers that we do endorse HERE.


Los Angeles County – Southern California Honda Dealers

Airport Marina Honda Los Angeles – Noarus Investments Inc.

Autonation Honda Valencia – Publicly traded, Autonation.

Carson Honda – Sonic Automotive, publicly traded.

Culver City Honda – GL CCH, LLC.

DCH Gardena Honda – Lithia automotive, public company.

Diamond Honda City of Industry – Diamond Bar Imports, Inc.

El Monte Honda – Car Pros El Monte LLC.

Galpin Honda San Mission Hills – Boeckmann Automotive LLC.

Goudy Honda Alhambra – Alhambra Motors, Inc.

Hamer Honda Reseda – GL HHR LLC.

Lancaster Honda – LA Car Guy.

Honda of Hollywood – Bakhtiari Auto Group.

Downtown LA Honda – Bakhtiari Auto Group.

Honda of Pasadena – Breech Real Estate LLC.

Santa Monica Honda – LA Car Guy.

Honda World Downey – Turn 2 AG, LLC.

Keyes Honda Van Nuys – Keyval, Inc.

Woodland Hills Honda – Woodland Hills Honda.

Long Beach Honda – Ken Garff Auto Group.

New Century Honda Glendale – New Century Glendale.

Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Cerritos – Conant Auto Retail Group.

Norm Reeves Superstore West Covina – Conant Auto Retail Group.

Honda of North Hollywood – NoHo Motors LLC.

Ocean Honda of Whittier – Cappo Management XLI, LLC.

Robertson’s Palmdale Honda – CHI Automart Inc.

Scott Robinson Honda – JRDTSP LLC.

Sierra Honda Monrovia – Sierra Auto Cars Inc.

Orange County – SoCal Honda Dealers

Autonation Honda Costa Mesa – Autonation, publicly traded.

Buena Park Honda – Sonic Automotive, publicly traded.

Freeway Honda Santa Ana – Wilson Auto Group.

Hardin Honda Anaheim – Hardin Automotive.

Honda World Westminster – Piercey Automotive.

Norm Reeves Superstore Huntington Beach – Conant Auto Retail Group.

Norm Reeves Superstore Irvine – Conant Auto Retail Group.

Ocean San Juan Capistrano – Cappo Management XLI, LLC.

Rancho Santa Margarita Honda – RSM Motors, LP.

Weir Canyon Honda Anaheim – Wilson Automotive.

Riverside County – Inland Empire Honda Dealers

DCH Honda of Temecula – Litha Automotive, publicly traded.

Diamond Valley Honda Hemet – Diamond Vally Automotive.

Spreen Honda Corona – Hunter Motorcars Inc.

Honda of the Desert Cathedral City – Ken Garff Automotive.

Moss Bros. Honda Moreno Valley – Moss Bros.  Auto Group.

Riverside Honda – Riverside Metro Auto Group.

San Bernardino County – Inland Empire Honda Dealers

Metro Honda Montclair – Metro Motors Inc.

Penske Honda Ontario – Ontario Automotive LLC.

Spreen Honda Loma Linda – Hunter Motorcars Inc.

Valley-Hi Honda Victorville –  Dav Inc.

Rock Honda – Lithia Automotive, public.

San Diego County – Southern California Honda Dealers

Ball Honda National City – Ball Auto Group.

DCH Honda of Mission Valley – Lithia Automotive, public.

Hoehn Honda Carlsbad – Hoehn Company Inc.

Honda of El Cajon – K Motors 2 Inc.

Honda of Escondido – Penske Automotive Group, public.

Pacific Honda San Diego – PH Automotive Holding Corp.

Chula Vista Honda – Desert Auto Group LLC.

Poway Honda – Sonic Automotive, public.

Mossy Honda Lemon Grove – Mossy Automotive Group.

Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Vista – Conant Auto Retail Group.

Santa Barbara & Tulare Counties – SoCal Honda Dealers

Honda Santa Maria – TVJ Sons Inc.

Rocket Town Honda Lompoc – Nabthat Inc.

Santa Barbara Honda Goleta – VAG HSBCA LLC.

Visalia Honda – Groppetti Automotive.

Ventura County – Southern California Honda Dealers

1st Honda Simi Valley – CE Enterprises Inc.

DCH Honda Oxnard – Lithia automotive, public.

Honda of Thousand Oaks – Anderson Autos.

Ocean Honda Ventura – Cappo Management XLI, LLC.

Fresno County – Southern California Honda Dealers

Honda North Clovis – Penske Automotive, public.

Selma Honda – Selma Auto Mall Inc.

Clawson Honda Fresno – James McKoane Enterprises Inc.

Kern & Merced Counties – SoCal Honda Dealers

Barber Honda Bakersfield – Barber Group Inc.

Merced Honda – RJ Gaestel Inc.

Nevada – Clark County Honda Dealers

Autonation Honda East Las Vegas – Autonation, traded publicly.

Honda West Las Vegas – Sonic Automotive, traded publicly.

Findlay Honda Henderson – Findlay Honda.

Arizona – Mohave County Honda Dealers

Kingman Honda – KH Operating LLC.


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