In all, there are 26 Southern California Lexus Dealers.

To be clear, there are 26 Lexus Dealers in the Southern California Region from which you can buy a vehicle.  So, this list is really designed to be a tool for buyers.

Therefore, you are empowered.  With the names of each dealership.  And links to them.  You can more easily track down your best deal.

And with that in mind, we’ve included Lexus Dealers as far north as Fresno.  As far east as Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.  Plus all the way south through San Diego County.

So, for your ease of hunting for the best deal.  But also for finding that perfect trim, spec, and color combination.

Below is a complete list of all the area Southern California Lexus Dealers, separated by county.

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About Lexus The Brand

Lexus is the luxury brand of Toyota.  And Toyota is a Japanese carmaker.  Additionally, Toyota is one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers.

And Lexus manufactures crossover/SUVs, sedans, and, coupes.  But it does not make pick-up trucks.

Also, Lexus has been a leader in hybrid vehicles.  However, it has been slower to jump into the electric vehicle-making space.

First Lexus was a recognized brand only in the United States and other countries.  While the first Lexus was sold in the US in 1989, the brand didn’t exist in its home country of Japan until 2005.

Lexus Image And Resale Value

So here in the US, Lexus doesn’t typically have the curb appeal of European luxury vehicles.  But most opinions place Lexus just below them.

For instance, mass-produced luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi tend to be held in a bit higher regard than Lexus luxury vehicles.

Conversely, and perhaps more importantly to the money-conscious.  Lexus vehicles tend to enjoy better resale values.  And that’s both in the short and longer terms.

Furthermore, Lexus vehicles tend to require far less maintenance than their European brethren.


Lexus Vehicles

Lexus currently produces luxury sedans, SUVs, and coupes.

And in addition to the numerous trim options.  Many of the models the Japanese luxury carmaker offers include performance and hybrid electric options.


  • UX – Subcompact, more crossover than SUV.  Comes in a 4-cylinder, hybrid, and available AWD.
  • NX – Compact, more crossover than SUV.  Offered in 4-cylinder, hybrid, and available AWD.
  • RX – Midsize, more crossover than SUV.  Comes with a 6-cylinder.  Available, 3-row seating AWD, and hybrid.
  • GX – Midsize and true SUV.  Comes only in 8-cylinder and with AWD.
  • LX – Full-size SUV.  Shares platform with iconic Toyota Land Cruiser. Comes with twin-turbo V6 and AWD.


  • IS – Compact and sporty.  Available in 4, 6, or 8-cylinder engines and AWD.
  • ES – Midsize with sporty looks but more luxury leaning.  Offered in 4 and 6-cylinder versions, AWD and hybrid.
  • LS – Full-size luxury with sporty looks. Offered in 6-cylinder, AWD, and hybrid.


  • RC – Subcompact, very sporty. Comes in 4, 6, or 8-cylinder.
  • LC – Compact sports car.  Offered as a convertible and with 6 or, 8-cylinders as well as a hybrid.

Additionally, the above information about Lexus vehicles and options was most recently updated as of Spring of 2022.


New Car Buying Strategy From SoCal Lexus Dealers

Owning a Lexus dealership in Southern California is a pretty good business.  Because although 26 SoCal Lexus Dealers may sound like a lot it’s really not.

For example, its non-luxury sibling, Toyota has more than 60 different dealerships you can buy from.  So Lexus dealers don’t have to do a lot of advertising.  The factory gives them a good product to sell and supports them with advertising as well as not too much competition in the marketplace.

And none of this is great news for buyers.  Plus currently, iDriveSoCal has no official relationships with any Lexus dealerships in the Southern California region.

But fear not, you can still land a great deal on a Lexus crossover/SUV, coupe or sedan.  Just use the handy list below.  All regional Southern California Lexus dealers are listed.

Do your research and find your best deal.  You just might have to do a bit more legwork.  And perhaps drive a bit.


PLEASE NOTE: iDriveSoCal does not endorse any of these dealerships.  Rather, we provide this information as a tool for your ease of shopping.


Los Angeles County – Southern California Lexus Dealers

Jim Falk Lexus of Beverly Hills – Jim Falk Motors

Keyes Lexus of Valencia – Lithia Motors, public

Lexus of Cerritos – Autonation, public

Keyes Lexus of Van Nuys – Lithia Motors, public

Glendale Lexus – KDW Automotive

Lexus of Woodland Hills – Oremor Auto Group.

Lexus Santa Monica – LACarGuy.

Longo Lexus – Penske Motor Group.

South Bay Lexus – SBL Auto


Orange County – Southern California Lexus Dealers

Lexus of Westminster – RRL Corp/Beach Imports

Newport Lexus – Wilson Automotive.

South County Lexus Mission Viejo – Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, public

Tustin Lexus – Wilson Automotive.


Riverside County – Inland Empire – SoCal Lexus Dealers

Lexus of Riverside – Shelly Automotive.

Shottenkirk Desert Lexus – Cathedral City – Shottenkirk Automotive Group.


San Bernardino County – Inland Empire – SoCal Lexus Dealers

Crown Lexus – Ontario – Sonic Automotive, public


San Diego County – SoCal Lexus Dealers

San Diego Lexus – Relentless Pursuit Enterprises

Lexus of Escondido – Halo, Motor Co

Lexus of Carlsbad – Halo Motor Co


Santa Barbara County – Southern California Lexus Dealers

Santa Barbara Lexus – GL LOX, LLC


Ventura County – Southern California Lexus Dealers

Lexus of Oxnard – Ken Garff Auto Group, privately held.

Lexus of Thousand Oaks – Anderson Autos, privately held.


Kern & Fresno Counties – Souther California Lexus Dealers

Fresno Lexus – Oremor Automotive, privately held.

Motor City Lexus of Bakersfield – MCLB, Inc, Privately held.


Nevada – Clark County – Southern California Lexus Dealers

Las Vegas Lexus – Ascent Automotive Group, privately held.

Lexus of Henderson – Ascent Automotive Group, privately held.


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