There are plenty of Southern California Mercedes-Benz Dealers.

And that makes sense.  Because SoCal drivers tend to be super car-conscious.

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The Southern California Region has 33 different new franchise Mercedes-Benz Dealers.  And you can buy or lease your next Mercedes-Benz from any of them.

But who’s going to give you the best deal?  And who’s got the car you want with the features you want on it?

Those are questions unique to every buyer.  No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Because with our list and the information in this article, you’ll be able to shop and find your best deal.  And that includes buying a new SUV, crossover, sedan, coupe, hybrid, or electric vehicle.

Southern California Region – Mercedes-Benz Dealers

First, let’s define the geographic territory we’re referring to as Southern California.

Because what defines the SoCal region can be different.  It depends on your location.  And Southern California is big!  So by including a wide radius of SoCal Mercedes Dealers we assure everyone has many options to buy from.

With that in mind, we’ve included Mercedes-Benz Dealers as far north as Fresno.  Plus dealerships as far east as Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.  And of course south through San Diego County.

So, this is for your ease of hunting for the best deal.  But also for finding that perfect trim, spec, and color combination.

In our complete list of all the area Southern California Mercedes-Benz Dealers.  Furthermore, for your ease of use, we organize them by county.

About Mercedes The Brand

Mercedes-Benz is a luxury European carmaker.  The German company’s origins came from Karl (aka Carl) Benz and three other principles.

And those principles included Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach, and Emil Jellinek.  Daimler and Maybach are names we still know in the automotive world today.

But don’t start feeling bad for Jellinek.  If you think he has no name recognition all these years later, you’re mistaken.  Because Jellinek’s agreeing to join the company required one thing.  That was adding his daughter’s name – Mercedes.

And when it comes to the brand that Southern California Mercedes-Benz Dealers are selling.  In many ways it’s standard-setting.

For example, many automotive innovations have come from Mercedes-Benz.  And that includes both the performance and luxury categories.

In fact, Mercedes even has sub-brands that specialize in performance and luxury.  There’s the AMG brand, which is Mercedes specific high-performance brand.  Then there’s Maybach which is Benz’s ultra-luxury brand.

Mercedes-Benz Image And Resale Value

Southern California Mercedes-Benz Dealers offer luxury vehicles.

And SoCal drivers tend to over-reach in buying and leasing them.  Meaning, they cannot afford them.  But that’s like competing luxury brands.  Including BMW and Audi.  It makes sense to throw Land Rover and Jaguar into this category too.

Holding less curb appeal Lexus, Infiniti, Volvo, and Acura brands as well.  But those tend to be more affordable luxury vehicles.

Then upscale competitors include Rolls-Royce and Bentley.  But neither of those produces the volume of Mercedes vehicles.

Also in recent years, Mercedes has made efforts to make itself accessible to a wider market.  That means producing more affordable luxury vehicles.

Resale Value Of Mercedes-Benz

Southern California Mercedes-Benz Dealers can seem as common as non-luxury vehicle dealerships.  Like Fords, Chevy, Toyotas, and Hondas.

So because of the great number of Mercedes SUVs and cars in the SoCal region, their resale value can suffer a bit.  That is when compared to a different regional area.  For example, Chicago or Las Vegas.

Also, Mercedes resale values can hinge on factory warranty status.  Because Mercedes can be costly to maintain and repair.

And once that factory warranty has expired those costs are coming out of your pocket.  That is unless you have an extended warranty of some sort.

Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

Like most new car dealers in recent years.  Mercedes Dealers in Southern California are selling a lot more SUVs than cars.

But the Mercedes lineup includes everything.  From two and four-door coupes to sedans.  Plus hybrids and electrics.  And convertibles, crossovers, and SUVs.

Plus, Mercedes vehicles come in a wide variety of trims with lots of available features.

But there are also the sub-brands of AMG and Maybach.  And those add even more options to the lineup of Mercedes vehicles.

Interesting trivia: AMG stands for Aufecht, Melcher and GroBaspach. Prominent Mercedes engineers.

Crossover SUVs

  • GLA – Compact and more crossover than SUV.  Comes with standard all-wheel drive and a single 4-cylinder engine.
  • GLB – Compact, available three-row seating, more crossover than SUV.  Offered in front or AWD and a single 4-cylinder engine.
  • GLC – Compact, more crossover than SUV or coupe.  Rear-wheel drive and available AWD, standard 4-cylinder hybrid engine.
  • GLE – Midsize SUV available three-row seating our coupe, off-road capable. Comes rear or AWD and in 4, 6, or 8-cylinders and hybrid.
  • GLS – Full-size SUV, three-row seating.  AWD is standard.  Offered in 6 and 8-cylinder hybrid engines. Maybach, ultra-luxe available.
  • G-Class – Aka G-Wagon, luxury off-road-ready SUV.  Standard AWD and 8-cylinder engine.

Sedans, Coupes & Wagons

  • CLA – Subcompact 4-door coupe sedan.  Available front and all-wheel drive with a 4-cylinder engine.
  • A-Class – Compact sedan.  Offered in front or all-wheel-drive with a single 4-cylinder engine.
  • C-Class – Compact sedan, coupe or cabriolet/convertible.  Comes in rear-wheel or AWD and, a 4-cylinder hybrid engine.
  • E-Class – Midsize sedan, coupe, wagon or cabriolet/convertible.  Offered in rear-wheel or AWD and, 4 or 6-cylinder hybrid engine.
  • CLS – Midsize 4-door coupe sedan.  Comes in AWD and a 6-cylinder hybrid engine.
  • EQS – Full-size all-electric sedan.  Available one-motor rear-wheel drive or two-motor AWD.
  • S-Class – Full-size sedan that comes in AWD with a 6-cylinder hybrid engine.  Maybach ultra-luxury available.

Performance & Roadsters

  • AMG GT – Four, two-door or convertible available.  High performance.
  • SL Roadster – Two-door convertible luxury touring sports car.


  • Sprinter – Full-size van.  Configurable for work or play.  Offers 4-cylinders engines.  Two turbodiesels and one turbocharged.  4Matic AWD optional.
  • Metris – Midsize van. Work or play configurable.  Comes with a turbocharged 4-cylinder.  Only rear-wheel drive is available.

New Car Buying Strategy From SoCal Mercedes-Benz Dealers

iDriveSoCal has no relationship with any Southern California Mercedes-Benz Dealers.

Yet, you can still land a great deal on the Mercedes you’re looking for.  Here’s how:

  1. Determine what Mercedes-Benz you want to buy or lease.
  2. By using the list below, find the dealers nearest you to contact.
  3. Email SoCal Mercedes-Benz Dealers what you’re looking for.

From that point, you’ll start getting replies.  And some will be accommodating from the beginning.  While others might not reply at all.

Even some others might state that you must come to the showroom before they can help at all.  (Don’t buy that!)

Be sure to do your research and find your best deal.  You might have to do a bit more legwork.  And drive a bit.

But, by far our cars are the second largest item we buy in our lifetimes.  So, getting the best deal makes sense!

PLEASE NOTE: iDriveSoCal does not endorse any of these SoCal Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

Los Angeles County – Southern California Mercedes-Benz Dealers

Calstar Motors Glendale – Private, Calstar Motors Inc.

Mercedes-Benz of West Covina – Envision Motors LLC, private.

Keyes European Van Nuys – Litha Automotive, public.

Arcadia Mercedes-Benz – Rusnak Arcadia, private.

Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills – Group 1 Automotive, public.

Calabasas Mercedes-Benz – Sonic Automotive, public.

Mercedes-Benz of Encino – First Motor Group, private.

Long Beach Mercedes-Benz Signal Hill – Private, Long Beach Eurocars.

Mercedes-Benz of Los Angeles – LAD-MB LLC, private.

South Bay Torrance Mercedes-Benz – Autonation, public.

Mercedes-Benz of Valencia – Trophy Auto Group, private.

W.I. Simonson Santa Monica – Sonic Automotive, public.

Orange County – Southern California Mercedes-Benz Dealers

Mercedes-Benz Of Laguna Niguel – Mission Imports LLC, private.

Fletcher Jones Motorcars Newport Beach – Fletcher Jones, private.

Mercedes-Benz of Foothill Ranch – Foothill Ranch Imports, private.

House of Imports Buena Park – Autonation, public.

Mercedes-Benz of Anaheim – Caliber Motors Inc, private.

Inland Empire – Riverside & San Bernardino County Mercedes Dealers

Mercedes-Benz of Temecula – Jones/Blumenthal Temecula LLC, private.

Walter’s Mercedes-Benz of Riverside – Walters Auto Sales, private.

Mercedes-Benz of Palm Springs – VIP Motor Cars Ltd, private.

Ontario Mercedes Benz – (Fletcher) Jones Ontario Acquisition LLC, private.

San Diego County – Southern California Mercedes-Benz Dealers

Carlsbad Mercedes-Benz – Hoehn Motors, private.

Mercedes-Benz of Escondido – Envision Motors, private.

San Diego Mercedes-Benz – Europa Auto Imports / Penske Auto Group

Mercedes-Benz of El Cajon – Oremor Auto Group, private.

Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo County – SoCal Mercedes Dealers

Mercedes-Benz of San Luis Obispo – private.

Santa Barbara Auto Group – private.

Ventura County – Southern California Mercedes-Benz Dealers

Oxnard Mercedes-Benz – Grieco Automotive Group, private.

Mercedes-Benz of Thousand Oaks – Anderson Autos, private.

Fresno And Kern Counties – SoCal Mercedes-Benz Dealers

Fresno Mercedes-Benz – PTGMB LLC, private.

Mercedes-Benz of Bakersfield – Sangera Automotive Group, private.

Nevada – Clark County Mercedes Dealers

Mercedes-Benz of Henderson – Fletcher Jones, private.

Fletcher Jones Imports Las Vegas – Fletcher Jones, private.


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