Southern California Toyota Dealers are plentiful throughout the region.  If you live here, then you know where to find one or several.

So, getting a great deal while buying or leasing a new Toyota in Southern California should be easy.  But you still have to do your homework.

And you can consider this article your own personal cheat sheet.  :0)

Southern California Toyota Dealer Territory

First, let’s define Southern California.  Because the region is a bit different for everyone.  But for our purpose, it’s to help you find the best SoCal Toyota Dealership to buy or lease from.

To that end, we include a wide radius.  Of course, there’s Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  Plus San Diego County and the Inland Empire Counties – San Bernardino and Riverside.

But also, include Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Kern Counties.  Further, we add Kings, Madera and Tulare Counties.

And, we’re including Clark County, Nevada, and Mohave County, Arizona.

1st Toyota Dealer In United States - black and white Hollywood Toyota Motor Inc

Toyota Motor Sales USA, established 1957

Why So Many Toyota Dealerships?

First, there are lots of Toyota Dealerships in Southern California because SoCal drivers buy a lot of Toyotas!

Also, we’re grouping these dealerships into Southern California Toyota Dealers for a simple reason.

When we buy our cars, they represent the second most expensive item you’ll ever buy.  Next to your house – for most of us anyway.

So the more options you have the better for you to get your best deal.  Of course, you don’t have to shop all 82 Toyota Dealerships.

But depending on where you are in SoCal, you’re sure to find a handful to buy or lease a Toyota from.

About Toyota The Brand

The Toyota brand has a long and rich history.  And that’s here in the United States and globally.

In fact, Toyota and Volkswagen always compete for the top-selling carmaker crown.

Toyota has always focused on practical cars, trucks, crossover/SUVs, and minivans.  Affordable, dependable, and long-lasting.

Conversely, Toyota’s luxury sibling is Lexus.  And it has its own dealerships.  Southern California Lexus Dealers are entirely separate from Toyota dealerships.

Toyota Image And Resale Value

Toyota’s line-up focuses on sensible transportation.  So the brand’s image is like rival Japanese carmaker Honda’s.

But Toyota’s line-up gives the brand image an edge with its variety of trucks and SUVs.  Including some that are off-road-ready.

Resale Value

So, Toyota’s are practical vehicles and there are lots of them on the road.  And that would suggest they don’t hold their resale value well.

But that’s not the case.  For example; many Toyota cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans rank high on resale value rating lists.

That’s due to Toyotas being reliable and easy to maintain.  Because not much goes wrong with them.

Vehicles Sold By SoCal Toyota Dealers

Southern California Toyota Dealers have an advantage.  And it’s due to the range of vehicles they sell.

Because no other automaker offers as complete a line-up as Toyota.  That includes cars, crossover SUVs, trucks, minivans, hybrids, and electric vehicles.

Toyota Vehicles In Production

So here’s a complete list of Toyota vehicles currently in production.  And notice there’s something in every non-luxury category.

An intense critic might argue Toyota is lacking a small truck.  Because Ford is now offering one.  But that’s the extent of criticism about Toyota’s variety of vehicles it offers.

SUVs & Crossovers

  • C-HR – Subcompact crossover.  Offered only in front-wheel drive and 4-cylinder engine.
  • Corolla Cross – Compact crossover.  Standard all-wheel drive and 4-cylinder. Hybrid available.
  • RAV4 – Compact crossover SUV.  Comes in front-wheel or all-wheel drive and a 4-cylinder, hybrid, or plug-in hybrid engine.
  • bZ4X – Compact all-electric crossover.  Front-wheel drive single motor standard.  Available dual-motor AWD.
  • Venza – Midsize crossover. Comes only in hybrid and all-wheel drive.
  • Highlander – Midsize crossover SUV, optional 3-row seating.  Available AWD, standard front-wheel drive.  4-cylinder or hybrid engines.
  • 4Runner – Midsize SUV, optional third row.  Rear-wheel or four-wheel drive with a single 6-cylinder motor.
  • Sequoia – Full-size SUV with three-row seating.  Rear-wheel or AWD and 6-cylinder hybrid is the only engine.


  • Tacoma – Midsize pickup, two or four-door.  Rear-wheel or four-wheel drive and 4 or 6-cylinder engines.
  • Tundra – Full-size pickup, four-door.  Rear-wheel or four-wheel drive and 6 or 8-cylinder engines.


  • Sienna – Seven or eight-passenger minivan. Front-wheel or AWD and 4 or 6-cylinder hybrid engines.


  • Prius – Compact 4-door hatchback.  Front-wheel or AWD with a single 4-cylinder hybrid or plug-in hybrid engine.
  • Corolla – Compact sedan or 4-door hatchback. Front-wheel and AWD, 4-cylinder, and hybrid options.
  • Camry – Midsize sedan. Front-wheel drive and 6-cylinder or 4-cylinder hybrid engines.
  • Mirai – Midsize hydrogen fuel-cell sedan. Rear-wheel direct drive electric motor.
  • Avalon – Full-size sedan.  Front-wheel drive.  Offered in 6-cylinder or 4-cylinder hybrid engines.

Sports Cars

  • GR86 – Hatchback 2-door sports car.  Rear-wheel drive and 4-cylinder engine standard.
  • GR Supra – Hatchback 2-door sports car.  Rear-wheel drive and 4 or 6-cylinder engines.

New Car Buying From Southern California Toyota Dealers

Again, you have 82 Toyota dealerships that can win your business.  So you’re in great shape with options on where to buy or lease from.

Because 82 Southern California Toyota Dealers make the space competitive.  And even when inventories are low, you’re well-positioned to find your best deal on the Toyota you want.

Do Your Homework

So to get your best deal from Southern California Toyota Dealers here are your first steps:

  1. Figure out what you want.  Model, trim, options, color.
  2. Identify a handful of the nearest 82 SoCal Toyota Dealers near you.
  3. Email them what you’re looking for and ask for their best deal.

Are the above 3-steps guaranteed to secure your best deal?  No.  But it’s a great starting point.  And one that is both somewhat obvious but also overlooked.

We’ll provide a more detailed buying tutorial soon.  And if you can’t wait then email me tom [at] iDriveSoCal [dot] com.

Southern California Toyota Dealers By County

Below you will find all 82 of the Southern California Toyota Dealers listed by county.  And each listing links to that dealership’s website.

But along with that information is another element of equal importance.  In fact, this extra bit of info might be of greater importance.  And that is who owns each SoCal Toyota Dealership!

Because two dealers that share the same owner might also share information.  For example what customers they are currently trying to sell which cars to.

And if that’s the case, then you could be negotiating with yourself.  Which you want to avoid.  Because you’re not going to uncover your best deal that way. :0)

PLEASE NOTE: iDriveSoCal does not endorse any of these Southern California Toyota Dealerships.  But we provide this information as a tool for your ease of shopping.  And in order for you to get the best deal on the Toyota you want.


Los Angeles County – Southern California Toyota Dealers

Autonation Toyota Cerritos – Autonation, publicly traded.

Bob Smith Toyota La Crescenta-Montrose – Bob Smith Toyota.

Cabe Toyota Long Beach – Cabe Brothers.

Carson Toyota – Aldon Inc.

Claremont Toyota – Wilson Automotive.

Culver City Toyota – Ken Garff automotive, LLC.

Frontier Toyota Santa Clarita – Sednal Enterprises.

Hamer Toyota Mission Hills – Ken Garff automotive, LLC.

Toyota Of Hollywood – LA Car Guy.

Keyes Toyota Van Nuys – Lithia, public.

Longo Toyota El Monte – Penske Automotive.

Manhattan Beach Toyota – Darrell Sperber LLC.

Marina del Rey Toyota – Westside Investments Inc.

Toyota of North Hollywood TNH Motors Inc.

Northridge Toyota – VAG TNRCA LLC.

Norwalk Toyota – Envison Auto Group.

Penske Toyota of Downey – Penske Automotive.

Puente Hills Toyota – Puente Hills Imports.

South Bay Toyota Gardena– Wilson Automotive.

DCH Toyota Of Torrance – Lithia, public.

Toyota of Downtown LA – Lithia, public.

Glendale Toyota – Oremor Motors.

Toyota of Glendora – Seidner Miller, Inc.

Lancaster Toyota – AVMC LLC.

Toyota of Whittier – Whittier Automotive.

Pasadena Toyota – Symes Motors.

Toyota Santa Monica – LA Car Guy.

West Covina Toyota – Envision Motors.

West Coast Toyota Long Beach – Ken Garff Automotive, LLC.

Wondries Toyota Alhambra – Bob Wondries Associates.


Orange County – Southern California Toyota Dealers

Autonation Toyota Buena Park – Autonation, publicly traded.

Autonation Toyota Irvine – Autonation, publicly traded.

San Juan Capistrano Toyota – Oremor Auto Group.

Elmore Toyota Westminster – Elmore Motors.

Rancho Santa Margarita Toyota – SMT Automotive.

South Coast Toyota Costa Mesa – Wilson Automotive.

Miller Toyota of Anaheim – GPI CA TII Inc.

Toyota of Huntington Beach – Wilson Automotive.

Orange Toyota – Wilson Automotive.

Toyota Place Garden Grove – Toyota Garden Grove.

Tustin Toyota – Oremor Motors.


Riverside & San Bernardino Counties – Inland Empire – SoCal Toyota Dealers

Gosch Toyota Hemet – Gosch Imports.

Larry H Miller Toyota Corona – LHM Auto.

Toyota of the Desert Cathedral City – Ken Garff Auto LLC.

Moss Bros. Toyota Moreno Valley – Moss Bros Toy Inc.

Toyota of Riverside – Wilson Automotive.

Temecula Valley Toyota – Oremor Motors.

Mojave Toytota Barstow – Mojave Auto Group North.

John Elway’s Crown Toyota Ontario – Ontario T Inc.

Toyota of Redlands – Tom Bell Inc.

Valley Hi Toyota Victorville – VAHI Inc.


San Diego County – Southern California Toyota Dealers

Frank Toyota National City – Gen 2 T-Cars Inc.

Kearny Mesa Toyota San Diego – KMT/UAG Inc.

Larry H. Miller Toyota Lemon Grove – LHM Auto.

Mossy Toyota San Diego – KMT UAG.

Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego – Conant Auto Retail Group.

Toyota of Carlsbad – Oceanside Auto Country.

Chula Vista Toyota – Sunroad CV Auto.

Toyota Escondido – Myers Auto Group.

El Cajon Toyota – K Motors Inc.

Toyota of Poway – Premier Auto of CA.

Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo & Tulare Counties – SoCal Toyota Dealers

Lompoc Toyota – TVJ Sons.

Santa Barbara Toyota Goleta – VAG TSBCA.

Santa Maria Toyota – Porter/Howard Inc.

Toyota San Luis Obispo – TVJ Sons.

Visalia Toyota – Groppetti LTD.


Ventura County – Southern California Toyota Dealers

Toyota of Simi Valley – Simi Valley Partners.

Thousand Oaks Toyota – B/B Motors.

Toyota of Oxnard – Lithia Motors, public.

Ventura Toyota – Boppell Wintringham Inc.


Fresno County – Southern California Toyota Dealers

Blackstone Toyota of Fresno FRTO LLC.

Toyota of Clovis – Penske, public.

Selma Toyota – Fahrney Enterprises.


Kern, Kings & Madera Counties – SoCal Toyota Dealers

Bill Wright Toyota Bakersfield – Bakersfield Imports.

North Bakersfield Toyota – North Bakersfield Imports.

Freeway Toyota of Hanford – Cappo Mgmnt.

Madera Toyota – Valley Auto Sales & Leasing.


Nevada – Clark County – SoCal Toyota Dealers

Autonation Toyota Las Vegas – Autonation, publicly traded.

Centennial Toyota Las Vegas – Centennial Toyota.

David Wilson’s Toyota Las Vegas – Wilson Automotive.

Findlay Toyota Henderson – Findlay Toyota.


Arizona – Mohave County – SoCal Toyota Dealers

Anderson Toyota Lake Havasu City – Anderson Auto Group.


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