As the years go on many of us pay less and less attention to our birthdays.

One husband named Jessie made sure that his wife’s 40th was an occasion she’ll never forget though. His gift? A tie-dyed VW Beetle. Here’s the story of how one man procured, repaired, wrapped, and gifted a one-of-a-kind present.

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Tie Dyed VW Beetle with owner wearing matching shirt

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Preparing the Tie-Dyed VW Beetle

This wasn’t a fly-by-night operation for Jessie. His wife Tasha loves tie-dye and he made that the focus of her fortieth birthday. Prior to the event, he planned 40 days of tie-dyed presents that would lead up to the big day. He still needed a final gift though.

“I went through the process of thinking and asking myself ‘what does she like?’ and ‘what does she need that she doesn’t already have?’,” Jessie says. “Once I eventually got a list of 40 things, I had to also lead up to something truly groundbreaking. And that’s when I went on the journey of looking for the Volkswagen.”

He bought the tie-dyed VW Beetle some seven months before the day. That gave him the time necessary to get it repaired, wrapped, and customized to fit Tasha’s style. Hilariously enough, Jessie was able to store the car and work on it in his own father’s garage. Tasha was shocked at how close she was to unveiling the whole plot at times. “Do you know how many times we visited there between October and May?” she says.

The Big Day

When the big day came, it took a little wrangling to get the car in position without giving away the surprise. The family hosted a birthday cookout and then had to find a way to get Tasha to go back inside so that they could move the car. When the reveal happened, Tasha couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I was just so shocked. I didn’t know what it was or where it was from. I honestly didn’t realize it was going to be my car… But when they said, ‘it’s yours to keep,’ I lost it and started jumping up and down and screaming. This is the coolest thing ever!”

It sounds like the tie-dyed VW Beetle has done more than just make Tasha happy though. She also said…

“If I’m having a bad day, I get in my car and I take a drive with the top down and it just makes me feel better. The fact that it’s a Bug makes me feel happy when I’m in it… My son will also actually go places with me now because he likes to ride around in this car, and that makes me happy.”

Who says that everyday folks can’t make big dreams come true? Jessie, Tasha, and their son are now all enjoying one of the best birthday present ever devised.