The Volkswagen Arteon Big Sur concept car.  California’s longest stretch of undeveloped coastline delivers the inspiration.  This one-of-a-kind vehicle is the newest addition to VW’s 2021 Enthusiast Fleet family.  And of course, it calls attention to the company’s regular model lineup.  But lately, VW has been taking concepts into production.

Southern California’s Volkswagen HQ –> Ontario Volkswagen

The standout color traces back to the attention-getting Golf-R that wheelmaker Rotiform presented at the 2019 SEMA.  Also, VW wanted to highlight Arteon’s aerodynamic design.  Interestingly, underneath the Forest Green vinyl wrap is a 2021 Urano Grey SEL Premium R-Line model. 

According to VW, the wrap for the Volkswagen Arteon Big Sur continues on to interior door jambs and side pieces.  Therefore, the new color is visible even when the doors are open.  

Volkswagen Arteon Big Sur Concept green Arteon parked in drive surrounded by one-story buildings

Arteon Big Sur Concept

A Hidden Gem in the Volkswagen Line-up

“The Arteon is a hidden gem in the Volkswagen line-up,” remarks Gil Plasencia of FMS Automotive. “It’s a top-of-the-line sedan that offers the elegance of a sports car, plus it includes all the features Volkswagen drivers have come to know and love—like Lane Assist, Car-Net [and] fantastic braking and handling.”  FMS, a leading automotive design and research firm, partnered with Rotiform and VW to develop the Arteon concept. 

The team’s goal was to showcase the Arteon’s strong body lines. So, along with the eye-catching green wrap, the Big Sur concept rests on gloss-black 20-inch Rotiform monoblock wheels with low-profile Continental tires.  In addition, a custom body kit and height-reducing suspension complete the car’s aggressive looks. 

“We wanted the car to stop people in their tracks, and announce, ‘I’m here!’” says Plasencia.

VW Arteon Big Sur Concept green Arteon driver rear view in driveway surrounded by buildings

2021 Enthusiast Fleet

Volkswagen Arteon Big Sur: 4Motion and a Turbo Engine 

The SEL Premium R-Line Arteon is Volkwagen’s flagship sedan.  Standard equipment includes 4Motion all-wheel drive and a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that makes a healthy 268 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. 20-inch alloys and a Harman Kardon premium sound system are part of the package as well.

Other Members of the 2021 Enthusiast Fleet Family

VW’s 2021 Enthusiast Fleet family begin earlier this year with Blue Lagoon Jetta GLI concept.  In short, this one-off Jetta pays homage to the iconic 2004 Jetta GLI that is a favorite among VW enthusiasts.  

Another entry for the 2021 Enthusiast Fleet family launched in April as VW introduced the Tiguan SE R-Line Black RiNo concept.  As a result, the Black RiNo concept transforms this family-friendly ride into an aggressive-looking crossover that shows like no other.


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