Volkswagen Car-Net is a mobile application that connects VW owners with their cars.  And most new 2020 models are getting connected for free.

Car-Net offers a number of connected-car services.  And, these services are exclusive to VW owners.  Plus it all happens through your smart phone.

Historically these services have required a subscription.  But for 2020, Volkswagen is adding 5-years of free service with almost all new VW’s.

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Volkswagen Car-Net Mobile Application

Standard on most 2020 VW models

New For 2020 In Volkswagen Car-Net

So for Volkswagen’s 2020 model year, Car-Net comes standard on most new vehicles.  Plus starting in new 2020 vehicles, Remote Access services are included free for five-years.

VW breaks down Car-Net services into four areas; Remote Access, Safe & Secure, Hotspot and, Guide & Inform.

Remote Access

Perhaps the most useful area of VW’s Car-Net app, remote access offers a suite of unique services.  And the fact VW is giving it away free for the first 5-years of 2020 vehicle ownership is worth restating.

Remote Access Functions:

  • Door lock/unlock
  • Find the last location parked
  • Honks horn and flashes lights
  • Engine start/stop (if equipped)
  • Display fuel level, mileage, door, and window status

Additional services that fall under Remote Access’s first 5-years free include:

    • Vehicle Health Reports – provide monthly and on-demand diagnostic data.
    • Parking Information – locates off-street parking options including hours of operation and pricing.
    • DriveView Program – enables Car-Net users to qualify for eligible discounted insurance rates depending on the carrier.
    • Family Guardian – allows parents to set and be notified when pre-set speed limits are exceeded.  Plus if the vehicle is driven past curfew or outside of a geographic area.  Both primary and secondary users can be alerted by text, email or push notifications.

And, Volkswagen owners with factory-installed navigation systems can send destinations directly to their car from the app.

Plus, VW reports, owners will soon be able to use voice commands through smart home devices to connect with Car-Net.

guy using vw car-net to find vehicle

For those of us w/ a Ph.D. in losing our cars

Safe & Secure

And, for the subscription rate of $99 per year VW’s Car-Net includes a suite of security and safety services.

Safe & Secure provides:

    • Anti-theft alert
    • Emergency assistance
    • Information assistance
    • Automatic crash notification
    • Stolen vehicle location assistance

So, each of the Safe & Secure functions keeps Volkswagen owners connected to help while on the road.  While also keeping owners connected to their VWs’ when they’re not using them.


Car-Net’s Hotspot provides internet access for up to four connected devices at the same time.

Hotspot functionality requires a subscription service.  If you already have an existing Verizon Wireless account then you can add your VW as a new line item.

And if you are not a Verizon customer then you can set up a $20 monthly pre-paid plan.

Guide & Inform

The Volkswagen Car-Net Guide and Inform feature requires both factory-installed navigation and a SiriusXM subscription.

But with it, you are able to monitor traffic reports, fuel prices, sports scores, movie times and, weather information.

Volkswagen Car-Net – My Take

So, as our cars continue to evolve, how we interact with them will too.

And these types of connected-car services are still finding their way.  All vehicle manufacturers have them.  But user adoption has been slow.

Volkswagen’s decision to provide 5-years of free service for some of Car-Net’s most critical functionality is a pretty big deal.  It will go along way in attracting user adoption and engagement.

And as Toyota and VW continue to duke-it-out for the world’s biggest carmaker this is a great leadership step that I love seeing.

Ontario Volkswagen

For more info on a new 2020 VW with 5-years of free Car-Net Remote Access service reach out to my pals at Ontario Volkswagen.