Volkswagen’s Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Program makes the ownership of a used car a near-new experience.

Because a VW CPO vehicle is covered by warranty backed by the factory.  And like a new warranty, the vehicle that it covers can be serviced at any Volkswagen dealership in the United States.

So, say you buy a certified pre-owned Volkswagen from our friends at Ontario VW here in Southern California.  But then your company pitches you on a sweet new gig around New York City.  No problem, because the Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Program provides coverage at any new franchise Volkswagen dealership in the US.

VW CPO Program Is More Than Just Warranty

However, the warranty is only part of the equation.  Because there are more benefits that car buyers should seriously consider.  And those are benefits that many buyers overlook.

Now, when you’re shopping for a new car, you’ll find a certified vehicle will be far less expensive.  Conversely, when you’re shopping for a used car, you’ll find a certified pre-owned vehicle to be a little more expensive.

So, what are those often overlooked bennies?  To cover all the bases I grabbed an interview with a long-time Volkswagen expert.  Check out our complete coverage in the below video.

So, while the long checklist and warranty coverage definitely delivers peace of mind.  The other factors that go into the Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned Warranty and program have to be considered.  Especially when buying a car.  After all, it’s the second-largest purchase most of us make in our lives.  That is, next to our homes.

And on that note.  Perhaps you’re interested in leasing?  Because that’s something I’ve personally become a big fan of.  In fact, I’ve leased my last 6 cars.