Revealing the new Volkswagen electric sedan at the latest Consumer Electronics Show was a surprisingly quiet affair.

But you wouldn’t know it by the looks of the high-tech camouflaged EV.  The European carmaker’s new nameplate is ID.7.

Maybe it’s because VW is being tight-lipped with details.  But V-Dub definitely wants the world to know there’s a Volkswagen electric sedan hitting the market.

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So far, here’s what we know is happening underneath the digital camo.

MEB Platform For ID.7 VW Electric Sedan

The ID.7 will be the first Volkswagen electric sedan based on the MEB platform.  And that’s VW’s skateboard-like architecture for electric vehicles.

MEB is an acronym standing for modular electric drive matrix.  The unique Volkswagen technology is already being used on the VW ID.4 which is roaming the streets of the USA currently.  As well as ID.3 which is in Europe.

Also, the MEB technology is being deployed in Volkswagen’s much-anticipated ID.Buzz.  That’s marking the return of Volkswagen’s iconic microbus as an all-electric vehicle.

Extended Range – Volkswagen Electric Sedan

Volkswagen is extending the range for ID.7.

Planning for the sedan to travel up to 700 kilometers on a single charge.  Which is impressive, because that translates to about 435 miles.

And 435 miles puts ID.7’s range in the upper tiers of most production EVs on the market today.

Volkswagen Electric Sedan - ID.7 - rear passenger view, digital camo

435 miles of range

Enhanced Technology For ID.7

Volkswagen is trumpeting new technology for its electric sedan too.

Including an augmented reality head-up display.  15-inch screen, we’re assuming that’s on the center stack.  Plus illuminated touch slider controls.  And interesting new digitally controlled air vents.  So you will be able to program a climate profile.  But also get specific with directions of profile airflow from vents.

ID.7 – Volkswagen Electric Sedan

Previously revealed as the ID.Aero concept, the ID.7 appears to be a midsize sedan.  But it could be bigger, or smaller.

And it’s tough to tell because of both the digital camouflage and the electric sedan’s design.  Plus Volkswagen’s not sharing the ID.7’s dimensions, not yet anyway.

But we do know that aerodynamics are playing a big role in ID.7’s design.  And that’s to increase range and performance while decreasing drag.  An added benefit is that it looks cool!

Volkswagen Electric Sedan – ID.7 Availability

Here too the guys at VW are playing their cards tight to their vest.

Because all they’re telling us is that the ID.7 will be on the lots of US dealers sometime in 2024.

They won’t even tell us if ID.Buzz or ID.7 will be out first.  Stay tuned!

2022 VW Golf GTI rear plate - Volkswagen Electric Sedan

ID.7 is VW’s all-new electric sedan