The Volkswagen ID.4 tax credit eligibility is making the electric vehicle all the more affordable.
Because all model year 2023 EVs qualify for the full $7,500 Federal Tax Credit. 

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It’s been a bit of a moving target.  And since this deals directly with the federal government it’s sure to stay that way.  But Volkswagen is officially announcing that all Model Year 2023 ID.4 electric vehicles are eligible for the Federal Tax credit.

Moreover, it’s the full $7,500 Federal Tax credit.  And with the starting MSRP of $38,995, it makes the Volkswagen ID.4 all the more affordable.

2023 – A Key Factor, For Now

To be clear, there’s a little ‘fine print’ to take note of.  But again, that’s what to expect when involving Uncle Sam.

One of those fine print items is to be eligible, the Volkswagen ID.4 must go into service in 2023.  So you need to buy a 2023 model year and the purchase has to be in the 2023 calendar year.

Why is so complicated?  Well first, because we’re dealing with Washington, D.C., of course.  So it has to be complicated!

US Assembly – VW ID.4 Tax Credit

An important factor in tax credit eligibility is being made in the USA.

So manufacturers like Volkswagen saw this one coming years ago.  VW has a large and growing campus in Chattanooga, TN.  And it’s been part of an ongoing push to create US jobs by way of foreign companies setting up shop here.

Add the electric vehicle aspect into the mix and you have multi-layered incentives.  Incentives for carmakers like Volkswagen to create factories and jobs here in the US.  Plus incentives for car buyers to go with electric vehicles as their next purchase.

Therefore, the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 tax credit applies in full because of its US assembly and local sourcing.  But what about the ‘must be purchased in 2023 part’?  Well, for now, that goes back to the previously mentioned moving target and fine print.  The takeaway is to buy now!

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Volkswagen Tax Credit Eligibility

With all this being said, our best suggestion is to contact a trusted Volkswagen dealer to give you the specifics on the ID.4 of your choosing.

Because the Volkswagen ID.4 has been a hugely popular electric vehicle since hitting the market.  It’s been a big challenger to Tesla’s Model Y.  And, at times, dealers have had a backlog of customer orders.

So getting your hands on just the right ID.4 for you can be tricky.  And with this newest $7,500 Federal Tax Credit – the ID.4 just got even more appealing!

2023 Volkswagen ID.4

The VW ID.4 for 2023 is being offered with two different electric battery sizes and a number of different trim options.

ID.4 delivers an EPA estimated range of up to 275 miles.  And offers really cool hi-tech features.  Like memory ventilation (think memory seats) and automatic cabin heating/cooling upon driver proximity to the vehicle.


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