The Volkswagen ID.7 EV sedan is rolling out.

And what VW is calling the ‘upper’ midsize sedan class hits initial markets soon.  Fall of 2023 to be exact.

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Being recently announced worldwide.  VW is calling ID.7 a global product.  And it’s joining the ID.4 and ID.Buzz in being USA made.  That’s taking place at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennesse campus.

Volkswagen ID.7 EV Sedan Highlights The LA Auto Show - front of electric vehicle

Brand Halos – VW ID.7 EV Sedan And ID.Buzz

VW is calling its all-new electric sedan one of its brand halos.  That along with the highly anticipated electric minivan, the ID.Buzz.

While the ID.Buzz leans on the brand’s iconic and world-renowned microbus heritage.  The Volkswagen ID.7 EV sedan

leans on the brand’s heritage of making quality affordable four-door passenger cars.

Volkswagen ID.7 EV sedan at LA Auto Show - cockpit from passenger side view

What’s The Volkswagen ID.7 EV Sedan Look Like?

The ID.7 is based on Volkswagen’s MEB (modular electric drive matrix) platform.  As is the brand’s ID.4 which is a crossover SUV.

Being based on the same platform there are exterior similarities.  And in this case, many.

So the ID.7 is sleeker and appears more stretched out in comparison to ID.4.  ID.7 is a fastback that’s athletic and aerodynamic looking. Volkswagen has yet to release exact specifications for ID.7.

But referring to the EV as an upper midsize class.  As well as a brand halo.  Indicates that the ID.7 is likely Volkswagen’s largest EV sedan on the drawing board.

Volkswagen ID.7 EV sedan cargo area

MEB platform provides maximum interior space

VW ID.7 Interior

The skateboard-like MEB platform was designed with EVs in mind.  Placing the electric vehicle battery and its weight across the length and width of the vehicle and between the axles. Allowing for maximum use of interior space.

So while we don’t yet have exact ID.7 specifications.  It seems safe to state that there’s ample interior space for five passengers.  And that the interior space will carry Volkswagen’s legendary fit and finish forward.

Between the hatch/fastback design and the MEB platform, we expect a cavernous cargo area.  Especially when folding down the backseats.

ID.7 Technology And Innovation

Also, Volkswagen is announcing that the ID.7 is pushing that brand forward with new technology and innovations.

Overall Volkswagen is calling ID.7’s interior premium and it certainly appears that’s a fair description.  With pinhole leather or leather-like surfaces and badging.  As well as a minimalist yet elegant appearance.

15″ Touchscreen

So the primary driver interface for the electric vehicle is the 15-inch touchscreen.  That sits in the center stack position. And it builds on the success of similar interfaces in previous Volkswagen EVs.

Heads-Up Display

Then there’s a heads-up display that looks magnificent in a promotional video being released by Volkswagen.  Because it’s crystal clear, full color, and tough to imagine a better display.

Minimal In-Dash Driver Information

Traditionally instrumentation is loaded into the dashboard in front of the driver.  But ID.7 does away with that.  Leaving just a small monitor with what VW refers to as just the necessary info in drivers’ view.

Memory Climate Ventilation

Another tech innovation in ID.7 is Volkswagen’s memory ventilation functionality.  Smart vents are similar to memory seats.  Both driver and passenger ventilation direction settings can be saved with different profiles.  Making it simple to reset them when needed.

Proximity Cabin Climatizing

Additionally, ID.7 recognizes when drivers approach the vehicle.  And it can begin cooling or heating the vehicle’s interior accordingly.

ID.7 Range And Performance

With rear-wheel drive, the Volkswagen ID.7 EV sedan is reporting more than 300 miles of range.  And that’s thanks in part to the aerodynamic design and MEB platform.

Drag Coefficient

The drag coefficient is a statistic that’s referred to more and more with electric vehicles.  And the Volkswagen ID.7 EV sedan’s drag coefficient is .23.

How that will equate to the vehicle driving performance is a to-be-determined factor.  Because there’s still much we don’t know.  Like the power and number of electric motors ID.7 will have and more.

Volkswagen ID.7 EV Sedan Coming To USA

ID.7 is what Volkswagen is calling a global product.  Announcing the vehicle in New York, Shanghai, and Berlin simultaneously.

Rolling into Europe in the fall of 2023.  Then ID.7 is charging into the US and Canadian markets in 2024.

And it’s just one of at least 25 different electric vehicles Volkswagen plans to be offering in the US by 2030.