Across the automotive landscape, most carmakers would point to a sports car as their most iconic creation but not Volkswagen.

For the plucky German brand, the Microbus has always been a fan favorite.

And now, it’s coming back in an all-new form called the Volkswagen ID.Buzz!

Built on an all-electric modular platform it seems poised to define the brand’s most iconic vehicle for a whole new generation.

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Volkswagen ID. Buzz passenger front drives a bend on a seaside road

EV return of the microbus!

The Countdown To Production Of The Volkswagen ID.Buzz Has Begun

Volkswagen pulled the wraps off of the ID.Buzz concept car all the way back in 2017 and while it was well-received, it’s taken a long time to make it to production. Now, that day isn’t just certain, it’s almost here. On March 9th, two different versions of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz will be unveiled. The first will be a five-seat passenger vehicle while the other will be a cargo van.

Pre-production models have been spotted all over Europe in testing and Volkswagen has confirmed that they’re “virtually identical to the ultimate full-production specification”. That’s great news considering how faithful to the original design, these test vehicles seem to be.

Returning An Icon To The Road

It’s one thing to create a new vehicle and give it a classic name. But it’s a totally different thing to make the name and the vehicle match up well with history. Look no further than the rebirth of brands like the Chevy Blazer and the Ford Bronco to see that. To that end, Volkswagen designers clearly took the task of returning the ‘Bus’ to roads very seriously.

Just like the original Microbus, the ID.Buzz features a V-shaped face and a modernized version of the round body shape. Volkswagen is also proudly promoting how the new van will be rear-wheel drive, just like the original T1 Microbus. Of course, that’s only possible thanks to electrification which is just one more party trick for the Volkswagen ID.Buzz.

All-Electric Power

In Europe, where the ID.Buzz will launch and be on sale for a year before other markets, it’ll use a single powertrain. That begins with an 82 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. That juice is sent to the road with a 201-horsepower electric motor. Volkswagen says that the top speed is just 90 mph in this configuration.

While we don’t have any hard data on range, charging times, or when other drivetrains might arrive, it’s clear that VW is doing all it can to revive the ‘Bus’ in the right way. Don’t forget that half a century ago, Volkswagen showed us the T2 prototype. That Microbus concept used a rear-mounted electric motor too so this new ID.Buzz is well within the family.