VW is introducing a new concept vehicle as part of its ACCELERATE electrification program.

The Volkswagen ID. LIFE concept, a fully electric crossover vehicle, will likely enter the market by 2025.  What’s more, the exciting launch will be a couple of years earlier than planned.

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A Fully-Electric, Experience Focused Vehicle

VW is taking a unique approach to this concept vehicle.  First, the car will be fully electric and accessibly priced at around 20,000 euros.  So that’s about $23,613.00.

Further, it’ll be a crossover model, with some extra room for passengers and cargo, despite its small size.  Next, VW designers say the car will be experience-focused.

It’ll have features to bring people together, like the ability to act as a small cinema or gaming center.  VW has young customers in mind with this concept car.  So it’ll combine affordability, function, and fun in one compact package.

Volkswagen ID. LIFE concept car - interior - steering yolk and dashboard

Volkswagen ID. LIFE concept car

Volkswagen ID. LIFE Concept: Features

VW has packed many innovative aspects into the ID. LIFE.  Here’s a look at some of the most impressive.

Electric motor-powered front wheels

The carmaker has already developed a modular electric drive kit (MEB) that’s made for small vehicles.  Consequently, the Volkswagen ID. LIFE concept will have a fully electric motor that powers the front wheels with 234 horsepower.

Plus the ID. LIFE will accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just under seven seconds.  Additionally, the crossover’s electric motor will allow for up to 248 miles of travel before the battery requires recharging.

Sustainable Construction

VW made the Volkswagen ID. LIFE concept mostly from recycled and natural materials.

First, there’s the paint, which is a clear coat tinted with wood chips.  Next, VW built an air chamber over the front of the car out of recycled PET bottles.  But here too, the manufacturer used wood and ArtVelours Eco material to construct the seating and interior components.

Finally, VW made the tires with bio-oil, rice husks, and natural rubber.  As a result, nearly the entire car is environmentally friendly to drive and manufacture.

Multiple Functions

In addition to getting people from point A to point B, the Volkswagen ID. LIFE concept is all about shared experiences.

Therefore, drivers can reconfigure or hide the seats entirely for extra cargo space or for gaming, or for watching a movie with friends.

Next, the car has an up-front projection screen with a 16 amp power connection for charging devices.  And drivers can rearrange the seats and pull up the projection screen for a fun evening at a campground or a driveway “getaway”.

Basically, VW built the car for fun outings with friends.

Volkswagen ID. LIFE concept driver rear on studio stage with purple and blue lights surrounding

To be available years ahead of plan.

Digital Innovation

Next, the Volkswagen ID. LIFE concept has some of the innovative features that VW is known for.

First, the design team replaced the interior and exterior mirrors with cameras that drivers can easily reposition for a better view.

Next, they added a touch control screen on the open-top steering wheel that controls all driving functions.

Further, drivers can use the panel to control navigation, music, and other features. VW seamlessly integrated all the features into this high-tech panel.

Parting Thoughts: Volkswagen ID. LIFE

Most people don’t think of a vehicle as a place to hang out and relax.

However, VW is challenging that notion with the ID. LIFE concept, since the car is both functional and fun.  Not to mention, it’s fully electric and sustainable, which makes it even more appealing to young drivers.

We look forward to seeing how the Volkswagen ID. LIFE concept evolves over the next couple of years.

Ontario Volkswagen plate

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