VW is partnering with Microsoft for a tech upgrade.  Europe’s largest automaker is working with the tech company to create the Automated Driving Platform (ADP). This software will eventually allow for safe and efficient hands-free driving.

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Volkswagen Microsoft Partner Initiative: A Smart Approach to Driver Assistance

Self-driving cars are the next frontier for automakers. So it’s no surprise that Volkswagen is investing in ADP.

The new automated driving (AD) system will sift through real and simulated driving data to create safer AD solutions. Then, the AD system will use some machine learning magic to gather facts about driver behavior, road conditions, and obstacles. Ultimately, this data will allow ADP to improve over time.

With Microsoft’s agile software expertise, the Volkswagen Microsoft partner initiative will get an efficiency boost. For starters, the companies will consolidate the ADP project into the Azure environment. So despite the global reach of the project, developers will work in the same framework.

Next, with tech upgrades, ADP will take weeks to sift through driving data instead of months. The end result? Shorter development cycles with quicker improvements to the platform.

Volkswagen’s Car.software Department is only a year old. But VW is providing its brainchild with cash to expand. By 2025, the company will invest 27 billion euro in autonomous driving. They’ll use the funds to create intelligent driving systems in upcoming Volkswagen models.

The Volkswagen Automotive Cloud: Where it All Started

The VW – Microsoft partnership isn’t new. In fact, the two companies have worked since 2018 on the VW Automotive Cloud. This technology combines the digital services that VW will offer in upcoming models. It also allows for ongoing data exchange and instant tech updates.

This year, VW is testing its vehicles with the Automotive Cloud. Consequently, if the tests go well, these cars will be in production next year. The Automotive Cloud will let VW and Microsoft to test all kinds of new tech, including the Automated Driving Platform.

Now, many smart minds are focused on autonomous driving systems. To that end, the dream of widely-available, self-driving cars isn’t far off. VW is one of a few major automakers leading the way.