Voltswagen! Volkswagen is changing its name.  In the U.S. Volkswagen of America will be called Voltswagen of America.

STOP THE PRESSES!  The whole thing was a marketing gag for April Fools’ Day!  Nice VW – you got us all!

As of May 2021, the change will take effect.   What will it mean to Volkswagen shoppers, buyers and dealers?  That’s not entirely clear yet.  But the direction being signaled is clear.

✅ Volks – or Voltswagen ID.4 EV is now available at Ontario Volkswagen… or is it now Ontario Voltswagen?

In a press release, VW states replacing the ‘k’ with a ‘t’ is a public declaration of the company’s ‘investment in e-mobility.’  And that it ‘puts in motion, pursuing a goal of moving all people point-to-point with EVs.  Also, in the press release, VW’s,  Scott Keough is already being identified as the president and CEO of ‘Voltswagen of America.’

Voltswagen: VW’s Name Change – My Take

First, wow.  Didn’t see that coming.  But looking back, the indicators are there.  Second, what does this mean for the fuel combustion VW’s?  Like Tiguan, Atlas Cross Sport, Atlas and, Jetta?  Plus GTI and R?

Luckily the VW acronym/moniker doesn’t change.  But, then again, the change to Voltswagen is enough of a shock to prep us for anything.

Indicators Voltswagaen Was Coming

So the obvious indicator of  Voltswagen: VW’s name change is the arrival of the ID.4 EV to the US.  Because the company has stated that it is the first of many EVs to come.  Also, and this could be a coincidence.  But, I doubt it.  The next-generation Golf R will have blue accents instead of the traditional red.  And with blue being the color of electricity that we humans are used to seeing.  Maybe I’m stretching on this one, maybe not, that could be another nod to ‘Volts’.