VW’s American team has officially completed the VW ID.4 cross-country drive.

Starting in New York City and ending in Sacramento, the journey covered 6,700 miles. The 18-day trip was a demonstration to show off the electric vehicle’s long-range capabilities.

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VW ID.4 cross-country drive recap

Ultimately, the trip was a success. The VW team crossed 19 states, encountering all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. They stopped in major cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, and San Francisco.

Additionally, the team charged up at more than 30 Electrify America stations. This gave them the opportunity to test the charging stations in real-world conditions. Altogether, there are 560 Electrify America charging stations across the US. Developers plan to install hundreds more this year.

Finally, the driving team tracked their progress on a daily vlog. This, along with in-person events, generated buzz around the ID.4 and connected audiences with VW’s unique journey.

2021 VW ID.4 steering wheel and dash

97 MPGe

VW ID.4 details

The Volkswagen ID.4 is the brand’s first fully-electric SUV. Available with four trim options, the car has a strong, sporty look. Further, it has a one-of-a-kind motor that uses hairpin winding. This technology tightly packs coils in the motor. Consequently, the motor generates more power and torque than moors without hairpin winding.

Next, there’s the 83 kWh battery. A single charge lasts for up to 250 miles. Further, the ID.4 comes with a Combined Charging System (CSS) socket, which allows drivers to recharge at home or on the go at charging stations.

Driving Moods and Modes

Moving on, the Volkswagen ID.4 is fun to drive. The SUV comes with four driving modes: Eco, Comfort, Sport, or Custom. Consequently, drivers can choose the best mode for the terrain, weather, and their driving style.

VW packed the ID.4 with all the latest safety features. There’s IQ.DRIVE, a driver assistance technology with collision prevention, adaptive cruise control, and emergency braking. Next, there’s Travel Assist. A driver can travel up to 95 MPH, and the ID.4 will run on autopilot as long as the driver is alert and engaged.

Gesture Control Infotainment

Finally, passengers won’t get bored while traveling in the Volkswagen ID.4. The SUV features a state-of-the-art infotainment system. There’s a 10-12 inch display that responds to gesture control and a voice-controlled system called Hello ID. In short, you barely have to lift a finger in this vehicle. It responds to your voice controls and can practically drive itself.

ID.4 Pricing

Despite being full of futuristic features, the VW ID.4 is well-priced. Basic models have an MSRP of $39,995. Additionally, buyers can realize big savings through an electric vehicle tax credit. This can be as much as $7,500.

Later this year, Volkswagen will release the ID.4 with all-wheel drive. Pricing starts at $43,675 for this model.

Clearly, the ID.4 isn’t just a commuter car. The VW ID.4 cross-country journey proves that this electric vehicle can rival any gas-powered car. The ID.4 checks off all the boxes for style, comfort, tech, safety, and versatility.